Travel insurance tips

Travel insurance tips

Going out, safety first.

A large number of tourists saw on the itinerary that the cost already included travel agency liability insurance, and they mistakenly thought that there was no need to purchase travel accident insurance. Some tourists took it lightly and did not consider buying accident insurance. What is the difference between travel agency liability insurance and travel accident insurance?

What criteria do visitors buy for accident insurance?

What are the guarantees for buying accident insurance and what conditions can I purchase?

  首先要提高旅游保险的意识  [错误认识]  1.I am lucky to think that there is nothing wrong with the three- or five-day itinerary, and the insurance premium can save the province;

跟团旅游有旅行社责任险已经足够;  [正确理解]  1.Buying a travel accident insurance is actually a responsibility to yourself and your family;

The travel agency liability insurance will only be liable for compensation if the passenger’s personal and property losses are caused by the travel agency’s responsibility. If the passenger is personally injured or property damage caused by personal and other reasons, the insurance company will not be liable for insurance.

Therefore, travel agency liability insurance cannot be equated with travel accident insurance.

Tourists participating in the tour group, in addition to insuring the travel agency liability insurance, it is best to add a travel accident insurance, in order to make a “double insurance” for travel, to minimize the economic losses caused by accidents.

  Buying a travel accident insurance suitable for you At present, there are many types of travel accident insurance on the market, and the content and duration of the protection are different. Visitors should choose according to their own travel conditions when purchasing.

  Take the outbound travel insurance of foreign insurance companies as an example. The basic protection content is clearly classified: travel impediment guarantees, including travel delays, baggage delays, journey changes, travel cancellations; personal property security, including personal money, travellers’ property, travel documentsLoss, home security; personal accidental injury and medical care, including accidental death, burn and disability protection, double accidental public accident, medical compensation (total compensation), condolence visit fee, daily hospitalization allowance; emergency rescue,Medical delivery and return, return of the dead body; personal responsibility, etc.

According to the insurance period purchased by tourists, the insurance premiums vary according to the premiums, and different insurance companies have different regulations on the insurance amount of each insurance policy.

Visitors need to understand the contents of the entire policy when purchasing accident insurance, and choose the travel accident insurance that suits them according to actual needs.

  It should also be noted that some insurance companies have set up services for after-the-fact assistance.

They have joined forces with foreign countries to jointly provide emergency assistance services at home and abroad, so that insurance customers can receive timely assistance in the event of short-term travel, business trips, and family visits.

So if you buy this type of insurance, usually write down their rescue hotline and dial when the brakes are needed.

  Tourists who match the travel time and travel time can choose the insurance period according to the number of days traveled, such as the long line of more than 7 days, every 8-10 days, 11-14 days or longer, Southeast Asia and Japan and South Korea can choose1-7 days period.

In the choice of short-term travel insurance products, the insurance period should preferably be equal to or greater than the travel period. Under normal circumstances, the insurance start date starts from 0:00 on the day before the trip or starts a few hours before the trip.

  See the insurance rules, for example: 1.

Pay attention to the period of coverage: each insurance has a period of coverage, for example, the maximum length of the domestic covered travel period is no more than 45 days; the maximum period of overseas insurance coverage is no more than 182 days;

For some countries and regions, insurance companies are not covered.

For example, Afghanistan, Colombia, East Timor, etc.;

The insurance company sets certain claims rules according to the age of the insured.

For example, for the insured from 71 to 80 years old, the amount of insurance for “accidental death, burn and disability protection” and “double payment of accidental injury” is half of the insurance amount, and the insurance premium remains unchanged.

This part of the specification needs to understand and avoid unnecessary disputes.

  [温馨提示]  在旅行途中万一出险,被保险人需保留好相关的单据和文件以便进行理赔。Take a simple example of AIU Insurance, how to delay the payment of the journey delay?

If the insured delays the aircraft or ship for more than 5 hours due to the reasons stated in the policy, he shall obtain a proof of delay from the airline or the shipping company at that time.

After returning to China, you can file an application for compensation with the insurance company and submit the following information: 1.

Insurance company’s budget application form; 2.

Copy of the ticket and boarding pass, or copy of the ticket; 3.

A copy of the passport entry and exit record; 4.

The original certificate of the carrier;

A copy of the insurance policy.

  Visitors should note that the amount of insurance agreed upon by personal accident insurance is only the maximum insurance premium payable by the insurance company, not the actual payment amount. Except for aviation accidents, the maximum amount of compensation can be paid. Other personal accident insurance is paid in proportion.

