Baby abnormalities are not necessarily sick


Baby abnormalities are not necessarily sick

Some abnormal manifestations of babies are normal, and young mothers need not panic.


Irregular breathing: The newborn’s breathing is not only superficial, but also irregular, with uneven speed.

This is mainly due to weak rib muscles in the newborn, narrow nasopharynx and trachea, poor adaptability of the alveoli, and respiration mainly due to the displacement of the diaphragm. Therefore, the newborns are dominated by abdominal breathing.

Thoracic breathing is weak and shallow. The newborn’s exhalation and inhalation volume are small and cannot meet the body’s need for oxygen. Therefore, breathing is faster, reaching 40-50 times per minute. This is a physiological phenomenon.

Warning: If you have purple complexion and other symptoms, you should see a doctor promptly.


Chin Plasma: The newborn has a chin involuntary retina without other symptoms, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

This is because the nervous system of the newborn is not yet fully developed and its inhibitory function is poor.

Warning: Keep warm in the cold season to avoid the top of the chin due to cold in children.


Limbs and bones: The fetus is head to chest in the uterus, hands clasped to the chest, legs bent.

After birth, she continued to maintain a constant residual shape, and disappeared after the full moon.

Bipedal inversion will be normal after three months, so children often have a slightly bent calf after birth, bipedal inversion, slightly outturned arms, and flexed limbs. These manifestations are normal and it is related to the fetus.Related to the position in the womb before birth.


Weight loss: Newborns often lose weight every week after birth.

This is because you ca n’t eat immediately or have a small amount of food after birth, coupled with the daily discharge of urine, water that is invisible to the naked eye from breathing and skin, etc., the body is temporarily out of balance, causing temporary weight loss.

It usually recovers in 10 years.

Warning: If it does not recover after 10 days, you should look for the cause.


Sneezing: Occasionally sneezing in a newborn is not a symptom of a cold.

Newborns have abundant blood flow in the nasal cavity, a narrow nasal cavity, a short nose and face, and surrounding small substances, such as cotton wool, villi, dust, etc., which stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause sneezing.

After bathing, children are irritated by air conditioning and can also cause sneezing. Moms don’t have to worry about it, just keep warm and take cold medicine.


Spilled milk: The newborn’s stomach is “lying”.

The cardia at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach and the pylorus at the junction of the stomach and duodenum are almost on the same level.

In addition, the volume of the newborn’s stomach is small, and the cardiac muscle development is not yet perfect, and the closure is not strict, which may easily cause reflux of milk in the stomach.

In particular, changing diapers immediately after breastfeeding will cause milk spillage when crying or hyperactivity.

Sometimes when feeding milk or water with a bottle, the baby’s nipples are not completely filled, which causes children to inhale air, causing the stomach to swell and causing milk spillage.

Caution: Spilled milk has been vomiting, and the amount of vomiting is too much. It is a disease like spitting out. You should go to the doctor. Spilling milk is a physiological phenomenon. Pay attention to feeding techniques. Gently pick up the child after feeding.On the mother’s shoulder, pat the end with her hand for 2-3 minutes, and then put it on the bed when she hears a snore.

Do not change the diaper after feeding, do not let the child cry, take the right position to reduce the spilled milk.


Vaginal bleeding in baby girls: It is normal for a baby girl to have a small amount of bloody secretions or mucus in her vagina about a week after birth.

This is due to the effect of the estrogen level of the fetus in the body during pregnancy. The estrogen level decreases rapidly after birth, causing the uterine and vaginal epithelial tissues to be replaced. It is medically called “false menstruation” and is a normal physiological phenomenon.


Breast enlargement: After the mother is pregnant, the content of progesterone and prolactin in the body gradually increases until it reaches a peak before delivery.

These hormones can promote mammary gland development and milk secretion, and fatty acids are affected in the maternal body through the placenta.

Therefore, some newborns will have breast enlargement.
After birth, the hormones from the mother disappear, and the intensified breasts gradually disappear.
Therefore, parents should not be nervous and avoid squeezing their nipples to avoid infection.


Yellow skin staining: The skin of the newborn becomes yellow 2-3 days after birth, but after 7-10 days, the yellow color gradually decreases and disappears.

This phenomenon is called physiological jaundice.

