Overcast fire in winter is easy to get angry

Overcast fire in winter is easy to get angry

In winter, the weather is getting colder and colder, but many people find that when they wake up, they often blush, ears are hot, and their mouths are dry and dry.

In fact, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, this is “getting angry”.

  The root cause of igniting fire in winter is that “Yin Deficiency Fire Prosperity” pays attention to “Yin-Yang Balance”. Yin Deficiency Fire Prosperity is a TCM Syndrome diagnosis.

TCM believes that “If Yin points are deficient, weakness is relatively relative to yang.

“The human body will appear a state of virtual heat with a strong yang, that is,” yin deficiency causes internal heat. ”

  Yin deficiency and fire flourishing is too much to replenish. Many people know that in the season of health, winter pays attention to “winter Tibetan”. At the same time, winter should be supplemented with nutrients to prepare for the next year’s physical needs.

But in fact, many people often benefit too much in real life.

  For the ancients, due to the difficult living conditions and insufficient diet, malnutrition often occurred due to seasonal factors. Therefore, in that historical condition, it is necessary to cause “winter Tibetan”.

However, in modern times, people’s living standards are quite rich, and they can also eat a variety of fresh meat, fruits and vegetables in winter. Many experts believe that it is not necessary to put too much emphasis on high-nutrition diets, because the cause of malnutrition in modern people is notBecause you ca n’t eat, or even eat too much!

  Adjusting yin and yang sleep is more important than eating. Many people often eat and eat what they eat during their health. “Diet living” only causes the former and is easy to ignore, but experts believe that the impact of daily living on human health must not be ignored.

  Wu Ziqiang, a famous pharmacist in Guangdong Province, believes that many people feel sore throats in winter, thinking that they eat a lot of peppers, which is actually not the case.

In fact, many singers like to eat peppers, because peppers have the most vitamins. In fact, many people have sore throats because of poor sleep. This is the yin deficiency and fire that Chinese medicine says. It is recommended that you sleep well first.Food therapy is not enough. The key is to rest well and get enough sleep.

Otherwise, drink overtime and stay up late at night, whatever tonics you eat will be “painful.”

Five nutrients for mental health

Five nutrients for mental health

The body’s growth and development require adequate nutrition. In fact, psychological nutrition is also very important. If it is severely lacking, it will affect mental health.

  First and foremost, the most important neurotrophic factor is love.

Love can last a person’s life.

Childhood is mainly parental love. If there is no redundant and correct parental love at this stage, it will affect the mental health development of his life.

The love of partners and teachers was increased in adolescence, especially the love of couples and couples in youth.

The love of middle-aged colleagues, relatives, and children is very important. Some of them add confidence and motivation to the business family and make life full of joy and warmth.

The happiness of the elderly in the later years is the key.

  The second important psychic nutrient is catharsis and channeling.

If the psychological burden cannot be announced or vented for a long time, it will aggravate the psychological contradiction and the robe will become a psychological obstacle.

Proper venting and channeling can dissipate unhealthy cloudiness hovering in the heart.

  Third, goodwill and strategic criticism.

If a person does not get the right criticism for a long time, it will inevitably breed pride and complacency, but too harsh criticism and accusations of hurting self-esteem will cause people to have rebellious psychology.

When faced with this kind of psychological virus, we should raise our vigilance and strengthen our psychological immunity.

  Fourth, strong beliefs and ideals are also important.

Beliefs and ideals are like psychological balancers. It can help people maintain a stable mentality, survive ups and downs, prevent changes in life trajectories, and enter psychological dark areas.

Ideals and beliefs enable people to maintain a positive and healthy attitude when facing difficulties and setbacks.

  Fifth, tolerance is an immeasurable nutrient for mental health.

Tolerance is a realm of life.

Life is alive.

Tolerance is not punishing yourself for the mistakes of others.

In the face of unpleasant people and things, tolerance is a magic weapon to separate all kinds of annoyances and relieve psychological pressure.

Different needs of women of different ages

Different needs of women of different ages

The famous psychologist Floyd once said: I have studied female psychology for 30 years, and I still do n’t know what women want most.

  This Freud sentence reveals the psychological characteristics of women. On the surface, they may need so much that they cannot extricate themselves from the loach that surrounds desire.

Some women may not even know what they really want, and they do n’t understand until they lose it one day.

In fact, women of different ages have different needs. Only by sorting out their emotions and recognizing their true needs, can they get out of their misunderstanding.

  The needs of 25-year-old women: innocent love girls, especially those who are in love for the first time, have pure and beautiful expectations for love.

They yearn for supreme love, everyone wants to meet the ideal “Prince of the White Horse” in their hearts, and everyone wants to meet the unconditional attention and admiration of each other.

