9 faces indicate that the body has a problem_1

9 “faces” indicate that the body has a problem

The function of the internal organs of the human body will be reflected on the face.
If you are busy, you may wish to observe your face frequently, and you may discover the secrets of your health.
  1. Sudden increase in forehead wrinkles. This situation indicates that your liver is overburdened. You should eat less animal fats, such as pork, and eat more light foods, such as pork liver, spinach, tofu and fish.
  2. The eyes are dark and the face is dark. If you find yourself in this shape in the morning, it means that the kidney is too heavy.
To reduce the amount of salt and sugar, vegetables that can be unsweetened should not be sweetened. Cook chestnuts with duck meat, roast Chinese cabbage, etc. for dietary therapy, and use red and white carrot soup to drink.
In addition, soup with pork loin is also effective.
  3. The nose is red and the tip of the nose represents the condition of the heart.
The red or purple tip of the nose may be high blood pressure, or excessive salt and alcohol intake.
  4. Swelling of the upper lips This is most likely caused by stomach cramps.
Eat more potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, potato, lotus root and other warm foods.
If the skin is too rough, try eating bamboo shoots, sea cucumbers, and lean stews.
  5. The skin is too fair. This may be caused by qi and blood deficiency.
Red dates and peanuts can be soaked in warm water, cooked over low heat, and then boiled with some honey until thickened.
If you eat such food often, your face will become rosy.
  6, cheeks are brown-red, cheeks redness is a sign of hypertension.
Pay attention to reducing smoking or quitting, and regularly take blood pressure.
  7. Redness of the ears The ears represent the condition of the kidneys.
Red or purple auricles indicate poor circulation.
Drink less alcohol, eat less refined foods, eat less sugar, and exercise more to promote circulation.
  8. Each mandible develops acne before and after menstrual cramps every month. The skin changes in this area are directly related to the ovaries. Body massage or lymphatic drainage can be improved.
  9. The corners of the mouth appear fine wrinkles, which means you need to add more iron!
  There are five kinds of sickness on the face. The most common one on the face is the sickness.
When people are in poor health, they will show signs of illness.
The white, yellow, red, black, and blue colors in the disease colors correspond to different physical disorders.
  1. White: Pale, shabby, and pale. These whites have no luster and are not mixed with blood. They are all used to describe the sickness of the face.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this white color is closely related to qi deficiency and blood deficiency.
Insufficient blood and nourishment of the face will appear pale; the operation and production of blood rely on qi. Chinese medicine says that qi can produce blood, and qi is deficient, and the function of blood production is reduced.Pale.
Another type of white is caused by cold, and this kind of people need special warmth.
  The solution: make up for it.
If there is no special manifestation of symptoms, food supplement is the best way!
The principle is to make up for anything.
Add more foods such as nuts, fruits, beans, fish, and chicken.
If necessary, eating some red dates and wolfberry is also a good method.
  2. Yellow: Wax yellow, scorch yellow “People with these two complexions often have either spleen deficiency or moisture in their bodies.
“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are innate and a source of nutrients. If the spleen and stomach are weak and cannot be transported normally, the nutrients cannot moisturize our faces, and yellow will appear at this time.
In addition to digesting nutrients, the spleen also metabolizes water and moisture. If the wet spirit cannot be metabolized normally, abnormal accumulation of nutrients can cause abnormal yellow in the complexion.
  The solution: For the yellowish complexion caused by partial food and nutritional imbalance, adjusting the diet structure and supplementing nutrition are the headlines, correcting bad eating habits, eating more high-protein and low-fat meat, sticking to pomegranate, papaya, drinking milk andThe almond milk will definitely get better.
Don’t forget to replenish the spleen and moisturize.I often eat coix kernels, lotus seeds, longan and red beans in a pot of syrup.

If you have congenital carotene metabolism invertase deficiency, insulate it from foods containing carotene.

Often staying up late, irregular life is also a major factor in the appearance of the “face”, change bad habits now!

  3, blue: Tieqingqing is a color that belongs to the liver, and the complexion is usually caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis.

The personality characteristics of this kind of people are very obvious, some are suspicious, love to be horny, and easily get angry somehow.

In addition, it may be because of cold, we sometimes say “freezing blue”, because the stagnation affects the operation of qi and blood.

  The solution: you are too tired, or you are under too much pressure, or you ca n’t keep up with nutrition, or you may be ill, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

If it is cyanosis, it means that there is a lack of oxygen in the blood and you need to improve your cardiopulmonary function.

