Women complain of each other’s misery!

Women complain of each other’s misery!

Researchers at the University of Missouri use “common ruminant” to describe excessive addiction and discussion of the same issue.

Psychologists say this behavior is very common among women, especially young girls, who often get together to discuss “why didn’t he call?”

“Should I break up with him?”

“And other emotional issues.

And the modern means of communication such as short message and email greatly facilitate and strengthen the communication and communication between female friends.

  Why: Unhealthy emotions can be “contagious” Experts warn that “common anti-guessing” behaviors are potentially contagious, causing unhealthy emotions to be transmitted to each other among female friends.

  Amanda, associate professor of psychology at the University of Missouri?

Ross pointed out that “common anti-prediction” and “share” are fundamentally different and can promote positive emotions and healthy friendships.

Women are more prone to depression and anxiety than men, and the “common anti-prophecy” traps women in the complication mode of thinking.

However, Rose also pointed out that “common anti-guessing” may also deepen friendships, and such intimate friendships are also good for people’s self-confidence.

  Rose said that this emotional conversation between male friends occurs less often and does not aggravate their worry or depression.

  ”When girls complain about each other’s troubles, they may feel better because they are supported and affirmed,” said Rose, who published a paper on “Communal Rumination” in the journal Developmental Psychology last year.

But because they are not talking about it, the more they talk, the worse their mood may be.

Rose pointed out that adolescent girls are more likely to have “common anti-guessing” behaviors and are more likely to be depressed or worried.

“Adolescent girls face many sources of stress, many of which are ambiguous, such as starting a date with the opposite sex and worrying about whether they are welcomed by others,” she said.

According to this report, at present, research on “common anti-pre-existence” has only stayed at its short-term consequences.

But experts point out that there is a phenomenon of “emotional contagion” or “contagious anxiety” in psychology, which can sometimes last a long time.

  Measures: Experts who should focus on problem solving say that one of the keys to getting out of the role of “common rumination” is to focus on solving the problem rather than indulging in the problem itself.

  Joanne, Associate Professor of Psychology at Stone Creek State University?

“The boundaries are subtle,” Davila said.

We want to encourage girls to make friends and seek their support, but we also hope that they can learn more positive skills and learn how to solve problems.

“And experts suggest that when encountering troubles, women should try to shift the focus from the problem itself to good experience and solutions.

  The discovery that stroking can reduce skin pain helps to develop new treatments for chronic diseases and even depressionRelieves pain when touched.

The researchers believe that the findings could help develop new therapies for chronic diseases and even depression.

  ”Nerve pleasure” relieves pain According to reports, this kind of nerve will respond when human skin is gently touched.

These repetitive strokes and hugs performed by some mothers on children with bad moods are particularly sensitive.

  Francis from the University of Liverpool?

Professor Mike Glenner said that when the skin is irritated and feels pain, it can be significantly relieved by stroking the “pleasant nerve” near the pain.

This “pleasant nerve” actually belongs to a type of C fiber in the nervous system.

At present, the scientific community generally believes that C fiber is a nerve fiber that causes skin pain, but now Professor Mike Glenner has found that there is a “small group” in C fiber that can trigger pleasure.

  ”Our combined research has discovered another role for C-fibers, which are just pain sensors and pleasure sensors,” said Mike Glenner.

“Hugging is particularly important for premature babies,” adds McGlenney, “There is another sensory nerve fiber in human skin to handle pleasure and some familiar touches, such as grooming or being embraced.

“More and more evidence shows that touching the skin and gentle touch of the body can activate the local human nervous system, so someone will feel good when they are embraced by a loved one or groomed by themselves.

  Mike Glenner told reporters: “I think we groom and dress ourselves to get a good feeling . One of the characteristics of clinical depression is that people no longer take care of themselves, they stop taking care of themselves.

“Mike Glenner said:” We can’t survive without pain.

Now we are beginning to understand that we cannot survive without a sense of pleasure and satisfaction, and a lack of gifts to others-such as caresses between lovers and caresses for babies.

“It is reported that now the medical profession has prevailed. If premature babies are embraced after birth, and then the medical measures taken next will achieve higher efficacy, this is the” nervation nerve “at work.

  If premature babies get hugs after birth, and then follow up with medical treatment to achieve higher results, this is the “nervation nerve” at work.

Try not to wash Chinese medicine before cooking

Try not to wash Chinese medicine before cooking

Try not to wash traditional Chinese medicine before cooking. Some people always wash the traditional Chinese medicine decoction with clear water before cooking traditional Chinese medicine. It is not true to think that this will ensure hygiene.