Caution: If the skin becomes yellow within 24 hours after birth, and it quickly worsens, or if the jaundice does not resolve after two weeks, it should be considered pathological jaundice and need to be treated in the hospital.


Horse teeth: Milky white particles often appear near the gingival margins or near the midline of the upper palate. At first glance, they appear to have teeth. They are commonly known as “die teeth” or “horses.”

Generally it can be absorbed or replaced by itself after about two weeks without treatment.

Do not pick with a needle or wipe with a cloth, so as not to damage the mucosa and cause infection.


Peeling: It is normal for newborn skin to fall off.

The stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of the neonatal skin, is easily replaced due to incomplete development.

In addition, the neonatal basement membrane connecting the epidermis and dermis is underdeveloped and delicate and soft, so that the epidermis and dermis are not tightly connected, and there are many opportunities for epidermal replacement.


Snoring: Snoring in newborns is a very common phenomenon, not a disease.

This is due to incomplete development of the nervous system in children.


Startle: It is normal for newborns to startle when they sleep.

The newborn’s nervous system is not fully developed, and the excitement caused by the stimulus is easy to “generalize.” Any loud, strong light, vibration, and change of body position will cause children to startle.

When a newborn is shocked, as long as the mother gently engages a part of the baby’s body with her hand, it can be placed to quiet down.

Caution: Neonatal startle should be distinguished from convulsions.

The startle was manifested with his hands spread upwards and quickly reopened, sometimes accompanied by crying.

Neonatal convulsions are manifested by gaze, tremor, or continuous blinking, repeated chewing, sucking, irregular breathing, bruising skin, and twitching of skin and muscles.

When this symptom occurs, you should see your doctor in time.


Body temperature fluctuations: The newborn’s body temperature regulation center is not yet perfect, the regulation function is poor, and the body temperature is not easy to stabilize.

When exposed to cold, the newborn does not tremble, but relies on a substance called a brown trace to produce heat.

The body fat of a newborn is relatively large in terms of weight ratio, and the subcutaneous aunt is thin, and it is easy to dissipate heat, causing the body temperature to be too high, or covering too much, and not adding enough water, which can increase the body temperature of the newborn.

Therefore, to keep the newborn’s body temperature normal, the newborn should be placed in a temperature-friendly environment. In summer, ventilate and drink plenty of water; in winter, keep warm.

14 cures for orange peel

14 cures for orange peel

Orange 1, cure colds and colds: take fresh orange peel, ginger slices, add brown sugar and fry water to drink, can cure colds, colds, vomiting, cough.

2. Treating bad breath: Putting a small piece of orange peel in your mouth, or chewing a small piece of fresh orange peel can cure bad breath.

3. Treatment of frostbite: Scorch the orange peel with fire, grind it into powder, and then use vegetable oil to evenly spread it on the affected area.

4, detoxification of fish and crab: drink with appropriate amount of orange peel decoction, can relieve poisoning after eating fish and crab.

5, cure stomach cold and vomiting: add orange peel and ginger slices with water and decoction, drink its soup, can treat stomach cold and vomiting.

6, cure pancreatitis: take 30 grams of orange peel, 10 grams of licorice and water together for tea.

7. Regulating Qi and Swelling: Soaking fresh water in fresh orange peel, adding an appropriate amount of sugar, after drinking, you can dissipate Qi and relieve bloating, soothing throat.

8, cure indigestion: soak 50 grams of orange peel in wine.

This wine has the effect of warming the spleen and stomach, and is used for indigestion, nausea and vomiting. It is especially effective for indigestion caused by eating too much oil, regardless of eating disorders.

9. Clearing lungs and removing phlegm: Wash the orange peel and put it into liquor, soak it for more than 20 days.

10, treatment of chronic bronchitis: orange peel 5?
15 grams of water for tea.

11, cure constipation: 12 grams of fresh orange peel or 6 grams of dried orange peel, take Jiantang.

12, cure mastitis: 30 grams of raw orange peel, 6 grams of licorice, Jiantang drink.

13, cure the molars during sleep: 10 minutes before bedtime, there is a piece of orange peel in the mouth, and then fall asleep, it is best not to spit out orange peel, if you feel unwell, then spit it out.

14, cure cough: 5 grams of dried orange peel, add two cups of decoction with water, put a small amount of ginger, take brown sugar while hot; also take an appropriate amount of fresh orange peel, chopped with boiling water, add sugar to replace tea,The effect of phlegm and cough.