For chills, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is to “remove the cold”. Eat more beef, mutton, pepper, and ginger to stimulate heat and accelerate metabolism.

As soon as the cold air went away, the body “warmed” and naturally no longer turned blue.

Of course, it’s better with proper exercise!

  4. Black: Withered, black complexion makes people feel “descripted withered” and looks like they are a few years old.

Black complexion and kidney are more serious. Patients with kidney deficiency often see black complexion. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five colors correspond to the five internal organs, and black corresponds to the kidney.

Dark circles are also dark complexion, which is caused by abnormal water metabolism caused by kidney deficiency.

  The solution: eat more foods with kidney and diuretic effects, such as walnuts, fungus, lean meat, carrots, winter melon, tomatoes, citrus, persimmons, dried fruits and so on.

The above-mentioned foods are rich in protein, vitamins, zinc trace elements, etc., which is helpful to improve the body’s immunity; at the same time, pay attention to adjusting the acidity and alkalinity of foods, and foods that absorb alkalinity are healthier.

Walnuts, black fungus, black beans, black sesame, mussels, and wolfberry are all kidney tonic products. Use these ingredients to make soup or porridge for long-term conditioning. In addition, a large glass of honey on an empty stomach in the morning can also be effectively dischargedToxins in the body!

  5, red: flushing, flushing Healthy red is emitted from the inside out. Unhealthy flushing has a characteristic that, like the tide, some people will look red in the afternoon.

Flushing is related to yin deficiency and getting angry. Generally, flushing people also have five symptoms of upset, that is, irritability, fever in both hands and feet.

If the fire is a real fire, it will show a flushed face, and if the fire is caused by yin deficiency, it is usually only red in the cheekbones.

  The solution: People who have a red face like a baby’s face for a long time should pay attention to possible heart diseases, please go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Excluding pathological factors, some ointments can be applied to improve facial capillary dilation.

Say goodbye to irritating foods and avoid hot and cold irritation on the face.

Of course, the redness of your face is mostly related to your physical condition. Seek a doctor for help!

It’s important to adjust your career positioning in a timely manner

It’s important to adjust your career positioning in a timely manner

A successful career requires constant adjustment of career positioning, and a reasonable career positioning is based on a clear understanding of yourself, accurate judgment and reasonable grasp.

Do you belong to someone

What kind of career is your personality and hobbies suitable for?

What makes you frustrated in the workplace?

What is causing your professional positioning to deviate?

Only by being realistic, assessing yourself reasonably and accurately, and continuously adjusting, can you reasonably position your career direction and work hard in this direction every day.

  Case: Jin, who graduated from the 2005 microelectronics major of a university and wanted to study abroad. He passed the study abroad because he failed the oral interview at the bottom.

So he started looking for a job, and he also posted several resumes on the Internet. Most of them applied for positions such as electronic technical engineers. However, due to lack of work experience, there were few opportunities for interviews.

A sales company gave him the opportunity to interview, but due to the lack of professionalism and no sales work experience, the result ended in failure.

Later, he joined a company run by a friend, mainly engaged in simple computer operations.

But after working for a few months, he felt that if he went on like this, it would be very detrimental to his career development, and what he learned in 4 years would be lost.

  Seeing that Kim was at a loss, his psychological instability and perplexity led him to lose his job search direction, so the employment guide instructed and dialed patiently.

After many career coaching, he successfully recommended him to an electronics company to participate in a career apprenticeship.

Through a one-month internship, he thoroughly understood the culture and background of the company, and learned knowledge and skills not found in books, and his mood was suddenly bright.

  From this case, it can be grinded, occupational orientation, and many things that are already in the workplace. The career orientation of college students is more important than the career orientation of those who are already in the workplace.

In the early stages of career development, you should work out a reasonable career plan and corresponding career positioning for yourself, and make constant adjustments.

  Someone lost his chance to study abroad and was frustrated, so he applied blindly.

Due to the lack of a reasonable positioning for their careers, the misunderstanding of blindly looking for a job is hidden. The more anxious to find a job, the more unable to find it.

When a friend gives him a job opportunity, he is like grabbing a straw for life. Regardless of whether it is suitable for him or not, he will get a job before talking about it.

But looking back, he lost his professional advantage.

When Quanmou calmed down and found that his personality did not match his career development, he could adjust his direction in a timely manner, found the meeting point of knowledge and skills qualifications and market needs, and could reduce the criteria for job selection.
I believe that with 4 years of professional knowledge, he will be able to combine theory and practice well, and continuously accumulate corresponding knowledge, skills, and work experience according to job requirements, improve the overall quality of the individual, and thus promote the personal professional gold content.

