Women complain of each other’s misery!

Women complain of each other’s misery!

Researchers at the University of Missouri use “common ruminant” to describe excessive addiction and discussion of the same issue.

Psychologists say this behavior is very common among women, especially young girls, who often get together to discuss “why didn’t he call?”

“Should I break up with him?”

“And other emotional issues.

And the modern means of communication such as short message and email greatly facilitate and strengthen the communication and communication between female friends.

  Why: Unhealthy emotions can be “contagious” Experts warn that “common anti-guessing” behaviors are potentially contagious, causing unhealthy emotions to be transmitted to each other among female friends.

  Amanda, associate professor of psychology at the University of Missouri?

Ross pointed out that “common anti-prediction” and “share” are fundamentally different and can promote positive emotions and healthy friendships.

Women are more prone to depression and anxiety than men, and the “common anti-prophecy” traps women in the complication mode of thinking.

However, Rose also pointed out that “common anti-guessing” may also deepen friendships, and such intimate friendships are also good for people’s self-confidence.

  Rose said that this emotional conversation between male friends occurs less often and does not aggravate their worry or depression.

  ”When girls complain about each other’s troubles, they may feel better because they are supported and affirmed,” said Rose, who published a paper on “Communal Rumination” in the journal Developmental Psychology last year.

But because they are not talking about it, the more they talk, the worse their mood may be.

Rose pointed out that adolescent girls are more likely to have “common anti-guessing” behaviors and are more likely to be depressed or worried.

“Adolescent girls face many sources of stress, many of which are ambiguous, such as starting a date with the opposite sex and worrying about whether they are welcomed by others,” she said.

According to this report, at present, research on “common anti-pre-existence” has only stayed at its short-term consequences.

But experts point out that there is a phenomenon of “emotional contagion” or “contagious anxiety” in psychology, which can sometimes last a long time.

  Measures: Experts who should focus on problem solving say that one of the keys to getting out of the role of “common rumination” is to focus on solving the problem rather than indulging in the problem itself.

  Joanne, Associate Professor of Psychology at Stone Creek State University?

“The boundaries are subtle,” Davila said.

We want to encourage girls to make friends and seek their support, but we also hope that they can learn more positive skills and learn how to solve problems.

“And experts suggest that when encountering troubles, women should try to shift the focus from the problem itself to good experience and solutions.

  The discovery that stroking can reduce skin pain helps to develop new treatments for chronic diseases and even depressionRelieves pain when touched.

The researchers believe that the findings could help develop new therapies for chronic diseases and even depression.

  ”Nerve pleasure” relieves pain According to reports, this kind of nerve will respond when human skin is gently touched.

These repetitive strokes and hugs performed by some mothers on children with bad moods are particularly sensitive.

  Francis from the University of Liverpool?

Professor Mike Glenner said that when the skin is irritated and feels pain, it can be significantly relieved by stroking the “pleasant nerve” near the pain.

This “pleasant nerve” actually belongs to a type of C fiber in the nervous system.

At present, the scientific community generally believes that C fiber is a nerve fiber that causes skin pain, but now Professor Mike Glenner has found that there is a “small group” in C fiber that can trigger pleasure.

  ”Our combined research has discovered another role for C-fibers, which are just pain sensors and pleasure sensors,” said Mike Glenner.

“Hugging is particularly important for premature babies,” adds McGlenney, “There is another sensory nerve fiber in human skin to handle pleasure and some familiar touches, such as grooming or being embraced.

“More and more evidence shows that touching the skin and gentle touch of the body can activate the local human nervous system, so someone will feel good when they are embraced by a loved one or groomed by themselves.

  Mike Glenner told reporters: “I think we groom and dress ourselves to get a good feeling . One of the characteristics of clinical depression is that people no longer take care of themselves, they stop taking care of themselves.

“Mike Glenner said:” We can’t survive without pain.

Now we are beginning to understand that we cannot survive without a sense of pleasure and satisfaction, and a lack of gifts to others-such as caresses between lovers and caresses for babies.

“It is reported that now the medical profession has prevailed. If premature babies are embraced after birth, and then the medical measures taken next will achieve higher efficacy, this is the” nervation nerve “at work.

  If premature babies get hugs after birth, and then follow up with medical treatment to achieve higher results, this is the “nervation nerve” at work.

Baby abnormalities are not necessarily sick


Baby abnormalities are not necessarily sick

Some abnormal manifestations of babies are normal, and young mothers need not panic.


Irregular breathing: The newborn’s breathing is not only superficial, but also irregular, with uneven speed.

This is mainly due to weak rib muscles in the newborn, narrow nasopharynx and trachea, poor adaptability of the alveoli, and respiration mainly due to the displacement of the diaphragm. Therefore, the newborns are dominated by abdominal breathing.

Thoracic breathing is weak and shallow. The newborn’s exhalation and inhalation volume are small and cannot meet the body’s need for oxygen. Therefore, breathing is faster, reaching 40-50 times per minute. This is a physiological phenomenon.

Warning: If you have purple complexion and other symptoms, you should see a doctor promptly.


Chin Plasma: The newborn has a chin involuntary retina without other symptoms, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

This is because the nervous system of the newborn is not yet fully developed and its inhibitory function is poor.

Warning: Keep warm in the cold season to avoid the top of the chin due to cold in children.


Limbs and bones: The fetus is head to chest in the uterus, hands clasped to the chest, legs bent.