  Chinese medicinal materials have undergone a series of processing before they are made into pieces, including a series of procedures such as removing impurities and drying.

  In addition, there are several reasons: First, a large number of medicinal materials contain accumulated sugars and doped ingredients. After washing, some of these effective ingredients will be injected into the water and lost, resulting in a decrease in the efficacy of the medicine and affecting the therapeutic effect.
  Second, there are a large number of Chinese herbal medicines in powder form, and some of them need to be crushed when they are dispensed, such as keel, oyster, talcum powder, peach kernel, etc. If washed first with water, it will inevitably cause the loss of these drugs and affect the efficacy.

  Third, some medicinal materials such as Yuanhu made from vinegar, ephedra candied with jujube, rhubarb made from wine, bile Nanxing, etc. are added with auxiliary ingredients such as honey, vinegar, wine, bile, etc., if washed with water, some auxiliary materials will be lost.

  It is worth mentioning that Chinese medicine should be blistered before cooking.

Generally, it should be immersed in cold water for 30 minutes to 1 hour to allow the water to penetrate the drug, so that the active ingredients of the drug are dissolved in the water first, so that it can be fully fried.

The amount of water added should generally be controlled by soaking in the medicinal materials and exceeding about 1 cm.


Mushroom B12 content is higher than meat

Mushroom B12 content is higher than meat

Researchers at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom conducted a five-year follow-up study of 107 elderly people between 61 and 87 years of age and found that a large number of elderly people had reduced levels of vitamin B12 in their blood.


hzh {display: none; }  研究人员称,维生素B12含量低于正常范围1/3者,患老年痴呆的可能性要增加3倍。Experts have suggested that the elderly can eat more shiitake mushrooms.

  In fact, with age, the body’s absorption of vitamin B12 also gradually decreases, disease resistance will also weaken, and nerve cells will be damaged in severe cases.

In the past, nutrition science believed that the main food source of vitamin B12 was meat, fish, and plant foods.

  In order to control blood sugar and lipids, elderly people with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases often add animal livers, meat with high protein content, and aquatic products to the “black list”.

Another part of vegetarians, because they do not consume meat for a long time, can easily lead to vitamin B12 deficiency.

  Although vitamin B12 is hardly found in some vegetables, mushrooms and other fungi are quite abundant.

In particular, the content of vitamin B12 in shiitake mushrooms is higher than that of meat.

Adults eat about 25 grams of fresh shiitake mushrooms every day, and the absorbed vitamin B12 immediately meets the standard.

  In addition, the cellulose contained in shiitake mushrooms can reduce the plasma absorption of intermediates.

Therefore, eating shiitake mushrooms once a day is the best choice for middle-aged and elderly people who are worried about the “three high problems”, as well as determined vegetarian lovers.

What should I do with home fitness equipment

What should I do with home fitness equipment

Nowadays, more and more people start to exercise at home. Fitness at home not only saves time, but also avoids bad weather. Using home fitness equipment at home can help us exercise better.

So what are the home fitness equipment?

The following will introduce common fitness equipment and the use of home fitness equipment. Friends who like fitness can learn more.

  What are the common home fitness equipment? Nowadays, there are many types of home fitness equipment at home and abroad. The transformation of economic and technological development has also promoted the development of fitness equipment, which has attracted people to transfer more energy to fitness.

In addition, they have also brought home fitness equipment to exercise at home.

Therefore, home fitness equipment has become a new hotspot for weight loss and fitness.

  Walking with a walking machine is the simplest, most economical, and easiest way to keep fit.

The exercise machine is a leg exerciser mainly designed to simulate the leg movements of climbing stairs and climbing.

Keep your legs fit.

  Treadmill running is a human instinct. Without professional technical requirements, most people will run well. Treadmill is a commonly used home fitness equipment.

At present, aerobic metabolism exercises that are popular in the world and highly praised by the medical and sports circles are mainly walking and running.

  At the same time, this type of exercise will intensify the process of human energy consumption, and the reliable weight loss effect is reduced to the lowest possible harm caused by the human body.

  When an exercise bike asks many people in their lives if they like to lose weight by riding a bicycle, their answer is basically the same: “Doesn’t I ride a bicycle every day equal to losing weight?

“In fact, this view only sees one side.

