The best time to make a facial mask

The best time to make a facial mask

Speaking of masks, I believe that it should be very familiar to female friends, and now that they are women, more and more men are also getting used to making masks. Then when it comes to the topic of masks, you know what time period to applyDoes the mask work best? I believe everyone wants to know the best time to make a mask. Here I will introduce you to this aspect: First, the best time to make a mask 1. Before going to bed: Applying a mask before going to bed canIt effectively helps the nutrients in the mask to enter the skin, and it has good self-healing ability at night. Applying the mask before bed can effectively enhance the cosmetic effect of the mask.

Of course the time before going to bed should also be at 9pm?
Between 11 o’clock.

  2. After bathing: After bathing, the skin pores are in a dilated state. At this time, applying the mask can help the nutrients contained in the mask penetrate into the skin, effectively achieving the optimal state of the mask.

  3. One week after menstruation: Women are in the follicular phase in the first week after menstruation. During this period, estrogen levels begin to rise, and the body’s metabolism will resume to be strong. Therefore, applying a mask during this period can have a good skin absorption effect.
  Second, the correct method of applying the mask 1, test sensitivity: before using a new type of mask to do a test of allergic reactions, this step is particularly important, and it is most likely to be ignored by mm.

Apply a small amount of mask dressing on the back of the hand, and wash it after half an hour. If there is no red itch reaction on the back of the hand, you can safely apply it on the face.

  2. Clean the face: Before applying the mask, be sure to remove the makeup on the face, thoroughly clean the skin, and if necessary, exfoliate the skin first. The clean skin is better for absorbing nutrients in the mask, and it can also avoid dirt andDust gets into the pores.

  3. Hot compress: In order to improve the better skin care effect and make the skin care effect of the mask better, it is necessary to apply a hot towel to the face for 3 minutes after cleaning the face and before applying the mask, and perform it on various parts of the faceMassage 3?
In 5 minutes, this action can fully open the pores and benefit the absorption of nutrients in the mask.

  4. Remove: After applying the mask for 15 minutes, press it lightly with your fingers, and it does not feel sticky. You can start from the edge of the mask and slowly remove the mask from the bottom up.

Usually, the facial mask shrinks and the skin tightens and it is prone to wrinkles, so it should be removed before the facial mask becomes dry. It should not be applied for too long, and it should not be applied on a layer.

  5, cold compress: After taking the following film, wash the face with clean warm water, wash the residue of the mask, and then apply a cold towel for a while to promote pore shrinkage, and then apply emollients.

Don’t forget the final convergence step. Some cleansing and exfoliating masks can easily cause skin damage if not well processed.

  The above is what I will introduce to you today about the best time to make a mask and some correct methods for making a mask.

I believe that after reading this, you also know a little about it, and you know what the benefits of making a mask are.

Therefore, if you want to whiten your skin, you can use a mask.

Demystifying the 5 big pores circulating in the market


Demystifying the 5 big pores circulating in the market

Introduction: Chinese women use mixed skin as the majority. Many people worry about the large pores around the nose, between the eyebrows and the nose and cheeks. They often spend a lot of money to reduce the pores, but the results are not ideal.

There are many rumors about pores, but if you are right or wrong, you may have cleared them up. Xiaobian will now confirm the right and wrong of the 5 large pores for you.

  Rumor 1: Once the pores become larger, they cannot be recovered.

No way, the truth is so harsh!

Only prevention is the most effective means.

With the future to buy products with fine pores, it is better to work harder on cleaning now, not to squash acne, so that the pores will not enlarge.

If the pores have become enlarged, you can go to the hospital for laser treatment, and the conditioning effect is relatively obvious.

  Rumor 2: Salt can effectively remove sebum on the nose!

Although salt can kill bacteria, it can’t remove sebum.

Especially the pores on the nose are deeper than other parts, so even salt massage on the surface of the skin won’t help much.

Moreover, the nose is easy to scar, and the salt particles are rough, which may cause accidental damage to the skin, so pay more attention.

  Rumor 3, if you want to completely remove oil, wash your face with hot water

Washing your face with hot water may easily wash away metabolic waste, but it will also lead to loss of skin moisture, decreased elasticity and enlarged pores.

The optimal water temperature is similar to the body temperature. If you want to clean thoroughly, you need to choose a suitable cleanser and rinse it multiple times.

  Rumour 4, skin firming can effectively narrow the pores of Soso . Lotion generally contains alcohol. When alcohol contacts the skin, it can indeed replace the sebum on the skin surface.

Therefore, tapping or wiping the firming lotion or lotion can further remove the residual dirt and calm the skin. After use, there will be a feeling of elasticity and pores tightening.