After birth, she continued to maintain a constant residual shape, and disappeared after the full moon.

Bipedal inversion will be normal after three months, so children often have a slightly bent calf after birth, bipedal inversion, slightly outturned arms, and flexed limbs. These manifestations are normal and it is related to the fetus.Related to the position in the womb before birth.


Weight loss: Newborns often lose weight every week after birth.

This is because you ca n’t eat immediately or have a small amount of food after birth, coupled with the daily discharge of urine, water that is invisible to the naked eye from breathing and skin, etc., the body is temporarily out of balance, causing temporary weight loss.

It usually recovers in 10 years.

Warning: If it does not recover after 10 days, you should look for the cause.


Sneezing: Occasionally sneezing in a newborn is not a symptom of a cold.

Newborns have abundant blood flow in the nasal cavity, a narrow nasal cavity, a short nose and face, and surrounding small substances, such as cotton wool, villi, dust, etc., which stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause sneezing.

After bathing, children are irritated by air conditioning and can also cause sneezing. Moms don’t have to worry about it, just keep warm and take cold medicine.


Spilled milk: The newborn’s stomach is “lying”.

The cardia at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach and the pylorus at the junction of the stomach and duodenum are almost on the same level.

In addition, the volume of the newborn’s stomach is small, and the cardiac muscle development is not yet perfect, and the closure is not strict, which may easily cause reflux of milk in the stomach.

In particular, changing diapers immediately after breastfeeding will cause milk spillage when crying or hyperactivity.

Sometimes when feeding milk or water with a bottle, the baby’s nipples are not completely filled, which causes children to inhale air, causing the stomach to swell and causing milk spillage.

Caution: Spilled milk has been vomiting, and the amount of vomiting is too much. It is a disease like spitting out. You should go to the doctor. Spilling milk is a physiological phenomenon. Pay attention to feeding techniques. Gently pick up the child after feeding.On the mother’s shoulder, pat the end with her hand for 2-3 minutes, and then put it on the bed when she hears a snore.

Do not change the diaper after feeding, do not let the child cry, take the right position to reduce the spilled milk.


Vaginal bleeding in baby girls: It is normal for a baby girl to have a small amount of bloody secretions or mucus in her vagina about a week after birth.

This is due to the effect of the estrogen level of the fetus in the body during pregnancy. The estrogen level decreases rapidly after birth, causing the uterine and vaginal epithelial tissues to be replaced. It is medically called “false menstruation” and is a normal physiological phenomenon.


Breast enlargement: After the mother is pregnant, the content of progesterone and prolactin in the body gradually increases until it reaches a peak before delivery.

These hormones can promote mammary gland development and milk secretion, and fatty acids are affected in the maternal body through the placenta.

Therefore, some newborns will have breast enlargement.
After birth, the hormones from the mother disappear, and the intensified breasts gradually disappear.
Therefore, parents should not be nervous and avoid squeezing their nipples to avoid infection.


Yellow skin staining: The skin of the newborn becomes yellow 2-3 days after birth, but after 7-10 days, the yellow color gradually decreases and disappears.

This phenomenon is called physiological jaundice.

Caution: If the skin becomes yellow within 24 hours after birth, and it quickly worsens, or if the jaundice does not resolve after two weeks, it should be considered pathological jaundice and need to be treated in the hospital.


Horse teeth: Milky white particles often appear near the gingival margins or near the midline of the upper palate. At first glance, they appear to have teeth. They are commonly known as “die teeth” or “horses.”

Generally it can be absorbed or replaced by itself after about two weeks without treatment.

Do not pick with a needle or wipe with a cloth, so as not to damage the mucosa and cause infection.


Peeling: It is normal for newborn skin to fall off.

The stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of the neonatal skin, is easily replaced due to incomplete development.

In addition, the neonatal basement membrane connecting the epidermis and dermis is underdeveloped and delicate and soft, so that the epidermis and dermis are not tightly connected, and there are many opportunities for epidermal replacement.


Snoring: Snoring in newborns is a very common phenomenon, not a disease.

This is due to incomplete development of the nervous system in children.


Startle: It is normal for newborns to startle when they sleep.

The newborn’s nervous system is not fully developed, and the excitement caused by the stimulus is easy to “generalize.” Any loud, strong light, vibration, and change of body position will cause children to startle.

When a newborn is shocked, as long as the mother gently engages a part of the baby’s body with her hand, it can be placed to quiet down.

Caution: Neonatal startle should be distinguished from convulsions.

The startle was manifested with his hands spread upwards and quickly reopened, sometimes accompanied by crying.

Neonatal convulsions are manifested by gaze, tremor, or continuous blinking, repeated chewing, sucking, irregular breathing, bruising skin, and twitching of skin and muscles.

When this symptom occurs, you should see your doctor in time.


Body temperature fluctuations: The newborn’s body temperature regulation center is not yet perfect, the regulation function is poor, and the body temperature is not easy to stabilize.

When exposed to cold, the newborn does not tremble, but relies on a substance called a brown trace to produce heat.

The body fat of a newborn is relatively large in terms of weight ratio, and the subcutaneous aunt is thin, and it is easy to dissipate heat, causing the body temperature to be too high, or covering too much, and not adding enough water, which can increase the body temperature of the newborn.

Therefore, to keep the newborn’s body temperature normal, the newborn should be placed in a temperature-friendly environment. In summer, ventilate and drink plenty of water; in winter, keep warm.