  There are many advantages of using exercise bikes for weight loss that can not be compared with cycling. For example, you can freely use your own cycling strength. You can observe the speed, riding time, and heart rate value of each moment through the electronic watch on the exercise bike.
  Rowing machines Many people have not used rowing machines. In fact, rowing machines are a very common fitness equipment in the gym.

“Boating” is an ancient and attractive sport.

The way of rowing is different from many ways to lose weight, because about 90% of the extensor muscles are involved in each rowing movement.

  In the ordinary daily life, the human extensor muscle hardly participates in any movement, at most it participates in maintaining the balance of the posture of the human body.

Therefore, this kind of exercise is very rare for the human extensor.

  The ladder climber can also be used for climbing stairs without using a ladder climber. A ladder climber is a very convenient piece of equipment.

The ladder exercise is easy to learn, the strength and number of groups can be different from person to person, and it is aerobic exercise. The physical energy consumption process of this exercise method has a good weight loss effect, especially where the abdomen is slightly easy to accumulate.

  ”Nanny” exercise bikes Every post-natal woman wants to recover her former body shape and strength as soon as possible.

Too many people worry that they can’t get out of exercise or find a feasible way.

Therefore, a sports equipment company in the United States has newly introduced a “nanny-style” exercise bike that allows mothers to exercise outdoors while taking care of their baby.

  How to use the home fitness equipment correctly can generally adjust the strength of the home fitness equipment, which is the basis for us to achieve the above goals.

  If you want to reduce your aunt, the key is light loads and large numbers.

When exercising, adjust the strength of the exercise machine to a smaller level. The standard is that it is easy to do and can be done many times. Generally, it is required to do at least 20 times.

Do three to five groups per exercise.

(Note: the strength should not be too small, if it can be done more than 50 times, it is too light and it will not achieve the effect.

) Strength training is just the opposite of weight loss. Male friends should pay attention. If you want to exercise your strength and make yourself stronger, you need to increase the strength of the exercise machine. The standard is that you exhaust your whole body strengthCan be completed 1-2 times.

Do two to three groups per exercise.

(Caution: To prevent injury, don’t force it too much.

) If your goal is to gain muscle, the key to training is the right amount of load and quantity.

The muscle strength adjustment is between the above two. The standard is that you can only do it 8-12 times, and then you can’t do it again. That’s right.

Do three to four groups per exercise.

  Time The best exercise time of the day is 3-5pm.

Of course, in addition to professional athletes, most people’s prime time during exercise is also the easiest time to work and live, it is unlikely to have time to do bodybuilding.Then you may choose to exercise around 8 pm, the effect is also good.

Friends who love to sleep, don’t work hard for bodybuilding!

  Frequency bodybuilding does not need to be done every day, and the effect is not good every day. The best effect is to do it three times a week, that is, the next day, and then take a day off on the weekend.

If you can’t, you can do it twice a week, but it can’t be less, otherwise it won’t work.

For those who want to lose weight, you can do it again.

  Breathing When doing bodybuilding, correct breathing is very important and can penetrate the effect of doing more with less.

Specifically: Inhale when exerting force, try to inhale as deep as possible; exhale when you relax, exhaust as completely as possible.

  Initially, as far as bodybuilding is concerned, it does not matter.

But since we are all amateur trainers, there is no special person to protect you, so the correct step-by-step is very important, it can protect you instead of accidental injury.

Specifically: first do lower limb exercises, then chest and back exercises, then upper limb exercises, and finally abdominal exercises.

It is called a group after doing the above preliminary.

  The functions of home fitness equipment are limited. There are several parts of the muscle that you can’t train, so you’d better buy some auxiliary equipment, the most commonly used is dumbbells.

If economic conditions permit, you can buy a set of dumbbells of different weights, and vice versa.

Don’t underestimate the small dumbbells, it can do quite a lot of exercise, it can exercise your biceps, triceps, wrist strength, chest muscles; put dumbbells under the neck to do sit-ups, the effect is quite good.

  The key to bodybuilding is persistence.

Persist in doing the above, and there will be obvious changes after three months. To a certain extent, you will be surprised by yourself.

In order to test the effect of bodybuilding, you can measure the size of each part of your body before you decide to do bodybuilding, record it (including waist circumference, bust, arm circumference, etc.), and then measure it after three months or six months, youIt will definitely increase confidence.

  Conclusion: The above introduces several common home fitness equipment that you can try. The effect is very good, and it is very simple to use, and does not require too many steps.

When using these equipment for fitness, you must know the correct use steps, choose the fitness method according to your fitness purpose, and hope that this knowledge can help everyone.