In addition, many travel accident insurances are “disclaimed” for high-risk activities such as horse racing, rock climbing, diving, alpine skiing, bungee jumping, and surfing.Therefore, when choosing travel insurance, tourists should pay attention to whether there is any restriction on the payment of sub-claims for travel insurance launched by insurance companies.

Heart disease

Heart disease

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In our life or literary works, we often see that people with big temper are red-faced and even fainting. Chinese medicine is called “angered liver”
; like people’s happy events, they are excited and cause heart disease, which is called “happy sadness”.Thinking about excessive diet does not think about eating, for “thinking the spleen”; sad mourning leads to chest tightness and sorrow, is “sadness and sorrow and hurt the lungs”; suddenly shocked and scared to the incontinence of the incontinence, and is known as “shocking kidney.”

Hi, anger, worry, thinking, sorrow, fear, and shock, Chinese medicine is called “seven emotions”, with five internal organs, and seven emotions are easy to hurt the five internal organs, thus causing various psychosomatic diseases.

How are these diseases cured?

Traditional Chinese medicine has long found that it can be dealt with with emotional therapy.

Zhang Cong, one of the “Four People in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties”, is the master of emotional therapy. In his book “Confucianism and Pro-Family”, he recorded too many cases of “heart disease” to cure “heart disease”.

When he was happy and sorrowful, the father of Xicheng Sihou was harmed by the thief. He was so sad and sad that he cried all day.

Not long after, I found that my heart was unbearable, and the symptoms increased day by day. After a month, I formed agglomeration. It seems that the cup is overturned and the size is too big to be touched.

Sihou tried the medicine and could not alleviate it. Finally, Zhang Zongzheng was invited to come to the hospital for treatment.

Zhang Congzheng asked Ming Si Hou’s reason for the disease, according to his symptoms at this time, to develop a “heart prescription.”

He took the opportunity of the wizard to be next to the patient, put on the exaggerated costumes of the wizard, imitated the wizard’s movements and postures, sang and jumped in front of Sihou’s sick bed, and mixed with ridiculous rumors, causing the priest to laugh.
After two or three days, I did not expect that the cakes under Sihou’s heart would slowly dissipate and eventually healed.

When Zhang Congzheng summed up the medical case, he reported that “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” mentioned “worry is the knot”, so I used his way of making the patient happy to make his blood flow, the meridian is comfortable, and the air machine that has gathered is dissipated, and the disease is good.
The protagonist in the case of Wu Shengsi is a wife of a wealthy businessman who has been insomnia for two years because of excessive thinking. She has seen many doctors are not good.

Her husband heard that Zhang Congzheng is good at treating “strange disease”, so he asked her to consult a doctor.

Zhang Congzheng touched the woman’s veins and found that her left and right hands alternated with the slow pulse, so she judged that the disease was in the spleen, because the spleen thought, it can be seen that the disease caused by excessive thinking.

According to this, he used psychotherapy to play a play with the woman’s husband, “Lianqi”: the wealthy businessmen who used to spend their money suddenly spent a lot of money on the feast at the feast, singing at night, celebrities gathered, and eating food.Shanzhen seafood, the price is not cheap.

When the woman sees this fact, she can’t help but feel furious. She is reluctant to let her family’s money be “spoken” and hate her husband’s “not thinking and enterprising” and “killing life”. So the mood is more and more anxious, and then sweating, it’s time.In the evening, the woman felt sleepy and fell asleep.

After eight or nine days, not only did the night sleep, but the poor appetite gradually recovered.

When Zhang Congzheng diagnosed the pulse for the woman, his pulse was already calm and his condition was cured.

There are still many examples like this in “Confucianism and Pro-Family”, and Zhang Congzheng is therefore called a “master” in ancient times using emotional treatment.

In addition to this emotional therapy, there have been cases in the ancient times that used psychopathic methods such as “psychological transfer” and “educational therapy” to treat psychosomatic diseases.

Psychological shift and cure “Fear of Light”, such as “Southern County County, People’s Records” has recorded the “deprivation of light disease” treated by physician Li Jianang using a psychological transfer method.

The scholar was suffering from a problem that could not be “nearly lit” because of his fear of light.

Li Jianang did not use the treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion, and even took the article he had written before, “disrupting the sentence, reading and screaming.”

As a result, the scholar was very angry and thought that Li Jianang did not understand and appreciate it. “Angrily robbing his literary critics: the guest is not a person in this way, he does not understand the sentence, and he is also a singer.”