But this feeling is temporary, and can not tighten the pores fundamentally.

  Rumor 5, do you need to clean your pores deeply?

NEUTROGENA skincare experts explain that pores are the openings of the sebaceous glands placed on the surface of the skin. The dirt around the pores is entangled due to the inability to discharge dirt, which can lead to acne and pore expansion.

However, no matter how clean we are, we can’t touch the deep pores, so we can effectively clean the skin surface and dissolve the dirt plugged in the pores, so that the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands can be smoothly discharged and moisturize the skin.

Therefore, it is more accurate to say that deep cleansing the skin.

It ‘s better not to eat fruit like this

It ‘s better not to eat fruit like this

Fruit is one of the healthiest foods in people’s minds. Some people eat fruit several times more than staple food.

But do you know that eating fruit is particular about it, otherwise you will not be able to achieve the purpose of health care, but will bring a variety of diseases.

  Eating unripe bananas can lead to increased constipation. Bananas contain a lot of supplementary fiber. A large part of them will not be digested and absorbed, but it will increase the volume of feces and promote bowel movements.

  If you eat too much oranges, the whole body will turn yellow. Oranges contain carotene. Due to a large amount of cholesterol intake in the short term (1?
2 kg or more) or carrots, the kidneys cannot metabolize carotene into vitamin A in time, which causes the carotene content in the blood to increase sharply, resulting in yellow pigmentation in the skin and tissues, which triggers caroteneemia.Causes yellowing of the skin.

  Alcohol can not be used to disinfect fruits. Although alcohol can kill fruit surface bacteria, it will cause changes in fruit color, aroma, and taste. The acid effect of alcohol and fruits will reduce the nutritional value of fruits.

  Some people avoid eating raw fruits without peeling. Some people think that the vitamin content in the peel is higher than that of the pulp.

As everyone knows, when fruits and diseases occur, they are often sprayed with pesticides. The pesticides will soak and remain in the wax of the peel. Therefore, the amount of pesticide residues in the peel is higher than that in the pulp.

  Most of the fruits are cold, so it is better to eat them in the afternoon. Some people are used to eating fruits when they get up.

In fact, most of the fruits are cold food, and eating them when they get up will irritate the stomach.

It is best to eat fruits at three or four in the afternoon, which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

  Don’t blindly pursue the appearance of fruits Many people think that bright colors and large and intact fruits are good fruits. This may fall into the trap of illegal traders using fake means to fake appearance.

  Both fruits and vegetables are indispensable and cannot be replaced.

Although they are all plants, the ingredients are not the same.

Some minerals in vegetables are not found in fruits. If you only eat fruits, you will lack nutrients such as folic acid; and if fruits are transformed, eating too many fruits may cause obesity, especially for people with diabetes, eating too many fruits may not be good;Eating too little vegetable grain cellulose may cause constipation.

Fruits are mainly raw foods and have a lot of water. Synthetic VC cannot replace the natural vitamin C that exists in fruits and vegetables. There is an advantage that cannot be ignored with synthetic vitamin C, which is that many fruits and vegetables exist.Vitamin C exists in two substances, that is, a combination of vitamin C and vitamin P.

In human tissues, vitamin P helps vitamin C work.

The synthetic vitamin C is a pure pharmaceutical preparation, which is far less effective than natural vitamin C.

In addition, taking vitamin C requires at least a small amount of consumption. For example, long-term consumption can produce a large amount of oxalic acid in the body, which becomes the material basis of kidney stones.

Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables did not cause excessive oxalic acid in urine.

  Obese people do n’t eat a lot of fruits and only eat fruits. Beware of diseases such as blood sugar or hyperlipidemia that are easily available to obese people.

Because the fruit itself has a high concentration of sugar, if you eat too much sugar and exercise less, you will have high blood sugar or blood lipid problems.

This point, high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and adult liver patients, as well as MMs who only eat fruit meals to lose weight, and pregnant women should pay special attention.

  Fruits should not be juiced. Now more and more families have purchased a juicer and feel that drinking fresh fruit juices is both delicious and convenient.

However, nutrition experts remind that, except for people with bad teeth, it is better not to drink juice and eat more directly.

  Because drinking fruit juice will reduce people’s substitution of cellulose adulterated in fruits.

These celluloses have the health effects of preventing and reducing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc., and can effectively stimulate gastrointestinal motility and promote defecation.

  In addition, direct consumption of fruits is prone to fullness, and drinking juice will unknowingly overlap too much sugar, increasing the chance of illness.