Depression of jealousy triggers phobia

Depression of jealousy triggers phobia

Psychological case data of phobia: Chen Xiaohong, female, 23 years old, unmarried, nervous in the culture of technical secondary school, has been anxious for three years, embarrassed to be born, and avoided socializing for more than a year.

Come to the clinic for consultation because of serious impact on life and work.

  Helper sister 姝 two, ranking the boss.

Not well-off in childhood.

Parents are usually taciturn, irritable and reprimanded.

The mother was cowardly, uncomfortable, and lively, often beaten and scolded by her parents.

The helper had normal childhood physical development and was very sensible.

I knew a little about humanity before I entered school.

Quiet, down-to-earth, cautious manner, polite, hard-working, good grades, often blame or self-blame for failing to win first place on a certain exam or receiving praise.

At the age of 19, she entered a middle school, and the female classmates who were recruiting in the flowering branches felt pressured to study angrily to show that they did not follow the trend, but the grades were mediocre, so they were sometimes discouraged, pessimistic, sometimes unhappy, and even afraid.

However, in public, he accidentally disagreed and was generous.

Always pay attention to the attitude of the students towards themselves, such as whether there is any insinuation in the speech?

Is there contempt in idleness?

  One day in class, I found that the new young male teacher always seemed to pay attention to himself and was rather embarrassed.

After looking at the mirror after class, I didn’t find any clues in the costume. I couldn’t help but think and panic, and I would be confused when I met the teacher in the future.

Over time, the students seemed to be aware of the secrets in their hearts, so it was not natural to get along with the students.

After graduating, their parents turned to job seekers; “Listen to the leaders, follow the rules, and don’t gossip.

“People who seek help are committed to the creed, work hard, and never engage in chats with colleagues while at work.

Sometimes co-workers take the initiative to talk and pretend to do other things because they dare not face each other, or excuse themselves to walk away.

It is placed facing away from the wall, facing away from colleagues, temporarily accelerating or slowing down to and from work to avoid walking with people.

Knowing that it is not necessary to do so, or even to be criticized by others, but not afraid to get along with others, so often cross each other.

Later, I was introduced to a boyfriend, and the young and middle-aged young people were cuddling each other in front of the flowers and went into theaters and shopping malls; but every time they made up their minds, they immediately panicked, flushed, and even lost their courage.

The occasional invitation to an appointment is also deliberately long overdue.

Once, the man ‘s father ‘s birthday was invited to a banquet, and the helpers had no words to dodge. A few days ago, he began to feel restless, panicky, and trembling in his limbs.

When the in-laws met, they felt dizzy, sweaty and incoherent.

They were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

In the future, I almost felt ashamed to ask an outsider, and even the meal with my family was a bit unnatural.

In order to avoid this contradiction, we often pretend to stay at home to avoid association.

Private prosecution “I got a strange disease and I was afraid of seeing someone sick.

“I know that this fear is unnecessary, but when the matter is imminent and tense, I am puzzled by doing so, and I am distressed, anxious, and urged for treatment.

  Patients with this phobia were treated with “perceived psychotherapy,” “model method,” and “systemic desensitization.”

  General phobia is a special kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder in a sense.

The treatment of that patient first guided her to date consciousness or reason to the trauma experience that she had forgotten in the past, to introduce comprehension, and to re-understand these experiences with an adult attitude.

The patient realized that in the technical secondary school, the reason for not interacting with the classmates was because of suspicion and jealousy. The farther they were away from classmates, the more they became skeptical of the classmates. They suspected that they were discussing and guessing the secrets in my heart, so they were worried and blushing,This was the source of the horrors that later developed.

  Later, we asked the patient to preview the scene of seeing her father-in-law and mother-in-law at her boyfriend’s house, and what to do step by step, what to do and deal with it.

The “dialogue practice” between the healer and the patient made the patient slowly no longer like before, and when he mentioned going to the mother-in-law’s house, he became nervous and sweated.

Then, let her gradually go to his house with her boyfriend for a while, and gradually can stay at his house for half a day.

After two months of treatment, if the helper started a holiday and there were many guests at his mother-in-law’s house, he could have a personality with his relatives.

