Women’s preference for pink is for spouses. Men’s preference for blue is for hunting?

Women’s preference for pink is for spouses. Men’s preference for blue is for hunting?

Since the late 1800s, the question of whether gender has an impact on color choice has been transformed in the scientific community. Some people believe that gender has no effect on color choice, while others hold the opposite view.

However, many people think that girls prefer pink and boys prefer blue, but they are based on a traditional view, not just convincing.

  Now finally there is scientific evidence to rely on.

Researchers at the University of Newcastle recently conducted an experiment: more than 200 men and women were invited to investigate their color choices.

Faced with more than 250 different colors, women’s choices are clearly biased towards pink and purple, while men mainly choose the blue color.

  This selection link is very strong and has been published in Current Biology. The report states that the choice of color can even be used to determine the gender of participation.

“Even if we expect to find a difference between genders, but because the difference is significant, this makes the whole test result extremely simple.

“Ya Ling and Anya Hurlbert, professors of psychology at the University of Newcastle, recruited 208 volunteers (98 men and 110 women) who would each take a computer-based test: between two different patchesselect.

Test results show that both genders prefer the blue line, but women’s preference for the red line is more obvious.

  37% of the participants have just immigrated to the UK from mainland China. Among these people, the proportion of males who choose the red line is higher. Professor Ling explained this phenomenon as the influence of traditional Chinese culture.

  Why do men prefer blue and women prefer red?

Scientists explain it this way: In ancient times, women were responsible for collecting fruits and other foods, and red fruits were generally mature, and ruddy faces meant good health, which was also a standard for women to choose a mate.

Choosing the right food and choosing the right spouse is the basis for ensuring race continuity.

  For men, whenever the weather is good and the blue sky is exposed, it is suitable for hunting opportunities, so it is not surprising that men prefer blue.

Almonds have some kind of health effect. Why should the elderly eat more?

Almonds have some kind of health effect. Why should the elderly eat more?

Almond is a nutty food that many people love. Like many seed medicines, almonds also have a laxative effect.

If you mention almonds in your health, it has antitussive, antiasthmatic, and laxative effects.

Specifically, there are mainly the following: 1.

People who have cough and long-term cough can eat more. Almond has the effect of astringent lung and cough. Eating almonds can help a good antitussive effect. At the same time, Chinese medicine pays attention to the lungs and large intestines, and lung diseases adjust the function of the large intestines.It plays a role in promoting each other, and the almonds can relax the bowels. For the case of long-term cough, it can be said that it can improve the situation better.


Laxative stools naturally help to remove toxins from the body, so almonds can remove toxins and help the body maintain a healthy state.

Older constipation or difficulty in defecation, hard stools, you can eat more almonds, to achieve the purpose of relieving symptoms.


Weight loss and weight loss are enduring topics. Almonds contain very little saturated fatty acids, which can also reduce the body’s absorption of aunts.


Lowering high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, high cholesterol is one of the most complementary indicators, just almonds can lower the body’s cholesterol, but also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease caused by high blood lipids, especially for the elderly, especially smokingMen, it is recommended to eat more almonds.


Improve circulation, beauty and beauty almonds contain some vitamins and rich volatile oils, which can moisturize the skin, improve blood circulation, reduce skin wrinkles and delay skin aging.

This is a common feature of many nut foods, but almonds are more effective in this regard.

Almond is also very common in medicine. It is recommended to follow the doctor’s prescription and scientific medication to help relieve the sub-health status of the body, rather than blindly compatible, which is neither safe nor effective in eliminating disease.

Finally, I usually have nothing to eat and eat less sweets. Eating more nutty foods is very beneficial to the body. It is just that some people can’t do this when they really do it. They can’t even insist on going.Do it.

Almonds are more popular for old-age health, such as reducing fat and keeping the stool smooth. You can eat more almonds.

If you have an old man at home, you can use almonds with fruit juice, drink a cup of freshly squeezed juice after getting up in the morning, then eat a few almonds to promote peristalsis and help defecation.