  Toxic substances will be produced after fruits are frozen. Nutrition experts remind that fruits are more likely to produce nitrite after being frozen, and excessive consumption of nitrites can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Customers learn to identify if the fruit is frozen.

Oranges, after the oranges are frozen, the skin’s oil penetrates into the flesh, and the flesh is prone to bitterness.

  Avoid eating fruit immediately after a meal. Eating fruit immediately after a meal will not only help digestion, but will also cause inflation and constipation.

Therefore, eating fruits should be 2 hours after a meal or 1 hour before a meal.

  Do not gargle when eating fruits. Some fruits contain a lot of fermented sugars which are highly corrosive. If you do not gargle after eating, the fruit residue in your mouth may easily cause dental caries.

What to do with a bad temper

What to do with a bad temper

What to do with a bad temper?

  The anger and temper are actually a kind of hostility and anger.

This negative emotional response occurs when people’s subjective desires contradict objective reality.

Psychological studies have shown that irritability and frequent irritability are not only aggravated when the disease is induced, but also increase the possibility of developing other diseases.

  Therefore, in order to ensure your own physical health, you must learn to control yourself and overcome your bad temper.

Here are some control methods for how to deal with irritability: 1.

Conscious Control When anger and dissatisfaction are about to erupt, control yourself with your consciousness, remind yourself to be rational, and even make self-suggestions: “Do n’t get angry, it will hurt your body.” Generally, people who are educated can do so.


Admit oneself to the courage to admit that you have a bad temper in order to get help from others.

If people around you often remind and supervise you, then your goal will definitely be achieved.


Responsive When any injustice is encountered, any normal person will get angry, but no matter what happens, he should be calm, calm, and not prejudiced to let the other party understand what he said and did, and should not quicklyCaused an inappropriate response.

This deprives the other party of the opportunity to admit their mistakes.


Push yourself and others into heart-to-heart, and talk about things. If any Hengqian can see the problem from the perspective of the other party, then often, you will have no reason to be angry with others, and your anger will naturally disappear.


Tolerance does not care about people, do not fight revenge, when you learn to tolerate, the trouble of temper will disappear on its own.

  The above is how to control the temper.

Now in real life, some people often say, “I used to get angry, and since I got a heart attack, I realize that nothing is worth angering.

“Please don’t wait until you have high blood pressure to think about not getting angry. If you want to overcome the bad temper of irritability, let’s start from today.

Buqi Shengxue Black Glutinous Rice Ginseng Chicken Soup

Buqi Shengxue Black Glutinous Rice Ginseng Chicken Soup

Fresh ginseng is peaceful and can replenish the vitality lost by sweating, fully eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength.

Chicken has a low feces content, which makes people participate in chicken soup, which is called a high-level supplement for the hot summer.

  And add “black pearl” black glutinous rice with blood and nourishing effect, and the boiled ginseng chicken soup is both sweet and nourishing.

  Seasoning: pepper, salt, moderate.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the chicken and chop.


Wash black glutinous rice and soak in water for 20 minutes.


Fresh ginseng was washed and red dates were pitted.


Drain the chicken, drain the black glutinous rice, put it in the pot with ginger, cover with a high heat and boil, change to a low heat pot for 2 hours, and season with salt.

  Efficacy: Shengjinzhike, soothe the nerves, replenish qi and blood.

  ● Gourmet Science Academy Benefits of eating black sticky rice in summer Duo black sticky rice is known as “black pearl” and is a rice with a purple-red seed coat. Because the quality of the rice is sticky, it is also called bloody sticky rice.

  Black glutinous rice has high nutritional value. In addition to protein, trace and glucose, it is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2 and so on.

  Black glutinous rice has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing qi, and it can be used for fitness or long-term drinking.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice has a sweet and warm taste, enters the spleen, kidney and lung meridians, and has the effects of nourishing qi, strengthening the spleen, and regenerating and deodorizing sweat.

Therefore, the summer diet pays attention to conditioning the spleen and stomach, and eating glutinous rice is very beneficial.

  For people with weak qi, weak spleen and stomach, and even frequent diarrhea in summer, glutinous rice has a good tonic effect.

Porridge with yam can strengthen the spleen and stomach; boil with lotus seeds together to stop diarrhea; For appetite loss, you can cook glutinous rice with pork belly and eat it by soaking the glutinous rice for half an hour and filling it into pork belly and stewingAfter cooking, eat meat and soup. Take out the glutinous rice and dry it.

  Glutinous rice is high in calcium and has the effect of strengthening bones and teeth.

The black glutinous rice can be soaked and filled in a cloth bag, tied with a thread, then stewed with pork bones, etc., and then cooked soup, then take out the glutinous rice in the bag, cook porridge for several times, and have the effect of nourishing the stomach.