Test how ups and downs your road to love

Test how ups and downs your road to love

When you are holding a treasure map by yourself and searching for treasures according to the map, at the last level, you are standing at a crossroads. Where will your first intuitive treasure be?


Go straight ahead B.

Walk backward slowly C.

Quietly go right D.

Go quietly E.

In fact, the analysis of results at your feet: choose A.

Go straight ahead Love twists and turns index: 55 You are in love: Amaryllis love, you will cut love at the last minute of Hui Jian, let your twists and turns have a limit.

  Select B.

Slowly go backwards. Love twists and turns index: 80 You are in love: In petunia love, you are susceptible to outside influences, and lack of security makes the mood unstable.

  Select C.

Go quietly to the right. Love twists and turns index: 20 You are in love: In wild lily love, you have a strong willpower. You will overcome any difficulties and never give up.

  Select D.

Go quietly to the left. The twists and turns index of love: 90 You are in love: In the bitterness of love, you tend to hesitate, love the horns, and make yourself think too much and increase your pain.

  Select E.

In fact, at your feet, the index of love twists and turns: 90 you are in love: in love, your tolerance will resolve many and many misunderstandings and quarrels, and let the twists and turns calm down.

How to create a healthy bathroom

How to create a healthy bathroom

Bathrooms are playing an increasingly important role in the home.

It is closest to us.

Its “health” directly affects our health, and its “temperament” reflects our taste.


hzh{display:none;}  卫浴魔力香水:市面上有清新剂出售。However, the easiest way is: put a cup of balsamic vinegar or a box of cool oil with an open lid in the bathroom, and the odor will disappear naturally.

  Tile live color foundation: The openings in bathrooms are mostly tiled. To keep them clean and bright, you can use multifunctional decontamination creams to clean them.

According to the gap in the tile, first use a toothbrush to dipped some dirt to remove the dirt, and then use a brush to apply a waterproofing agent in the gap.

This will not only prevent leakage, but also mold growth.

  The glass is youthless: the smooth mirror surface and windows are dulled by long-term intimate contact with water.

You can use a spray glass cleaner to spray a large X shape on a whole piece of glass, then fold the wrung rag, wipe it in one direction, wait until the glass is dry, and then dry it.Wipe the cloth again.

If there are still water marks, you can wipe with old newspapers. The ink on the paper can make the glass shine as before, and you can also wipe away the stubborn dirt.

  Faucet unloading perfectly: Faucets (showers) often come in contact with various shower gels, shampoos and detergents. These washing supplies make the chrome surface of the taps dull.

In fact, you can also use a neutral detergent and wipe it with a soft cloth every week.

Never use acidic or abrasive cleaners, wire brushes to “torture” faucets (showers).

  Toilet whitening mask: first add an appropriate amount of water to the toilet, wash it with a toilet brush, and then pour about 5-10 ml of detergent or hydrochloric acid solution with a brush and brush evenly. If the dirt is heavy, then pourSoak in detergent and brush until it is clean, then rinse with water.

  Porcelain radiance: a convenient and environmentally friendly method is to use white vinegar and lemon peel.

First wipe off the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware, then wipe the surface of the sanitary ware with a soft cloth dipped in a little white vinegar or wipe with lemon peel. After a while, the sanitary ware will be as bright as new, and then it will emit a fragrance.

  Chasing the air of nature: “Negative ions” are now popular, and bathrooms are not uncomfortable.

Some people suggest raising some plants that are overcast. If you think the plants are too difficult to grow, you can buy an oxygen bar brick. A vertical hanging oxygen bar brick is said to make the plant function, and it can be used to decorate the bathroom.

Overcast fire in winter is easy to get angry

Overcast fire in winter is easy to get angry

In winter, the weather is getting colder and colder, but many people find that when they wake up, they often blush, ears are hot, and their mouths are dry and dry.

In fact, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, this is “getting angry”.

  The root cause of igniting fire in winter is that “Yin Deficiency Fire Prosperity” pays attention to “Yin-Yang Balance”. Yin Deficiency Fire Prosperity is a TCM Syndrome diagnosis.

TCM believes that “If Yin points are deficient, weakness is relatively relative to yang.

“The human body will appear a state of virtual heat with a strong yang, that is,” yin deficiency causes internal heat. ”

  Yin deficiency and fire flourishing is too much to replenish. Many people know that in the season of health, winter pays attention to “winter Tibetan”. At the same time, winter should be supplemented with nutrients to prepare for the next year’s physical needs.

But in fact, many people often benefit too much in real life.

  For the ancients, due to the difficult living conditions and insufficient diet, malnutrition often occurred due to seasonal factors. Therefore, in that historical condition, it is necessary to cause “winter Tibetan”.

However, in modern times, people’s living standards are quite rich, and they can also eat a variety of fresh meat, fruits and vegetables in winter. Many experts believe that it is not necessary to put too much emphasis on high-nutrition diets, because the cause of malnutrition in modern people is notBecause you ca n’t eat, or even eat too much!

  Adjusting yin and yang sleep is more important than eating. Many people often eat and eat what they eat during their health. “Diet living” only causes the former and is easy to ignore, but experts believe that the impact of daily living on human health must not be ignored.

  Wu Ziqiang, a famous pharmacist in Guangdong Province, believes that many people feel sore throats in winter, thinking that they eat a lot of peppers, which is actually not the case.