Recommended natural skin care products for anti-acne


Recommended natural skin care products for anti-acne

I have talked about a lot of acne treatment methods. Please note that when you are treating, you do not need to use skin care products. Skin care products still have to be used. Below I will introduce Avene products for acne-prone skin (or oily skin).

There are four main products of Avene for acne, namely: Avene Refreshing Cleansing Gel (162RMB / 200ml) Avene Detoxifying Toner (152RMB / 200ml) Avene Oil Removal Moisturizing Serum (RMB216 / 50ml)Acne milk (158 yuan / 30ml) I will take these four products one by one with you: Avene refreshing cleansing gel The main ingredients of this cleansing gel, in addition to 56% of spring water from AVENE, are targeted at acne.Pumpkin seed oil with natural ingredients is mainly used to inhibit the effect of tyrosinone on the secretion of sebaceous glands. At the same time, zinc gluconate can inhibit the synthesis of free fatty acids. Avene spring water can help soothe, calm, anti-irritate, and relieve acnefatal.

The overall cleansing power of this product is very good. The main thing is that it can regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands and make the sebum secrete balanced.

Among them, 4% glycerol is also added, and at the same time, the oil is cleaned and controlled, and a certain amount of moisture is guaranteed.

  The difference between this product and other cleansing products is that it can regulate sebaceous glands, inhibit the synthesis of free fatty acids, reduce the natural sebum secretion of the skin, and achieve long-term oil control.

  All in all, this product can be used for oily skin and acne-prone skin, which can achieve good oil control and cleansing effects.

  Avene Fat Removal Toner This toner contains 75% of Avene spring water, and contains powdered liposuction particles (kaolin and aluminum magnesium silicate), which can help absorb excess oil secreted by the skin, keep the skin fresh and smooth, and do not shine., Is an oil control powder type toner.

The moisturizing ingredient mainly uses dipropylene glycol, which is very refreshing. It is used with pumpkin seed oil and zinc gluconate to improve oil release. The effect should be supplemented with other powdered water.

This product also contains a small amount of salicylic acid to help exfoliate, and modified alcohol 39 to help pores, so it is more suitable for T-zone oily, moderate ulcer skin.

As a powder-type toner, it is better overall.

  However, everyone notices that toning is basically to provide immediate oil control effect, and the long-term improvement ability will not be strong.

So the back lotion still has to be used.

  In addition, I will teach you a tip for oil control. Usually, you use oil-absorbing paper to absorb oil, but it ‘s not good to use too much oil-absorbing paper. You ca n’t use more than three sheets a day.Then, bring some cotton pads. If there is oil, take a little toner on your face, the effect is better than using oil-absorbing paper, and it is safer for long-term use and more beneficial to the skin.

  This oil removal and moisturizing essence contains 68% of Avene spring water, which can adjust oil and effectively moisturize, make the skin fresh and balanced, while anti-irritating and soothing the skin.

It contains 0.

5% zinc gluconate, 0.

1% CTAB and 0.

2% salicylic acid, these three ingredients are used to regulate, control sebum and shrink pores.

Also added is 1% oil-controlling particles, free of alcohol, fragrances, pigments and oils.

In actual use, the moisture is really refreshing, and the moisturizing effect is also very good for oily skin, and there is no sticky feeling.

It is highly recommended for oily skin (prevents acne, acne) as a moisturizing serum.

For the price of 216 yuan and 50ML, I think it is still very valuable.

  Avene Acne Cleansing Milk This product uses 6% fruit acid with 0%.

1% Aald. These are the two most effective ingredients in this lotion. The concentration of live spring water is not high. It can be like an ointment for acne. This product fully reflects the advantages of cosmeceuticals.

The role of fruit acid here is mainly to help remove the dead skin cells and quickly metabolize acne.

Not to mention A aldehyde, because A acid cannot be used in skin care products, but A acid is the best medicine for acne.

A aldehyde is the type closest to A acid, and will be converted to A acid on the skin. Therefore, the effect of A aldehyde is more ideal, and it is not as strong as A acid.

However, the improvement effect takes 3-4 months to grind. It is best to prepare for use for 2-3 months, and the combination of fruit acid and A aldehyde can strengthen the effect of conditioning and exfoliating. Except for acne-prone skin, generalSkin should be used with caution.

  In general, the cosmetic emulsion alone can persistently comminute ulcers, and is also very suitable for treating severe acne or nodular abscess acne with drugs.