  Maternal consumption of black glutinous rice porridge can help to nourish the weak body caused by childbirth, which will help increase milk and breastfeed the baby.

  In addition, eating black glutinous rice often has the effect of nourishing kidney.

  Chinese medicine believes that “black gas enters the kidney, and black is more tonic.”

Black glutinous rice cooked with wolfberry can cure dizziness, tinnitus caused by liver and kidney deficiency, sore waist and knees, etc. Black glutinous rice can also make hair black and shiny, and it is best cooked with mulberry and black sesame.

  ● It is best to choose lean chicken for Liangtangxinshui chicken. If you are afraid of being greasy, you can peel it.

If you want to shorten the soup time, you can brew black sticky rice for 40 minutes.

Test: What is your marriage in

Test: What is your marriage in

Guide: Are you just entering a happy marriage or are you experiencing a painful seven-year itch, or is your marriage life really boring?

What do you think of marriage, what do you expect of it, and what kind of state is your marriage in?

  Come do the test below and it will give you an answer.

  Test: If there is already a beautiful villa on a beautiful picture, but the surroundings are empty, what would you add to the picture as the background of the villa?


 Sun + trees B.

 Flowers + Butterfly C.

 Fountain + Sedan D.

 No result analysis: A.

 The life of the sun + trees is inseparable from the warm sunlight and the greening of the trees. These are the necessities of real life.

It seems that you are a very realistic person. Your understanding of marriage and soberness, your marriage has entered a mature and stable period, you know what kind of marriage you need, and you also know the role you should play in marriage.

Just a bland life also needs some embellishments, try to add a little romantic factor to the bland marriage life.


 Flowers + butterfly flowers are gorgeous, butterflies are colorful, these beautiful embellishments make the whole picture look beautiful.

Therefore, you must be a very romantic person in your life. You may have just entered a state of marriage and have many romantic aspirations for love and marriage.

This is a good start, but life is realistic, and romance is not all about marriage.

You have to grow up in a marriage school and learn to manage your marriage more rationally, but you ca n’t keep indulging in the romantic fantasy of a little girl.


 Fountain + car fountain is a good decoration, car is a necessities of life, it looks like you are a person who understands the combination of rationality and sensuality.

You know how to manage your marriage. You can not only cope with the trivial marriage life, but also like to add more interest to your life. You love life and enjoy it.

This is the best state of marriage, remember to maintain such a good mood.


 Add nothing, do you feel satisfied as long as you have a place to stand?

This is too tedious.

It seems that you have completely lost confidence in your marriage life, it is just a dispensable thing for you.

This kind of marriage status is very dangerous. If you do not manage it well, your marriage will light up red, be careful that the marriage hits the rocks.

Follow me and teach you to thin your arms

Follow me and teach you to thin your arms

Beautiful girls like to have beautiful bodies. The most difficult part of the whole body to lose weight is the arm, which makes many MMs very worried. It will be difficult to see when wearing a suspender. Everyone tried a lot of methods but could n’t lose weight.It’s because the upper lymphatic system is not easy to suffer from external movements and will accumulate aunts. Then the method of thin arms that I experienced first hand is to study hard. It will give you a beautiful arm!

  First, we lift our finger’s hand to be vertical (preferably close to the right side). Then, we move the forearm backwards and downwards, 90 degrees with the forearm, and do three sets at a time, 50 times each time.(If you want the effect to be more obvious, take bottled water in your hand.) Then change to the right hand after finishing with your left hand.

  In the end, the girls who love beauty must rub frequently, from the hands to the top slowly, you can also pat gently, it must be very dense, 10 times back and forth every time, and then change hands!

  After doing these groups of exercises, it is necessary to relax appropriately, such as: throwing the range, shifting back and forth in a clockwise direction, completing left and right hands in turn, and then often lifting exercises, it is helpful for thin arms.

  In the end, we need to eat more fruits and let our arms move. As long as you move frequently across the day, your fat will naturally disappear after a long time!

  This is my cheat. If MMs want to thin their arms, the original articles for thin men and women must do it!

  Slimming should be fully resolved. When we are doing too much arm movement, we need to gently rub to avoid muscle strain. It is also good to apply a thinning cream on the arm. Long-term use will have obvious results!

  The most important thing for everyone in the process of weight loss is to insist. As long as we can persist, everyone will have obvious results, let’s work together!

Internet addiction teenagers return to the heart road

Internet addiction teenagers return to the “heart road”

A recent survey from the China Youth Internet Association shows that about 13% of online teenagers are addicted to the Internet.