In fact, many singers like to eat peppers, because peppers have the most vitamins. In fact, many people have sore throats because of poor sleep. This is the yin deficiency and fire that Chinese medicine says. It is recommended that you sleep well first.Food therapy is not enough. The key is to rest well and get enough sleep.

Otherwise, drink overtime and stay up late at night, whatever tonics you eat will be “painful.”

9 faces indicate that the body has a problem_1

9 “faces” indicate that the body has a problem

The function of the internal organs of the human body will be reflected on the face.
If you are busy, you may wish to observe your face frequently, and you may discover the secrets of your health.
  1. Sudden increase in forehead wrinkles. This situation indicates that your liver is overburdened. You should eat less animal fats, such as pork, and eat more light foods, such as pork liver, spinach, tofu and fish.
  2. The eyes are dark and the face is dark. If you find yourself in this shape in the morning, it means that the kidney is too heavy.
To reduce the amount of salt and sugar, vegetables that can be unsweetened should not be sweetened. Cook chestnuts with duck meat, roast Chinese cabbage, etc. for dietary therapy, and use red and white carrot soup to drink.
In addition, soup with pork loin is also effective.
  3. The nose is red and the tip of the nose represents the condition of the heart.
The red or purple tip of the nose may be high blood pressure, or excessive salt and alcohol intake.
  4. Swelling of the upper lips This is most likely caused by stomach cramps.
Eat more potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, potato, lotus root and other warm foods.
If the skin is too rough, try eating bamboo shoots, sea cucumbers, and lean stews.
  5. The skin is too fair. This may be caused by qi and blood deficiency.
Red dates and peanuts can be soaked in warm water, cooked over low heat, and then boiled with some honey until thickened.
If you eat such food often, your face will become rosy.
  6, cheeks are brown-red, cheeks redness is a sign of hypertension.
Pay attention to reducing smoking or quitting, and regularly take blood pressure.
  7. Redness of the ears The ears represent the condition of the kidneys.
Red or purple auricles indicate poor circulation.
Drink less alcohol, eat less refined foods, eat less sugar, and exercise more to promote circulation.
  8. Each mandible develops acne before and after menstrual cramps every month. The skin changes in this area are directly related to the ovaries. Body massage or lymphatic drainage can be improved.
  9. The corners of the mouth appear fine wrinkles, which means you need to add more iron!
  There are five kinds of sickness on the face. The most common one on the face is the sickness.
When people are in poor health, they will show signs of illness.
The white, yellow, red, black, and blue colors in the disease colors correspond to different physical disorders.
  1. White: Pale, shabby, and pale. These whites have no luster and are not mixed with blood. They are all used to describe the sickness of the face.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this white color is closely related to qi deficiency and blood deficiency.
Insufficient blood and nourishment of the face will appear pale; the operation and production of blood rely on qi. Chinese medicine says that qi can produce blood, and qi is deficient, and the function of blood production is reduced.Pale.
Another type of white is caused by cold, and this kind of people need special warmth.
  The solution: make up for it.
If there is no special manifestation of symptoms, food supplement is the best way!
The principle is to make up for anything.
Add more foods such as nuts, fruits, beans, fish, and chicken.
If necessary, eating some red dates and wolfberry is also a good method.
  2. Yellow: Wax yellow, scorch yellow “People with these two complexions often have either spleen deficiency or moisture in their bodies.
“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are innate and a source of nutrients. If the spleen and stomach are weak and cannot be transported normally, the nutrients cannot moisturize our faces, and yellow will appear at this time.
In addition to digesting nutrients, the spleen also metabolizes water and moisture. If the wet spirit cannot be metabolized normally, abnormal accumulation of nutrients can cause abnormal yellow in the complexion.
  The solution: For the yellowish complexion caused by partial food and nutritional imbalance, adjusting the diet structure and supplementing nutrition are the headlines, correcting bad eating habits, eating more high-protein and low-fat meat, sticking to pomegranate, papaya, drinking milk andThe almond milk will definitely get better.
Don’t forget to replenish the spleen and moisturize.I often eat coix kernels, lotus seeds, longan and red beans in a pot of syrup.

If you have congenital carotene metabolism invertase deficiency, insulate it from foods containing carotene.

Often staying up late, irregular life is also a major factor in the appearance of the “face”, change bad habits now!

  3, blue: Tieqingqing is a color that belongs to the liver, and the complexion is usually caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis.

The personality characteristics of this kind of people are very obvious, some are suspicious, love to be horny, and easily get angry somehow.

In addition, it may be because of cold, we sometimes say “freezing blue”, because the stagnation affects the operation of qi and blood.

  The solution: you are too tired, or you are under too much pressure, or you ca n’t keep up with nutrition, or you may be ill, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

If it is cyanosis, it means that there is a lack of oxygen in the blood and you need to improve your cardiopulmonary function.

For chills, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is to “remove the cold”. Eat more beef, mutton, pepper, and ginger to stimulate heat and accelerate metabolism.

As soon as the cold air went away, the body “warmed” and naturally no longer turned blue.

Of course, it’s better with proper exercise!

  4. Black: Withered, black complexion makes people feel “descripted withered” and looks like they are a few years old.

Black complexion and kidney are more serious. Patients with kidney deficiency often see black complexion. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five colors correspond to the five internal organs, and black corresponds to the kidney.