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TCM prescriptions for palm peeling

TCM prescriptions for palm peeling

Summer is here, and we have seen the peeling symptoms on the palms and soles of many people. Palm peeling is also called “exfoliative keratosis” and “poor sweating”.

Occurs on the palms, the palms of your fingers, and the soles of your feet.

Because the palm epidermis lacks the natural cuticle barrier of the epidermis, bleeding caused by peeling of the palm, the pain almost affects the aesthetics, and also affects the patient’s social work and life to a certain extent.

  We often think that palm peeling is often caused by blood heat and poor sweating. Traditional Chinese medicine has some prescriptions for treating this kind of symptoms.

  1.100 grams of prunella vulgaris, fry it twice, and wash your hands with soaking liquid.

Use it twice a day for 30 minutes each time?
It can be cured in 15 days.

15 grams of angelica and 30 grams of comfrey are fried with 200 ml of sesame oil, filtered to remove residue and leave the oil for future use.

Use oil to slap your hands 3 times a day, with increasing degrees.

  3.Astragalus membranaceus and Paeonia lactiflora each 12 grams, angelica 10 grams, tangerine peel, licorice 5 grams each, cinnamon sticks, ginger 3 grams each, 4 jujubes, 30 grams of caramel sugar.

Decoction, one dose daily.

Add the right amount of medicine residue to the affected area after warming for 15?
20 minutes, once a day, 6 days as a course of treatment.

  4.20 grams of white fresh skin, white pupa, windproof, ground skin, snake bed 15 grams each, Pu Ni 12 grams.

Wash with water, wash first, then smoke, then wash twice a day, one dose every other day, to get more.

  5.10 grams of Atractylodes sibirica and Tribulus terrestris are each added to a thermos cup, and boiled water is used to brew offspring tea.

It usually takes about two weeks to get significant results.

Eel supplements your brain

Eel supplements your brain

According to the “Modern Nursing News” report, eel’s nutritional content is higher than that of sea bass, chicken, beef, etc. The content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is unmatched by land animals.

  Scientific research shows that eel is one of the highest fishes containing EPA and DHA. In addition to reducing blood lipids, anti-arteriosclerosis and anti-thrombosis, it can supplement the brain with necessary nutrients.

DHA can promote adolescent brain development, enhance memory, and prevent declining brain function and senile dementia in the elderly.

  Medical experts have also found that eels have the beneficial ingredients of both fish and vegetable oils, and are ideal foods to supplement the body’s essential fatty acids and amino acids.

Eel has high zinc content, highly unsaturated fatty acid content, and vitamin E content, which can help prevent aging and arteriosclerosis, and thus have skin care and beauty effects.

  Tip: Japanese people often eat fragrant grilled eel rice in winter to drive off the cold to keep energy full.

In Taiwan, the Chung Yeung Festival is used as the Eel Food Festival to tell everyone that eel is a symbol of longevity. Eel food can promote healthy and longevity.

Kiwi fruit is a natural folate

Kiwi fruit is a natural folate

Kiwi, also known as kiwi fruit, is a well-known health care fruit. Let’s take a look at its nutrition and effects.

  Kiwi is a kind of vine fruit. It is also known as thorn pear, hairy pear, dahongpao, kiwi, etc., and it has many kinds.

Kiwi is native to China. Li Shizhen, a pharmacist of the Ming Dynasty, thought that it was named “it looks like a pear, its color is like a peach, and kiwi loves it”.

The herbal flavors and functions of kiwifruit have been recorded in previous generations, and they are called fruits with high medicinal and therapeutic value.

Kiwi can be eaten fresh, can be stored, and can also be used as fruit juice, fruit wine, preserved fruit, jam and so on.

  Kiwi is sweet, juicy and juicy. It is a nutritious health fruit.

According to the calculation: every 100 grams contains 14 grams of sugar and 1 protein.

6 grams, 320 mg potassium, 56 calcium.

1 mg, iron 1.