This problem has become a difficult problem for parents and schools.
The 17-year-old Xi’an teenager Zhang Lei was once called a “child prodigy”.
The teenager was once caught in an online game and was unable to extricate himself. In the worst case, he did not go to school for more than two months. He went online for more than 20 hours a day and was eventually fired from the school.
After the Spring Festival this year, Zhang Lei got rid of the temptation of online games and returned to school through 14 days of training on “quitting Internet addiction”.
Our reporter took more than two months to follow up the interview to witness his experience of getting rid of Internet addiction-the 17-year-old Xi’an teenager Zhang Lei was famous for three things.
The first one, when she was in kindergarten, she was called a “child prodigy” because of her cleverness. She jumped directly to the second grade.
The second one was fired by the school because he skipped classes for two consecutive months and was online for more than 20 hours a day.
The third one is because of its 14-day special training and successfully quitting Internet addiction. This was reported by the “Follow” section of Xi’an TV Station, and the “Growth Online” section of CCTV invited him to be a guest studio to talk about his quitting networkAddiction process.
  ”Prodigy” jumps to Zhang Lei, who lives in Fengcheng South Road, Xi’an. His father is a geological engineer and his mother is engaged in cargo transportation.
Since his parents worked abroad all the year round, when he was under one year old, he lived with his grandmother and aunt. Until the age of ten, his grandmother died.
In the kindergarten, Zhang Lei was clever and was called a “child prodigy” by the teacher. He jumped directly to the second grade.
At school, Zhang Lei’s academic performance was among the best, and he was repeatedly rated as a “three good student”, and he is a well-known good boy.
  Sudden changes: In 2001, Zhang Lei started junior high school.
In the first semester of the first semester, Zhang Lei’s test scores twice ranked first in the grade. However, from the second semester, the results began to decline.
Sleeping in class and not paying attention.
Zhang Lei told reporters that his change was due to a “conflict” with his teacher.
  Once, a classmate whispered to Zhang Lei, “How did the Chinese teacher teach?
Zhang Lei replied: “Not so good, far worse than our previous Chinese teacher!”
“No one thought that this” whisper “was heard by the language teacher and criticized him the next day when he took a Chinese lesson.
Since then, he feels that the teacher is “cold” and “isolated”, thus giving up language learning.
The test scores dropped because of language.
For this reason his father beat him indiscriminately, and his mother chattered all day long, making him “out of favor” in school and at home, and thus began to enter the Internet cafe.
  Internet addiction: Zhang Lei has just begun to surf the Internet. Most of them escaped from school and went to Internet cafes during physical education and music classes.
Later, it gradually evolved to not go to the Internet for self-study and absenteeism.
In October 2005, he only went to school for one month, and did not go to school for more than two consecutive months. He only slept three or four hours a day, and the rest more than 20 hours were spent on the Internet.
  Zhang Lei’s father told reporters that the child was truant to go to an Internet cafe and was caught once. He slapped his son severely and wanted to call his son home. However, after the child broke free, he did not return home for two days.
Since then, Zhang Lei has often been on the night network, repeatedly not going home for several days.
Helpless, they bought a computer at home and told the children to go online at home instead of going to Internet cafes to save people from worrying.
  Zhang Lei often skipped classes and went to an Internet cafe. His grades were poor and he was fired from the school.
Later, Zhang Lei’s father changed Zhang Lei to another school.
In September 2005, Zhang Lei started his sophomore year in this new school.
One month later, on National Day holiday, Zhang Lei started surfing the Internet all day and did not continue to school.
  The mystery of addiction: Zhang Lei told reporters that he mainly played two games, “Legend” and “Warcraft III”.
“Legend” is divided into 50 levels, the higher the level, the higher the reward.
If you pass level 7, you can get a “learning skill” reward.
He “fights” with his opponent for 20 hours every day, and after more than 2 months, he was promoted to 44 liters.
And playing “Warcraft III” game, he spent nearly half a year to rise to level 23.In online games, his rank and honor are extremely high.

  Talking about the cause of his Internet addiction, Zhang Lei said that he was mainly unable to get it in real life and realized it in online games.

As a result, he became obsessed with online games.

  After the Spring Festival special training, Zhang Lei’s parents were anxious to see his son lying in bed at home for more than 2 months.

At this time, they heard that there is a company in Xi’an that specializes in helping children to get rid of Internet addiction. On February 6, 2006, Zhang Lei was forcibly dragged out of bed by his parents, taken out of the house, pushed into the car, and forcibly sent to Shaanxi Yanghu youth quality.Expanded the center and started training to quit Internet addiction.