Dark circles are also dark complexion, which is caused by abnormal water metabolism caused by kidney deficiency.

  The solution: eat more foods with kidney and diuretic effects, such as walnuts, fungus, lean meat, carrots, winter melon, tomatoes, citrus, persimmons, dried fruits and so on.

The above-mentioned foods are rich in protein, vitamins, zinc trace elements, etc., which is helpful to improve the body’s immunity; at the same time, pay attention to adjusting the acidity and alkalinity of foods, and foods that absorb alkalinity are healthier.

Walnuts, black fungus, black beans, black sesame, mussels, and wolfberry are all kidney tonic products. Use these ingredients to make soup or porridge for long-term conditioning. In addition, a large glass of honey on an empty stomach in the morning can also be effectively dischargedToxins in the body!

  5, red: flushing, flushing Healthy red is emitted from the inside out. Unhealthy flushing has a characteristic that, like the tide, some people will look red in the afternoon.

Flushing is related to yin deficiency and getting angry. Generally, flushing people also have five symptoms of upset, that is, irritability, fever in both hands and feet.

If the fire is a real fire, it will show a flushed face, and if the fire is caused by yin deficiency, it is usually only red in the cheekbones.

  The solution: People who have a red face like a baby’s face for a long time should pay attention to possible heart diseases, please go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Excluding pathological factors, some ointments can be applied to improve facial capillary dilation.

Say goodbye to irritating foods and avoid hot and cold irritation on the face.

Of course, the redness of your face is mostly related to your physical condition. Seek a doctor for help!

Homework Before Buying Baby Supplies

“Homework” Before Buying Baby Supplies

Explore market conditions Before choosing baby products, it is best to explore the market conditions, understand the distribution of various commodity prices, so as to control the size of the budget.
At present, the price of baby products on the market is quite divergent. Parents must decide according to their own needs. The most expensive one may not be the best. Different functional designs need to consider the purpose of use.
  Judging from the current quality of domestic products, parents have not considered “loving domestic products” because their quality cannot be better than domestic products.
In addition, shopping at three stores is not a loss. Expectant mothers can take advantage of the most stable conditions in the second trimester of pregnancy, and go to a few more stores to compare the prices of similar products.Niche.
  Ask for help from relatives and friends Consumables such as baby bottles and diapers must be prepared before the baby is born.
Others, such as cribs and baby carriages, which have a high unit price but have a long service life, may ask for help from relatives and friends.
  Modern people like to use new things, so it is inevitable to reject others who have used or passed them on.
Experts said that the quality of modern products is good. When children are older, things are still good. If these supplies can be obtained through human networks, they also have the environmental protection function of resource utilization and recycling. Why not?
  Moreover, children grow fast, and many supplies must be eliminated after a few months. It is a pity to buy new ones.
In the traditional customs of Taiwan, the older generation also said that children wear other people’s old clothes quickly and well. Apart from that, there is a certain degree of credibility, at least with old things, the amount on the bill has dropped significantly.Not bad.
  Appropriate purchase of baby products 后 After the emergence of large-scale mass merchandise stores, many people are used to buying a large number of daily supplies at one time, but this behavior often wastes resources without knowing it.
Yang Jianzong pointed out that many novice parents are often seen in the store, and they took a lot of supplies home at any cost, but in the end they were wasted because they were unused.
  Expert experience tells us that the first purchase of baby products, it is best to choose the right amount.
Because modern people’s home space is generally small, buying supplies too soon will only take up space, and sometimes East Cecisé loses things.
  In addition, the baby’s growth is phased, and some supplies must be larger before they are used.
Experts also say that a large amount of “inventory” in terms of cost will affect the scheduling of funds. Why not invest money or use it where it is more needed, and even put more interest in the bank.
In short, over-purchasing has a purse.

Travel insurance tips

Travel insurance tips

Going out, safety first.

A large number of tourists saw on the itinerary that the cost already included travel agency liability insurance, and they mistakenly thought that there was no need to purchase travel accident insurance. Some tourists took it lightly and did not consider buying accident insurance. What is the difference between travel agency liability insurance and travel accident insurance?

What criteria do visitors buy for accident insurance?

What are the guarantees for buying accident insurance and what conditions can I purchase?

  首先要提高旅游保险的意识  [错误认识]  1.I am lucky to think that there is nothing wrong with the three- or five-day itinerary, and the insurance premium can save the province;

跟团旅游有旅行社责任险已经足够;  [正确理解]  1.Buying a travel accident insurance is actually a responsibility to yourself and your family;

The travel agency liability insurance will only be liable for compensation if the passenger’s personal and property losses are caused by the travel agency’s responsibility. If the passenger is personally injured or property damage caused by personal and other reasons, the insurance company will not be liable for insurance.

Therefore, travel agency liability insurance cannot be equated with travel accident insurance.

Tourists participating in the tour group, in addition to insuring the travel agency liability insurance, it is best to add a travel accident insurance, in order to make a “double insurance” for travel, to minimize the economic losses caused by accidents.

  Buying a travel accident insurance suitable for you At present, there are many types of travel accident insurance on the market, and the content and duration of the protection are different. Visitors should choose according to their own travel conditions when purchasing.