6 mg, phosphorus 42.

2 mg, magnesium 19.

7 mg, also contains carotene, folic acid, vitamins C and E, especially containing up to 300 mg of vitamins, which is nearly 10 times the equivalent vitamins and about 12 times higher than lemons.

Medical research shows that taking kiwi fruit and liquid regularly can prevent cardiovascular disease, urethral stones, hepatitis, leprosy, etc.

Effectively reduce the cholesterol content in the blood.

The study also found that the roots, leaves, and flowers of kiwi can be used as medicine, which has a certain effect on treating esophageal cancer and gastric cancer.

  It is worth mentioning that kiwi is a good nutritious food for women of childbearing age.

We know that folic acid is a vitamin B vitamin, which plays an important role in cell division and the synthesis of nucleic acids, amino acids, and proteins. It is an irreplaceable nutrient for the growth and development of fatty acids. Folic acid deficiency in pregnant women may cause birth at birthLow body weight, cleft lip and palate, heart defects, etc.

The kiwi contains up to 8% of folic acid, which has the reputation of being a “natural folic acid household”.

Eating kiwi fruit before or during pregnancy can help prevent these types of defects and congenital heart disease.

Kiwi also contains three natural antioxidant vitamins: carotene can improve the body’s immunity and help the development of the eyes; rich VC and VE can improve the body’s resistance, promote the body’s absorption of sugar, and get nutrition.

In addition, the phenols, sugars, and minerals contained in kiwi fruit have an important role in repairing cell membranes and activating immune cells.

  Therefore, expectant mothers can often eat kiwi, because folic acid and vitamins are easily decomposed and destroyed by high temperature, so kiwi is better to eat raw.

Ten signs of cancer in children need to be vigilant!

Ten signs of cancer in children need to be vigilant!

As a result, as the environmental pollution intensifies, the phenomenon of children suffering from cancer is becoming increasingly prominent.

Children’s cancers often occur within 5 years after birth. Children in this age group generally do not report their illness. Therefore, parents should pay close attention to their children’s physical conditions, so that they can be detected early and the treatment progress time.

  The signs of cancer in children are: 1.

Liver and splenomegaly or lumps in the upper abdomen. The liver and spleen are firmly under the ribs. If inserted by hand, a lump can be touched.


Unexplained Lumps There is an unexplained lump on the skin surface of children and it tends to increase.


Eyeballs have abnormally reflected light. Infants and young children’s eyes produce abnormally reflected light (such as cat’s eyes); or they have visual impairment, strabismus, or protruding eyeballs.


Unexplained pain such as joint pain, abdominal pain, headache, etc.


Unexplained fever lasts for more than two weeks and is not effective with antibiotics.


Children with pale faces are pale for no reason, that is, the lips and eye conjunctiva are less bloody, accompanied by burnout, loss of appetite, and the body is gradually losing weight.


Purple spots or severe bleeding often cause unexplained petechiae or purplish red bleeding spots, or mucosal bleeding (such as nosebleeds, bleeding gums, etc.).


Swollen lymph nodes without tenderness.


Neurological symptoms such as unexplained vomiting, walking instability, headache, facial nerve paralysis, etc.


Routine blood tests found that white blood cells were too high or too low, or accompanied by red blood cells, hemoglobin, and thrombocytopenia.

  Because children’s organ functions are immature, their immunity is poor, and their tolerance to subsequent treatments is not good. Medical staff must sometimes delay or reduce the treatment dose, which affects the cure rate of cancer.

  Statistics show that cancer has reached the international advanced level in the treatment of childhood leukemia, liver cancer and other cancers, with a cure rate of more than 70%. One of the first is that children have a strong ability to regenerate and recover.Function is still normal.

7 Myths About Baby Sleep

7 Myths About Baby Sleep

As a parent, you may be troubled by your baby’s various sleep problems, and the various statements about your baby’s sleep are also making you more and more worried.

It doesn’t matter, we have invited you an authoritative expert on sleep problems to help you solve the typical problems of your baby’s sleep.