There is nothing wrong with this.

Isn’t this all the classic masterpieces, poetry and beauty all the time?

The pursuit of innocent love is the real need of young girls, but in this need, some girls have added too much connotation to it, putting control of desire, comparison of hearts, gains and losses, and the result can only cause their ownHuge interference inside.

  The typical mental state of young women during the love period is: always want to show their pride, reorganize and get the attention and love of the opposite sex; replace the “Prince of White Horse” who hopes to be versatile, multi-gold and multi-powered, standing in front of outsiders, and proudFor the time being, I hope that he will not be so “personal” to himself, but be gentle and considerate.

When this mentality is combined with a strong personality in a girl, it is easy to create excessive tension in love and lose love.

  The needs of 35-year-old women in the workplace: Not willing to lose the traditional image in pursuit of career success, not a man’s patent, it is a real need for all middle-aged women. At the same time, every middle-aged woman also wants to inherit gentleness and goodwill, and husbands.Godmother’s traditional female image.

These two need to be contradictory on the surface, at least women need to pay more heat to change roles.

  What these women need to do is to seek the understanding and support of their husbands at home, and then the understanding and support of their parents-in-law and children. At the unit, they must be good at seeking the help and support of leaders and colleagues, while letting subordinates share the work pressure.

By doing so, the people around you will be respected by your strong woman, and will help you share your concerns.

In addition, this type of female friend can also learn a little decompression tips: 1. distinguish between work and family, not let emotions contagious each other; leave work in the work space within 8 hours, and leave the remaining time to her husband,Children and themselves, changing roles on the way to and from work.

  2. Find someone who can talk to you, or express your emotions quickly (scold or cry).

  The needs of 45-year-old middle-aged women: sense of security, equality, and warmth. Women around 45 are often nicknamed the “three no” people-no youth, no freedom, no capital.

These people’s careers are going downhill, or maintaining the status quo.

The family’s sense of responsibility determines that they must shoulder the burden of childcare, and the heavy housework makes them unbelievable.

They live in a small kitchen world. They are busy all day long with Chaimi oil and salt sauce vinegar. They have few people to interact with. They have a narrow vision and tend to become worried, distressed, withdrawn social functions, and afraid to deal with people.

Because they have no career support, they are inferior and insecure.

In fact, what these women really need is a sense of family security, warmth, and equality in marriage.

But they seem to get the opposite result.

Their problem is their lack of independence.

So how do they decompress themselves?

  1. Re-learn, increase self-confidence, and get back to yourself.

Tell yourself: “You are a useful person and an irreplaceable member of the family.

“At the same time, strengthen learning, regain control of your own life, and find a sense of independence.

  2. Carefully observe and integrate into the family.

To actively improve the relationship within the family, we must attach importance to the emotional exchange between husband and wife, and educate children in a democratic way.

  3. Get out of the kitchen.

By participating in community activities, traveling, etc. Fang Li, broadening her horizons and trying to change the rhythm and habits of life, this is a good opportunity to cultivate a new mood.

  Women’s experiences in more than 3 age groups show troubles and conflicts with most inner needs.

As long as you recognize your core needs, then reduce the surface needs, and pay attention to skills, you can quickly regain your happiness.

Pilates Easy Thin Waist Soft Body

Pilates Easy Thin Waist Soft Body

How to maintain body balance during movement?

  In all Pilates exercises, the Dublin Centre concept.

Whether right, sitting or lying, the center of your body is the key to your balance.

The central part of the body includes the waist, abdomen, waist, and chest.

Use your center properly and exercise its power during the exercise.

For example, in order to stabilize the upper body when doing “side-up kicking”, you can imagine putting a bowl of water on the statue and the pelvis. All you have to do is to ensure that the water does not spill.

  Soft waist exercise group one: Rotary waist sawing action points: Combined the “curved ridge forward” and waist twisting movements.

Action effect: Specially contract and soften oblique lumbar abdomen.

Stretches the muscles and ligaments of the back of the leg, removes turbid air from the body, enhances blood circulation, and softens and controls.

  Action 1: Sit straight on the mat at 90 degrees, keeping the upper body contracted and stable.

The waist is consciously tightened up.

Shoulders on both sides.

Double toe pointed ceiling.

  Action 2: Inhale, keep the upper body tilted upwards, and at the same time begin to twist sideways from the waist (be careful not to twist from the arms, hips, and collisions), and keep it firmly on the mat below the waist.

Action 3: Exhale, slender arms on the toes from the top of the legs.

Pay attention to lifting and contracting the ribs and abdomen.

Keep the rear radial arms extended.