  Take the outbound travel insurance of foreign insurance companies as an example. The basic protection content is clearly classified: travel impediment guarantees, including travel delays, baggage delays, journey changes, travel cancellations; personal property security, including personal money, travellers’ property, travel documentsLoss, home security; personal accidental injury and medical care, including accidental death, burn and disability protection, double accidental public accident, medical compensation (total compensation), condolence visit fee, daily hospitalization allowance; emergency rescue,Medical delivery and return, return of the dead body; personal responsibility, etc.

According to the insurance period purchased by tourists, the insurance premiums vary according to the premiums, and different insurance companies have different regulations on the insurance amount of each insurance policy.

Visitors need to understand the contents of the entire policy when purchasing accident insurance, and choose the travel accident insurance that suits them according to actual needs.

  It should also be noted that some insurance companies have set up services for after-the-fact assistance.

They have joined forces with foreign countries to jointly provide emergency assistance services at home and abroad, so that insurance customers can receive timely assistance in the event of short-term travel, business trips, and family visits.

So if you buy this type of insurance, usually write down their rescue hotline and dial when the brakes are needed.

  Tourists who match the travel time and travel time can choose the insurance period according to the number of days traveled, such as the long line of more than 7 days, every 8-10 days, 11-14 days or longer, Southeast Asia and Japan and South Korea can choose1-7 days period.

In the choice of short-term travel insurance products, the insurance period should preferably be equal to or greater than the travel period. Under normal circumstances, the insurance start date starts from 0:00 on the day before the trip or starts a few hours before the trip.

  See the insurance rules, for example: 1.

Pay attention to the period of coverage: each insurance has a period of coverage, for example, the maximum length of the domestic covered travel period is no more than 45 days; the maximum period of overseas insurance coverage is no more than 182 days;

For some countries and regions, insurance companies are not covered.

For example, Afghanistan, Colombia, East Timor, etc.;

The insurance company sets certain claims rules according to the age of the insured.

For example, for the insured from 71 to 80 years old, the amount of insurance for “accidental death, burn and disability protection” and “double payment of accidental injury” is half of the insurance amount, and the insurance premium remains unchanged.

This part of the specification needs to understand and avoid unnecessary disputes.

  [温馨提示]  在旅行途中万一出险,被保险人需保留好相关的单据和文件以便进行理赔。Take a simple example of AIU Insurance, how to delay the payment of the journey delay?

If the insured delays the aircraft or ship for more than 5 hours due to the reasons stated in the policy, he shall obtain a proof of delay from the airline or the shipping company at that time.

After returning to China, you can file an application for compensation with the insurance company and submit the following information: 1.

Insurance company’s budget application form; 2.

Copy of the ticket and boarding pass, or copy of the ticket; 3.

A copy of the passport entry and exit record; 4.

The original certificate of the carrier;

A copy of the insurance policy.

  Visitors should note that the amount of insurance agreed upon by personal accident insurance is only the maximum insurance premium payable by the insurance company, not the actual payment amount. Except for aviation accidents, the maximum amount of compensation can be paid. Other personal accident insurance is paid in proportion.

In addition, many travel accident insurances are “disclaimed” for high-risk activities such as horse racing, rock climbing, diving, alpine skiing, bungee jumping, and surfing.Therefore, when choosing travel insurance, tourists should pay attention to whether there is any restriction on the payment of sub-claims for travel insurance launched by insurance companies.

Heart disease

Heart disease

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In our life or literary works, we often see that people with big temper are red-faced and even fainting. Chinese medicine is called “angered liver”
; like people’s happy events, they are excited and cause heart disease, which is called “happy sadness”.Thinking about excessive diet does not think about eating, for “thinking the spleen”; sad mourning leads to chest tightness and sorrow, is “sadness and sorrow and hurt the lungs”; suddenly shocked and scared to the incontinence of the incontinence, and is known as “shocking kidney.”

Hi, anger, worry, thinking, sorrow, fear, and shock, Chinese medicine is called “seven emotions”, with five internal organs, and seven emotions are easy to hurt the five internal organs, thus causing various psychosomatic diseases.

How are these diseases cured?

Traditional Chinese medicine has long found that it can be dealt with with emotional therapy.

Zhang Cong, one of the “Four People in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties”, is the master of emotional therapy. In his book “Confucianism and Pro-Family”, he recorded too many cases of “heart disease” to cure “heart disease”.

When he was happy and sorrowful, the father of Xicheng Sihou was harmed by the thief. He was so sad and sad that he cried all day.

Not long after, I found that my heart was unbearable, and the symptoms increased day by day. After a month, I formed agglomeration. It seems that the cup is overturned and the size is too big to be touched.

Sihou tried the medicine and could not alleviate it. Finally, Zhang Zongzheng was invited to come to the hospital for treatment.

Zhang Congzheng asked Ming Si Hou’s reason for the disease, according to his symptoms at this time, to develop a “heart prescription.”

He took the opportunity of the wizard to be next to the patient, put on the exaggerated costumes of the wizard, imitated the wizard’s movements and postures, sang and jumped in front of Sihou’s sick bed, and mixed with ridiculous rumors, causing the priest to laugh.
After two or three days, I did not expect that the cakes under Sihou’s heart would slowly dissipate and eventually healed.

When Zhang Congzheng summed up the medical case, he reported that “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” mentioned “worry is the knot”, so I used his way of making the patient happy to make his blood flow, the meridian is comfortable, and the air machine that has gathered is dissipated, and the disease is good.
The protagonist in the case of Wu Shengsi is a wife of a wealthy businessman who has been insomnia for two years because of excessive thinking. She has seen many doctors are not good.