“So he was close to the lights, read aloud the articles he had written, and suddenly forgot the “habits” of photophobia, and the disease became more and more.

Li Jianang is a doctor who is not known, but knows how to treat the disease by transferring the patient’s attention. It can be seen how much help can be provided for the diagnosis and treatment!

Along with depression and depression, “Sichuan Medical Forest Figures” has recorded such a thing: a girl suffering from depression, because of the whole day of worry and even shape.

The prescription prescribed by the doctor is to recommend that the woman go to the vegetable garden with her companions every day and scribble the grass.

At first, the woman did not understand this “prescription”, but she still did it. Although she was very impatient, she was used to it for a long time. She did not expect to wait until the first hundred days, her original thin body gradually grew stronger and stronger.Guanghua.

This will understand the deep meaning of the doctor to open this “prescription”.

According to the modern psychology point of view, this method of using mowing and mowing is a class therapy, which increases the collective outdoor activities, one can move the limbs, let the original stagnation of blood flow; and the second can interact with others.To alleviate the state of psychological occlusion.

As a result, depression is easy to cure.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “The heart is the Lord of the internal organs.

“Seven emotions almost hurt the dirty, and even hurt the “heart.”

Maintaining the spirit of indifference, reducing selfish distractions and reducing cravings is the most fundamental method of “cultivating the heart”.

“The essence of life is the essence of the two, the two gods are the gods of the soul, the souls of the people who follow the gods, and the people who come in and out are the best.”Therefore, the person who is the object of the heart, the heart has a meaning of recollection, the meaning of the meaning of the existence of the meaning, because of the ambition of the change of the thinking, because of thinking and admire the considerations, because of the consideration of the object of wisdom.

“-“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics”

The ice-breaking beauty method that steals the big star


The ice-breaking beauty method that steals the big star

Having a lot of skin care products and struggling to manage my own skin, still no improvement?

Don’t be disappointed, we will use the first-hand fresh beauty tricks to let you reorganize and get closer to the perfect skin without dead ends.

  The moisturizing method of the cocktail moisturizing method is also like preparing a cocktail. As long as you add the right ingredients, the moisturizing effect can be superimposed and accumulated immediately.

For example, this trick is now popular in the United States: Mix aloe vera juice with a few drops of jojoba oil, apply it to the skin, and rinse with cold water after a while.

Both are like a barrier on the skin surface, effectively isolating the skin from the dry and dehydrated environment.

During the day, the skin feels tight in an air-conditioned environment. When dry, it can be applied at any time. It is a delicious moisturizing cocktail for thirsty skin.

  Skin under the freezing point is “preserved” Ole Henriksen ‘s face and body spa in Los Angeles is a popular red-star shop that stars love, and he teaches us a recipe for skin care that can be done at home:Grid can easily make your Home Spa more effective.

“The method is simple: pour apple juice into the ice tray and freeze it in the refrigerator.

Gently apply the solidified fruit ice cubes to the skin, and the malic acid in the frozen fruit juice has strange anti-aging effects.

You will feel like your skin has undergone a mini-mini skin tightening procedure!

  Seize the time to remove beeswax. If you want to try depilation beeswax, you may choose the best time for autumn and winter.

At this point, the season of sleeveless wear is over, and this period of excessive growth is best controlled.

As long as you start from September or October and stick to beeswax hair removal on a regular basis every month, in summer, you only need to deal with some small arm hairs.

  Let the effect of cucumber on eyes double the effect of cucumber soothing and soothing the skin. If you want to maximize the effect of cooling the skin, learn Jessica Alba’s unique recipe together: cut a whole cucumber into piecesPut it in gauze, relax on the sofa, tilt your head back slightly, and cover the eyes with cucumber bag. This method is more effective than simply sticking two cucumber slices under the eyes.The essence can fully cover the eye skin, making the puffy eyes look good in 5 minutes.

  The secret to staying beautiful in the bedside table is to keep it secret.

The time-consuming and labor-intensive beauty technique is prohibitive, but you can win with convenience.

You might as well put a whole set of essential care products in your bedside table: from eye cream, finger oil to lip balm, you can easily get it.

This way, you don’t have to get up the next day to regret missing the care of XX last night.

  Sprays and moisturizers, one must be indispensable. If you are using a moisturizing spray, then you must absorb the moisturizer later.

New York-based dermatologist Fusco has redefined the use of moisturizing sprays.

If you just use a moisturizing spray, the moisture on the skin will still evaporate quickly, making the skin drier.