  Fourteen days later, when Zhang Lei’s parents came to the training base in Chang’an District to pick up their son, they were pleasantly surprised to find that their son had changed, and they could hardly recognize them.

Zhang Lei is here to listen to the command, walk up and down, punch, sprint, everything can be “prohibited.”

When they met, the son threw to his knees in front of his parents, said “Sorry” to the parents, and gave the parents warm water to wash their feet in public.

  Entering CCTV on February 20, 2006, Zhang Lei ended the 14-day training on quitting Internet addiction.

Because he has been expelled from the school, and has delayed more than half a year of courses, school problems, stumped parents.

Teachers from the Development Center contacted Zhang Lei at a school in the northern suburbs of Xi’an.

  On March 25, when the reporter came to this school for a return visit, a deputy principal named Dou told reporters that Zhang Lei’s monthly test score ranked second in the class and 24th in the grade.

Mr. Liao, the teacher in charge of class, introduced that Zhang Lei performed well in school.

  Vice President Dou also told reporters that after the story of Zhang Lei was reported in the “Follow” section of Xi’an TV Station, the “Growth Online” section of CCTV also conducted an exclusive interview.

On March 24, CCTV completed the interview and shooting, and the program will be broadcast next week.

  How did Zhang Lei return to the Internet? Why did Zhang Lei make such a big change in such a short time?

Perhaps the answer can be found in a letter from Zhang Lei to his parents.

  Mom and Dad: For this already ambiguous title, I now awaken it.

Those long-distanced memories have ripples deep in my heart.

Since my grandmother passed away, I have started to live with you, and I have never been confided or troubled.

Inadvertently exposed to online games. In the game, through unremitting efforts, I got money, benefits, power, and a free honor.

More than that, I look forward to the affection in virtual games.

In the game, I have a lot of younger brothers, younger sisters, and with them there is no obstacle in the communication between each other’s heart . this, I slowly separated from society, school, family, and closed myself more.

Deep down in my heart, I have always had a severe father who beat me constantly and scolded me, while a not-so-mother mother often counted me down. I once angerly understood this love as twisted love, not love.
In real life, I am always unsatisfied.

  Since I entered the training camp of “Cessation of Internet Addiction”, I have finally understood a lot through super-intensive physical training, gratitude education, psychological counseling, and visits to the poor.

I regained my confidence and returned to real life . The teacher of the extension center told reporters that Zhang Lei’s transformation was that he felt the warmth of the family after he had “suffered” here; here he was vented through physical reflection and his will was wornPractice, only to become strong.

  Teacher Li Wangshu, director of the Department of Psychology of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics, told reporters that Zhang Lei’s change is of special significance.

The “Zhang Lei phenomenon” deserves public attention.

Professor Wang Shulan, president of the Provincial Psychological Association, said that society inappropriately gave up children with Internet addiction, and schools were not properly expelled.

Children’s Internet addiction is mainly the responsibility of parents, in school, in society, and not in children.

Only by walking deep into the heart of the child can he guide the child.

Women complain of each other’s misery!

Women complain of each other’s misery!

Researchers at the University of Missouri use “common ruminant” to describe excessive addiction and discussion of the same issue.

Psychologists say this behavior is very common among women, especially young girls, who often get together to discuss “why didn’t he call?”

“Should I break up with him?”

“And other emotional issues.

And the modern means of communication such as short message and email greatly facilitate and strengthen the communication and communication between female friends.

  Why: Unhealthy emotions can be “contagious” Experts warn that “common anti-guessing” behaviors are potentially contagious, causing unhealthy emotions to be transmitted to each other among female friends.

  Amanda, associate professor of psychology at the University of Missouri?

Ross pointed out that “common anti-prediction” and “share” are fundamentally different and can promote positive emotions and healthy friendships.

Women are more prone to depression and anxiety than men, and the “common anti-prophecy” traps women in the complication mode of thinking.

However, Rose also pointed out that “common anti-guessing” may also deepen friendships, and such intimate friendships are also good for people’s self-confidence.

  Rose said that this emotional conversation between male friends occurs less often and does not aggravate their worry or depression.

  ”When girls complain about each other’s troubles, they may feel better because they are supported and affirmed,” said Rose, who published a paper on “Communal Rumination” in the journal Developmental Psychology last year.

But because they are not talking about it, the more they talk, the worse their mood may be.

Rose pointed out that adolescent girls are more likely to have “common anti-guessing” behaviors and are more likely to be depressed or worried.

“Adolescent girls face many sources of stress, many of which are ambiguous, such as starting a date with the opposite sex and worrying about whether they are welcomed by others,” she said.