The process of increasing an individual’s professional gold content is a process in which an individual’s career is gradually becoming successful.

In this way, we can quickly get out of the shadow of unemployment and get on the right track of professional development, so as to prepare for the realization of the next goal.

  It can be seen that lowering expectations, rationalizing their careers, and constantly adjusting, working on plans that can also be achieved easily, in order to fully obtain benefits, and grow healthy in one step in the nourishment of these benefits.

A lower goal makes it easier to succeed.

With a sense of accomplishment, a person can cultivate self-confidence and have a good mood to deal with the problems before him.

  Temporarily lowering your immediate goals does not mean that you don’t need long-term goals.

The long-term goal is a main line, and to maintain its stability, on this main line, you need some realistic goals to strengthen yourself in the realization of realistic goals, because not far ahead is your future.

Improper hair dyeing leads to poisoning

Improper hair dyeing leads to poisoning

Improper hair dyeing leads to poisoning. You know that your hair is damaged, and you are most sensitive to the skin. However, Ms. Wu, a citizen, caused numbness in her legs due to improper hair dyeing. The test results showed that the heavy metal in her body exceeded the standard, in other words, she was poisoned.

In fact, improper hair dyeing in addition to other common skin irritations can then cause too many unexpected serious illnesses.

A woman with dyed hair and poisoned legs and numb legs was hospitalized. Ms. Wu, a 40-year-old woman living in Hankou, had numbness in her legs for no more than two months.

After the various examinations were done, the doctor felt that the patient was very difficult.

Routine examination showed that everything was normal for Ms. Wu, and only EMG suggested that neurogenic injuries occurred in both lower extremities.

However, the doctors followed up on the medical history, and the suspected cause was eliminated, and the stalemate was surrounded by treatment.

On the morning of the third day after the hospitalization, the doctor made a routine rounds, and suddenly noticed Ms. Wu’s bright chestnut hair, her heart moved, and quickly asked if she had dyed her hair recently?

Ms. Wu said that she dyed it two months ago and said that she would feel numb legs shortly after dyeing her hair.

The doctor immediately arranged for Ms. Wu to take a blood sample and add a blood sample instead of a laboratory test for heavy metal content.

Sure enough, her blood mercury content reached three times the normal maximum.

This is the root cause.

But Ms. Wu was puzzled, why did she get poisoned?

The doctor believes that the hair dye used by Ms. Wu contains undesirable ingredients, and the scalp is damaged during hair dyeing. Toxins penetrate through the openings and are absorbed into the blood through loose connective tissue, causing poisoning.

After treatment with mercury flooding and other treatments, Ms. Wu’s symptoms improved significantly and she was discharged shortly.

“Sickness” is not just skin irritation. The most common discomfort after dyeing hair is skin irritation.

According to the doctor, contact dermatitis caused by hair dyeing is very common. Based on his consultation experience, allergic people account for more than 10% of hair dyeing people.

However, in the hospital’s hematology department, Dr. Chen has successively treated patients with alternative lymphoma and has been engaged in hairdressing.

Dr. Chen introduced that one of the patients had been in the hairdressing industry for 10 years. He was hospitalized with low fever, night sweats, and wasting for unknown reasons. He was diagnosed with a T lymphoblastic lymphoma mutation. Although he received an embryo implantation, he relapsed and died a year later.

Dr. Chen said that hair dyes contain chemicals and that alternating exposure may cause high incidence of lymphoma.

Among patients with contact dermatitis, the incidence of patients in the hairdressing industry is much higher than that of ordinary people.

Do not dye your hair more than twice a year. Doctors classify p-phenylenediamines as the biggest “black hands behind the scenes”. This chemical has a long-lasting color fixing effect and is widely used in hair dyes.

It is also a carcinogen specifically designated by the International Cancer Society.

According to the “Cosmetic Specifications”, whether it is weighed with plant ingredients or ordinary chemical hair dyes, the content of phenylenediamine must not exceed 6%.

Doctors have suggested that chemical hair dyes are basically not ruled out, according to which lower-grade hair dyes contain more impurities.

Doctors suggest that hair dye is not useless, but it is best to buy a well-known brand from the manufacturer and do not dye your hair more than twice a year.

Before dyeing the hair, you should do a “skin test”. Apply the hair dye to the skin behind your ears and put on medical tape for two days. If the skin does not have redness, swelling, itching, etc., then use it.

It’s best not to wash your hair before dyeing your hair.