Her husband heard that Zhang Congzheng is good at treating “strange disease”, so he asked her to consult a doctor.

Zhang Congzheng touched the woman’s veins and found that her left and right hands alternated with the slow pulse, so she judged that the disease was in the spleen, because the spleen thought, it can be seen that the disease caused by excessive thinking.

According to this, he used psychotherapy to play a play with the woman’s husband, “Lianqi”: the wealthy businessmen who used to spend their money suddenly spent a lot of money on the feast at the feast, singing at night, celebrities gathered, and eating food.Shanzhen seafood, the price is not cheap.

When the woman sees this fact, she can’t help but feel furious. She is reluctant to let her family’s money be “spoken” and hate her husband’s “not thinking and enterprising” and “killing life”. So the mood is more and more anxious, and then sweating, it’s time.In the evening, the woman felt sleepy and fell asleep.

After eight or nine days, not only did the night sleep, but the poor appetite gradually recovered.

When Zhang Congzheng diagnosed the pulse for the woman, his pulse was already calm and his condition was cured.

There are still many examples like this in “Confucianism and Pro-Family”, and Zhang Congzheng is therefore called a “master” in ancient times using emotional treatment.

In addition to this emotional therapy, there have been cases in the ancient times that used psychopathic methods such as “psychological transfer” and “educational therapy” to treat psychosomatic diseases.

Psychological shift and cure “Fear of Light”, such as “Southern County County, People’s Records” has recorded the “deprivation of light disease” treated by physician Li Jianang using a psychological transfer method.

The scholar was suffering from a problem that could not be “nearly lit” because of his fear of light.

Li Jianang did not use the treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion, and even took the article he had written before, “disrupting the sentence, reading and screaming.”

As a result, the scholar was very angry and thought that Li Jianang did not understand and appreciate it. “Angrily robbing his literary critics: the guest is not a person in this way, he does not understand the sentence, and he is also a singer.”

“So he was close to the lights, read aloud the articles he had written, and suddenly forgot the “habits” of photophobia, and the disease became more and more.

Li Jianang is a doctor who is not known, but knows how to treat the disease by transferring the patient’s attention. It can be seen how much help can be provided for the diagnosis and treatment!

Along with depression and depression, “Sichuan Medical Forest Figures” has recorded such a thing: a girl suffering from depression, because of the whole day of worry and even shape.

The prescription prescribed by the doctor is to recommend that the woman go to the vegetable garden with her companions every day and scribble the grass.

At first, the woman did not understand this “prescription”, but she still did it. Although she was very impatient, she was used to it for a long time. She did not expect to wait until the first hundred days, her original thin body gradually grew stronger and stronger.Guanghua.

This will understand the deep meaning of the doctor to open this “prescription”.

According to the modern psychology point of view, this method of using mowing and mowing is a class therapy, which increases the collective outdoor activities, one can move the limbs, let the original stagnation of blood flow; and the second can interact with others.To alleviate the state of psychological occlusion.

As a result, depression is easy to cure.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “The heart is the Lord of the internal organs.

“Seven emotions almost hurt the dirty, and even hurt the “heart.”

Maintaining the spirit of indifference, reducing selfish distractions and reducing cravings is the most fundamental method of “cultivating the heart”.

“The essence of life is the essence of the two, the two gods are the gods of the soul, the souls of the people who follow the gods, and the people who come in and out are the best.”Therefore, the person who is the object of the heart, the heart has a meaning of recollection, the meaning of the meaning of the existence of the meaning, because of the ambition of the change of the thinking, because of thinking and admire the considerations, because of the consideration of the object of wisdom.

“-“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics”

Old Chinese medicine tells you how to suffer from kidney disease

Old Chinese medicine tells you how to suffer from kidney disease

Porridge was called Mi, 膻, 酏, etc. in ancient times. The ancients wrote 鬻.

Porridge is expected throughout the year, which can adjust appetite, increase appetite, and replenish the body’s lost moisture.

Therefore, since ancient times, drinking porridge can cure diseases and make people live longer.

There have been records about porridge since the Han Dynasty.

Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty listed more than 50 kinds of porridge in Compendium of Materia Medica.

  (一)肾炎食疗粥  1、玉米须粥  [用料]:玉米须30克、车前叶30克、葱白一根、粳米100克。  [Manufacturing method]: chop the cleaned front leaves and put them into a casserole, then put in the corn shavings and scallion, add an appropriate amount of water and fry for 60 minutes on a low fire; remove the residue, then add the washed rice and add some waterBoil the porridge and it will be ready in 40-50 minutes.

Take one dose daily, morning and evening, twice a day for 7 days.

  [Function]: Lee swelling, Tonglin turbid.

  [Applicable disease]: Applicable to patients with acute and chronic renal nephritis, urethritis, cystitis and other patients.

  2、黄芪粳米粥  [用料]:取黄芪60克,粳米50克,红糖少许。  [Manufacturing method]: first decoction astragalus with water for 40 minutes, take the medicinal juice and the previous rice to cook porridge, add brown sugar to simmer and eat, 2 times a day, 1 time each morning and evening.

  [Function]: It has the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach.

  [Indications]: Suitable for chronic nephritis with weak spleen and stomach.