According to this report, at present, research on “common anti-pre-existence” has only stayed at its short-term consequences.

But experts point out that there is a phenomenon of “emotional contagion” or “contagious anxiety” in psychology, which can sometimes last a long time.

  Measures: Experts who should focus on problem solving say that one of the keys to getting out of the role of “common rumination” is to focus on solving the problem rather than indulging in the problem itself.

  Joanne, Associate Professor of Psychology at Stone Creek State University?

“The boundaries are subtle,” Davila said.

We want to encourage girls to make friends and seek their support, but we also hope that they can learn more positive skills and learn how to solve problems.

“And experts suggest that when encountering troubles, women should try to shift the focus from the problem itself to good experience and solutions.

  The discovery that stroking can reduce skin pain helps to develop new treatments for chronic diseases and even depressionRelieves pain when touched.

The researchers believe that the findings could help develop new therapies for chronic diseases and even depression.

  ”Nerve pleasure” relieves pain According to reports, this kind of nerve will respond when human skin is gently touched.

These repetitive strokes and hugs performed by some mothers on children with bad moods are particularly sensitive.

  Francis from the University of Liverpool?

Professor Mike Glenner said that when the skin is irritated and feels pain, it can be significantly relieved by stroking the “pleasant nerve” near the pain.

This “pleasant nerve” actually belongs to a type of C fiber in the nervous system.

At present, the scientific community generally believes that C fiber is a nerve fiber that causes skin pain, but now Professor Mike Glenner has found that there is a “small group” in C fiber that can trigger pleasure.

  ”Our combined research has discovered another role for C-fibers, which are just pain sensors and pleasure sensors,” said Mike Glenner.

“Hugging is particularly important for premature babies,” adds McGlenney, “There is another sensory nerve fiber in human skin to handle pleasure and some familiar touches, such as grooming or being embraced.

“More and more evidence shows that touching the skin and gentle touch of the body can activate the local human nervous system, so someone will feel good when they are embraced by a loved one or groomed by themselves.

  Mike Glenner told reporters: “I think we groom and dress ourselves to get a good feeling . One of the characteristics of clinical depression is that people no longer take care of themselves, they stop taking care of themselves.

“Mike Glenner said:” We can’t survive without pain.

Now we are beginning to understand that we cannot survive without a sense of pleasure and satisfaction, and a lack of gifts to others-such as caresses between lovers and caresses for babies.

“It is reported that now the medical profession has prevailed. If premature babies are embraced after birth, and then the medical measures taken next will achieve higher efficacy, this is the” nervation nerve “at work.

  If premature babies get hugs after birth, and then follow up with medical treatment to achieve higher results, this is the “nervation nerve” at work.

Baby abnormalities are not necessarily sick


Baby abnormalities are not necessarily sick

Some abnormal manifestations of babies are normal, and young mothers need not panic.


Irregular breathing: The newborn’s breathing is not only superficial, but also irregular, with uneven speed.

This is mainly due to weak rib muscles in the newborn, narrow nasopharynx and trachea, poor adaptability of the alveoli, and respiration mainly due to the displacement of the diaphragm. Therefore, the newborns are dominated by abdominal breathing.

Thoracic breathing is weak and shallow. The newborn’s exhalation and inhalation volume are small and cannot meet the body’s need for oxygen. Therefore, breathing is faster, reaching 40-50 times per minute. This is a physiological phenomenon.

Warning: If you have purple complexion and other symptoms, you should see a doctor promptly.


Chin Plasma: The newborn has a chin involuntary retina without other symptoms, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

This is because the nervous system of the newborn is not yet fully developed and its inhibitory function is poor.

Warning: Keep warm in the cold season to avoid the top of the chin due to cold in children.


Limbs and bones: The fetus is head to chest in the uterus, hands clasped to the chest, legs bent.

After birth, she continued to maintain a constant residual shape, and disappeared after the full moon.

Bipedal inversion will be normal after three months, so children often have a slightly bent calf after birth, bipedal inversion, slightly outturned arms, and flexed limbs. These manifestations are normal and it is related to the fetus.Related to the position in the womb before birth.


Weight loss: Newborns often lose weight every week after birth.

This is because you ca n’t eat immediately or have a small amount of food after birth, coupled with the daily discharge of urine, water that is invisible to the naked eye from breathing and skin, etc., the body is temporarily out of balance, causing temporary weight loss.

It usually recovers in 10 years.

Warning: If it does not recover after 10 days, you should look for the cause.


Sneezing: Occasionally sneezing in a newborn is not a symptom of a cold.