In addition, a spray containing glycerin and vitamin E will make the skin more moisturized.

  Double cleansing and cleansing every day. If you make up every day, please aim at the good habit of double cleansing.

First, remove makeup and sunscreen products with a mild cleansing oil or cream.

Next, use a facial cleanser that soothes and promotes skin regeneration. Massage the skin from the bottom up to thoroughly cleanse the skin, prevent makeup and dirt from removing pores.

Note that retinal skin is also within the scope of your cleansing.

  Wrinkle filling cream, we are more and more sensitive to wrinkles as we age.

In particular, melanin accumulates under the eyes, making the skin look saggy and droopy, and the fine lines on the eyes are more obvious.

In order to reduce the fine lines, please prepare a wrinkle filling essence in the bag, which usually contains silicon, which can instantly penetrate and moisturize the fine lines.

In this way, you can laugh without worry.

How to treat Love Silence?

How to treat “Love Silence”?

Young men and women in love always have endless words of love, and there are always endless complaints.
Although modern lovers have become less diligent in writing love letters than before, the time and money spent on “cooking phone porridge” is very considerable.
The words used to describe love, both ancient and modern, at home and abroad, are always very appropriate for every young man and woman in love.
And after marriage, the couple seems to have finished their love words when they are in love, and the words in daily life become very simple, such as “Hey, is the meal ready?
“Hurry up and buy a pack of salt!
“Why are you so annoying?”
Studies have found that many people think that once they become husband and wife, they are all their own family. He loves me, I love her, and is righteous. Why not bother to say it?
As a husband and wife, he should do his job and earn money to support his family. She should also do her part, husband and son, there is no need for the two to pretend to be anything . This is the current attitude of some husbands and wife towards emotional exchanges.
Dominated by this concept, married Chinese men and women are indifferent to the intimacy and enthusiasm of their passionate love, and the expression of their married couples’ emotions tends to be stingy, even to the point of being speechless.
Such couples are actually suffering from “silent love”.
  The main manifestations of “silent love” are: rarely say something very sweet to a lover; never admit mistakes to a lover; the two never discuss sexual life issues together; rarely think about what the lover needs; often feels like sharing with the loverChatting is a waste of time; likes to do things by oneself, and is unwilling to discuss with the spouse; thinks it is vulgar to deliberately please the other party; can’t figure out how the lover’s feelings towards himself; the lover has done something to be proud of, but you don’t take it for granted.Nothing is great, it ‘s not worth celebrating; When encountering contradictions or problems, the couple is often sulking; thinks that “it is embarrassing to admit a mistake in front of a lover”; Some things are very dissatisfied, but they are afraid to say that it hurts the relationship between the couple; I do n’t knowWhat is your lover dissatisfied with? After marriage, you rarely sit down and exchange feelings; When your lover is angry, they often ignore it; There are many things that you do not want to say to your lover; When you talk about ideas in front of your lover, the other person often seems absent-minded;起时,常觉得无聊;  很少去探究爱人为什么总是情绪不好。  There are many reasons for “silent love”.
Of course, if the husband and wife no longer love each other, or if one party has an affair, the “silent love disorder” is only an “accompanying symptom”.
So, how is “silent love” treated?
  1. Break the misconception.
After marriage, life does become a lot more realistic, but only by continuing to develop a relationship similar to that before marriage, ordinary life can have fun, and you can appreciate the happiness from the complexity of life.
Otherwise, immersing yourself in daily life chores will gradually make people feel bored, so that “marriage is the grave of love” has been confirmed.
  2. Learn to create a new life together.
Arrange more entertainment projects and opportunities to exchange feelings in family life, because this is not only the need to consolidate and develop the relationship between husband and wife, but also the adjustment of busy and stressful work, so that people can be relieved from the stressful work toStrong energy and abundant physical strength, continue to work and study.
  3. Don’t always think about your dignity.
Husbands and wives should not make jokes about who has taken the initiative, who has lost face, and so on.
Because initiative and enthusiasm are a kind of respect and dependence on your lover, if the other party makes fun of it, wouldn’t it be unpopular?
  4. Increase the harmony of sex life.
Harmonious sex life is a bond that strengthens the relationship between husband and wife.
If there are obstacles in the sexual life between husband and wife, we must seek specialized scientific guidance.
Otherwise, decades of life will be spent in pain.
  5. Correctly recognize “man”.
A real man should be able to understand both righteousness and meticulousness; he has both emotions and desires, and he can express them appropriately.
The kind of cold-hearted and cold-hearted man is actually a mentally unhealthy man.