The doctor explained that the scalp oil can protect the scalp, and also avoid scratching the scalp when washing your hair, so as not to repeat the mistake of Ms. Wu.

After dyeing the hair, it doesn’t hinder more washing, and the residue of the hair dye is washed away.

Improve parental credibility in children

Improve parental credibility in children

Many parents told Hao Yuyuan in distress that the child was not obedient and asked him or her to do something. The child was partial and sometimes even talked back.

A parent friend cried and said that the child was very good when he was young. When he was five years old, he gradually became disobedient, even beating his parents, grandparents, and sometimes impatiently said, “You giveI’ll get off. ”

When I heard this, my heart broke.

What is prestige?

To put it simply, prestige is majesty and credibility. Strict and trustworthy, supplemented by strictness. Some parents think that prestige is dignity, so they often lose their temper.

Although the use of violence by parents is not widespread, it is common to scold children.

Some parents think that prestige and prestige can only be trusted with prestige. In fact, the opposite is true. To have prestige, you must first have credit.

One thing that parents and friends need to pay attention to is that the source of prestige is not derived from high pressure and deterrence, but in daily life, every move, every word and deed, and even trivial matters.

First of all, parents must be upright, behave physically, and teach by example. They must not be on the surface, but on the back, look like one outside, and look like another at home.

Parents require their children to do it themselves.

Confucius once said: “If he is right, he will not do what he does, but if he is wrong, he will not do it.

“Parents’ behavior is a silent command, a real authority.

In fact, parents should be consistent in words and deeds, and believe in them.

At present, there are records of Zengzi killing pigs and gaining trust from children. There are also stories of Mencius mothers buying meat in order to do it without deceiving their sons. These stories not only explain the words, but also the qualities that parents must have.At the same time, it shows that honesty, keeping promises, and “being faithful and being fruitful” are important conditions for parents to have prestige.

Third, parents should be good at controlling and regulating their emotions.

Be happy and moderate, be angry, do n’t affect your normal facial expressions and tone of speech because of your mood; do n’t be moody, laugh at your child for a while, and scold your child for a while. Such parents do n’t get the attention and love of their children.Yes, so it can’t establish prestige.

Fourth, the parents are consistent, red or black.

In education, the caliber should be the same, think about strategies in advance, the father can not educate the child, the mother suffers from the child crying screaming, “You kill me first”, or grandpa and elders come forward to maintain.

Also, don’t let the children grind your patience after punishment, don’t go to comfort immediately, let alone tears and self-punishment in front of the child.

Punishment must make the child feel a certain degree of depression, frustration and frustration, and let the child leave an experience that he is very reluctant to repeat and try to avoid. Only in this way will the child learn from it.

Fifth, corporal punishment is “nuclear weapons.”

The constant use of force has caused the “poor soldiers to use force,” and they have lost their deterrent power.

Sixth, strictness and love.

Although this is easy to say, it is difficult to do.

Normally, our child discipline is relatively strict. Once we find any small mistakes, we will positively criticize and guide.

But after criticizing, he will be told that his fault is criticized, not him, and he is still the favorite baby of parents.

In practice, we must explain to our children how to establish prestige. Parents and friends must pay attention to avoiding in daily life: 1. High-pressure policy.

Maybe, the child can succumb to your obscenity, because of the pain of the skin and body, and dare not have an objection, but fundamentally there is no solution to the nature of the matter. The child is even sturdy, sincere and fearful, and often in a state of fear and unhappinessThink about it and dare not resist; or become a person with dual personalities, face to face and a set behind it.

2. Take Wiley home.

Confucius said that villains and women are difficult to raise. If they are too close, they are not too big or too young, and they are too alienated.

Some parents feel that they can’t drink their children to “hahaha” together. They must maintain their dignity, never approach the children, and always try to stay away from their children.

They rarely exchange feelings with their children. Children do not understand their parents’ thoughts, hobbies, interests, etc. Parents do not know their children’s needs and preferences. There is a clear gap between parents and children.

3. Pamper or even spoil.

Indulge in children, devote themselves to temperament and perverse temperance.

Do not give him the direction of the effort, nor make any requirements, but to respond to all requests, all satisfied, resulting in the child’s willful behavior, forming an arrogant and persistent character.

4, “Seduced” teaching, reward without punishment.

One country pays attention to clear rewards and punishments. Some parents even give rewards without punishment. They use caressing rewards as a means of education for their children. As everyone knows, once a child cannot be caressed or cannot meet his needs, he will have dissatisfaction, anger and resistance to his parents.Make your child willful, arrogant and unreasonable.

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