 3、赤苡粳米粥  [用料]:取生黄芪、生苡仁各30克,赤小豆15克,鸡内金(研成细末)9克,金桔饼2枚。  [Preparation method]: first add 600 ml of water to astragalus, boil for 20 minutes, take the medicinal sauce and red adzuki beans, boil the kernel for 30 minutes, and then add chicken internal gold, 30 grams of rice before cooking into porridge, take 2 times a day, chew after eating1 kumquat cake, 1 dose per day.

  [Function]: It has a beneficial effect on temperature and yang.

  [Applicable disease]: Suitable for chronic nephritis with weak sunlight.

  4、茯苓粳米粥  [用料]:取白茯苓15克(研成细末)、粳米50克。  [Manufacturing method]: each cook porridge, 1 dose per day.

  [Function]: It has the effects of replenishing the heart and spleen, improving water and dampness, and relieving evils.

  [Applicable disease]: Suitable for chronic nephritis with deficiency of beer, dampness, and slight edema.

  5、荠菜粳米粥  [用料]:取新鲜荠菜250克,粳米50克。  [Manufacturing method]: Wash and chop the amaranth first, and cook with the previous rice, 1 dose per day.

  [Function]: It has the effects of strengthening spleen and diuresis, and stopping bleeding.

  [Applicable disease]: Suitable for chronic nephritis with deficiency of beer, edema and hematuria.

  6、芡实粥  [用料]:芡实30克,糯米30克,白果10枚。  [Manufacturing method]: first clean ginkgo husks and cores, cook ginkgo with glutinous rice and glutinous rice together to make porridge.

Once a day, 10 days is a course of treatment.

  [功用]:宜平肝潜阳,以固肾为主。  [Applicable disease]: chronic nephritis.

  (2) Nephrotic Syndrome Patients due to a large number of proteinuria and nephrotic syndrome reduce plasma protein, plasma colloid osmotic pressure is reduced, fluid leaks from plasma to tissues, and edema is produced. Treatment should be supplemented with protein and diet can be appropriateAdd high-quality protein, ancient recipe carp soup, black fish soup is a better choice.

The following dietetic porridges can be used as a reference for patients with nephrotic syndrome.

  1. Poria cocklebur porridge 25 grams, cocklebur 30 grams, jujube 10, 100 grams of rice.

  First soak the red bean in cold water for half a day, then cook the rice with porridge and jujube.

Take warm breakfast and dinner.

  2, Maogan bean congee 200 grams of fresh grass root, 200 grams of rice, 200 grams of red beans.

  Add the right amount of fresh radish root, decoction, add the previous rice, red beans, and cook into porridge.3 points per day?
Take 4 times.

  3, corn bean jujube porridge corn 50 grams, white lentils 25 grams, jujube 50 grams.

  Cook the above 3 flavors into porridge and consume it once a day.

   4, light heart flower catfish porridge light heart flower 5?
8 notes, catfish 1?
2 strips, 30 grams of white rice.

  Remove the scales and internal organs of the sturgeon, wrap them in gauze, and cook porridge with enthusiasts and white flowers.

Even serving 2?
4 times.

  5, Yu Li barley porridge Yu Liren 50 grams, barley kernels 60 grams.

  First fry the plum juice, remove the residue, replace the plum juice with plum juice, add coix kernels, and cook the porridge as usual.

Serve twice daily with warm meals.

  6, 500 grams of dog meat wheat kernel porridge dog meat, 100 grams of wheat kernel (ie wheat peeled).

  First wash the dog meat, cut into small pieces, put it into the clay pot with the wheat kernels, add an appropriate amount of water, cook the porridge as usual, and use the cooked porridge as the degree.

Take on an empty stomach.

 (3) Patients with diabetic nephropathy Therapeutic porridge Diabetic nephropathy mainly has renal impairment, and patients will continue to lose a large amount of protein from urination.

The following several diabetic kidney disease dietary treatments can have good effects on protein supplementation for patients. If patients can switch to these diabetic kidney disease dietary treatments, they can improve the elimination of proteinuria and help restore kidney function to a certain extent.

  1. Astragalus porridge raw astragalus 30?
60 grams, previously 60 grams of rice, 10 grams of tangerine.

First remove the astragalus decoction, then add the previous rice to make porridge, and add porridge after the porridge is finished.

This prescription can improve kidney function, eliminate proteinuria, and enhance physical fitness.

  2, Zhishi ginkgo porridge, 30 grams of ginkgo, 10 ginkgo, 30 grams of glutinous rice.

Remove the ginkgo husks, add the simmered rice and glutinous rice to the pot and add water to cook the porridge.

The prescription can treat kidney disease with spleen deficiency and dampness, urinary turbidity, and a large amount of protein excreted in urine, which can be consumed for a long time.

  3, 50 grams of black beans stewed pork black beans, 100 grams of lean meat.

Put the pork in the water and boil it, then stew it with black beans, add the right amount of condiments, and eat the soup after cooking.

This prescription has kidney tonic, diuretic and spleen strengthening effects.

  4. Anchovy bream porridge with bonito (scaling and viscera), 6 grams of rush and 50 grams of rice.

Add the same ingredients and cook into porridge.

Go to rushes and eat porridge and fish.

Has the role of water and protein supplements.

  5, wolfberry porridge 30 grams of wolfberry, previous rice 50 grams.

The two things are cooked into porridge, and eaten sooner or later.

It has the effect of nourishing the kidney and strengthening the spleen and eliminating proteinuria