Newborns have abundant blood flow in the nasal cavity, a narrow nasal cavity, a short nose and face, and surrounding small substances, such as cotton wool, villi, dust, etc., which stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause sneezing.

After bathing, children are irritated by air conditioning and can also cause sneezing. Moms don’t have to worry about it, just keep warm and take cold medicine.


Spilled milk: The newborn’s stomach is “lying”.

The cardia at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach and the pylorus at the junction of the stomach and duodenum are almost on the same level.

In addition, the volume of the newborn’s stomach is small, and the cardiac muscle development is not yet perfect, and the closure is not strict, which may easily cause reflux of milk in the stomach.

In particular, changing diapers immediately after breastfeeding will cause milk spillage when crying or hyperactivity.

Sometimes when feeding milk or water with a bottle, the baby’s nipples are not completely filled, which causes children to inhale air, causing the stomach to swell and causing milk spillage.

Caution: Spilled milk has been vomiting, and the amount of vomiting is too much. It is a disease like spitting out. You should go to the doctor. Spilling milk is a physiological phenomenon. Pay attention to feeding techniques. Gently pick up the child after feeding.On the mother’s shoulder, pat the end with her hand for 2-3 minutes, and then put it on the bed when she hears a snore.

Do not change the diaper after feeding, do not let the child cry, take the right position to reduce the spilled milk.


Vaginal bleeding in baby girls: It is normal for a baby girl to have a small amount of bloody secretions or mucus in her vagina about a week after birth.

This is due to the effect of the estrogen level of the fetus in the body during pregnancy. The estrogen level decreases rapidly after birth, causing the uterine and vaginal epithelial tissues to be replaced. It is medically called “false menstruation” and is a normal physiological phenomenon.


Breast enlargement: After the mother is pregnant, the content of progesterone and prolactin in the body gradually increases until it reaches a peak before delivery.

These hormones can promote mammary gland development and milk secretion, and fatty acids are affected in the maternal body through the placenta.

Therefore, some newborns will have breast enlargement.
After birth, the hormones from the mother disappear, and the intensified breasts gradually disappear.
Therefore, parents should not be nervous and avoid squeezing their nipples to avoid infection.


Yellow skin staining: The skin of the newborn becomes yellow 2-3 days after birth, but after 7-10 days, the yellow color gradually decreases and disappears.

This phenomenon is called physiological jaundice.

Caution: If the skin becomes yellow within 24 hours after birth, and it quickly worsens, or if the jaundice does not resolve after two weeks, it should be considered pathological jaundice and need to be treated in the hospital.


Horse teeth: Milky white particles often appear near the gingival margins or near the midline of the upper palate. At first glance, they appear to have teeth. They are commonly known as “die teeth” or “horses.”

Generally it can be absorbed or replaced by itself after about two weeks without treatment.

Do not pick with a needle or wipe with a cloth, so as not to damage the mucosa and cause infection.


Peeling: It is normal for newborn skin to fall off.

The stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of the neonatal skin, is easily replaced due to incomplete development.

In addition, the neonatal basement membrane connecting the epidermis and dermis is underdeveloped and delicate and soft, so that the epidermis and dermis are not tightly connected, and there are many opportunities for epidermal replacement.


Snoring: Snoring in newborns is a very common phenomenon, not a disease.

This is due to incomplete development of the nervous system in children.


Startle: It is normal for newborns to startle when they sleep.

The newborn’s nervous system is not fully developed, and the excitement caused by the stimulus is easy to “generalize.” Any loud, strong light, vibration, and change of body position will cause children to startle.

When a newborn is shocked, as long as the mother gently engages a part of the baby’s body with her hand, it can be placed to quiet down.

Caution: Neonatal startle should be distinguished from convulsions.

The startle was manifested with his hands spread upwards and quickly reopened, sometimes accompanied by crying.

Neonatal convulsions are manifested by gaze, tremor, or continuous blinking, repeated chewing, sucking, irregular breathing, bruising skin, and twitching of skin and muscles.

When this symptom occurs, you should see your doctor in time.


Body temperature fluctuations: The newborn’s body temperature regulation center is not yet perfect, the regulation function is poor, and the body temperature is not easy to stabilize.

When exposed to cold, the newborn does not tremble, but relies on a substance called a brown trace to produce heat.

The body fat of a newborn is relatively large in terms of weight ratio, and the subcutaneous aunt is thin, and it is easy to dissipate heat, causing the body temperature to be too high, or covering too much, and not adding enough water, which can increase the body temperature of the newborn.

Therefore, to keep the newborn’s body temperature normal, the newborn should be placed in a temperature-friendly environment. In summer, ventilate and drink plenty of water; in winter, keep warm.