7 Misrepresentations of Baby Sleep 7 Misrepresentations of Baby Sleep 1 “No matter what time the baby falls asleep, as long as he sleeps enough.

“Excessive sleep time is critical to your baby’s growth and development, because during sleep, the endocrine system releases three times more growth hormone than usual.

However, the quality of your baby’s sleep is also important.

Depending on the time of falling asleep, the proportion of deep and light sleep changes.

The later you fall asleep, the higher the proportion of light sleep and the lower the percentage of deep sleep.

Deep sleep is directly related to the baby’s growth and development, because growth hormone is mainly secreted during deep sleep.

The relationship between light sleep and baby’s memory development is more serious.

So try to get your “Little Night Owl” to fall asleep early.

  2 “Baby’s sleep time is not up to standard, it will definitely affect growth and development.

“Although babies of every age have their specific sleep needs, there are also individual differences between babies, pointing out that some types of babies’ temperament determine that he may sleep less.

  In principle, as long as the baby’s mental state is good, his appetite is normal, there are no digestive problems, and a good weight gain is fine.

But if it is too much, maybe the newborn needs to sleep 16 a day?
For 18 hours, if your baby only sleeps for 12 hours, you may need to consult a doctor to monitor growth and development.

  3 “Make sure your baby has a good habit of taking a nap.

“For babies over 3 years of age, they are very energetic during the day, playing and constant activities can consume his energy and ensure that he sleeps well at night.

As long as the baby sleeps well at night and the quality is good, he can meet his growth and development needs.

Therefore, if the baby does not have the need for a nap, parents do not have to force it.

  4 “Allowing a sleeping baby to have a sense of security that will allow him to fall asleep again.

“Surely sleeping can indeed give your baby a sense of security, but it is also easy for your baby to become dependent.

When the baby is a bit older, we want to change sometimes it is difficult.

This kind of dependence will prolong the baby’s time to fall asleep and easily cause falling asleep.

Moreover, when the baby wakes up at night, if the parents cannot give the corresponding comfort in time, it is difficult for him to fall asleep again.

This will have an adverse effect on cultivating the baby’s habit of falling asleep independently and forming deep sleep at night and natural conversion of light sleep.

It is recommended that from now on, let your baby sleep slowly in the crib, and gradually develop the ability to sleep independently.

  5 “As soon as the baby moves, pat him gently to help him continue to fall asleep.

“Baby sleep is divided into two states of deep sleep and light sleep.

For small babies, especially newborn babies, deep sleep and light sleep account for 50% of each, and they are constantly alternating.

During deep sleep, the baby is in a state of complete rest, with no other activities except occasional startle and very slight mouth movements; during light sleep, the baby’s arms, legs, and entire body often have some movement, and the body may also be strangeLooks, frowns, smiles, etc. These are normal manifestations of light sleep.

  So, if your baby is sobbing or exercising, don’t rush to pat him, hug him or feed him, watch it at the bed first to see if the baby can sleep next.

Otherwise, too much intervention will artificially interrupt the baby’s natural alternation of deep sleep and light sleep, and disrupt the baby’s sleep pattern.

If the baby is crying and more, we will deal with it.

  6 “Snoring means your baby is sleeping soundly.

“Baby snoring occasionally may be caused by a cold. After the cold is cured, the symptoms of snoring will disappear.

However, if your baby is snoring frequently, it may be due to adenoidal hypertrophy, tonsil hypertrophy, or other reasons that affect nasopharyngeal ventilation.

At this time, while awake, some babies may also experience nasal congestion and open mouth breathing.

Over time, it will cause certain harm to the baby’s brain development.
If your baby does have snoring and breathing, it is best to take him to the ENT department of the hospital for a check.
  7 “When a child is young, he doesn’t have to focus on his sleeping habits. It can be adjusted two or three months before entering the park.

“, 0?
1 year old is the critical period for the formation of baby’s sleep behavior. The 24-hour circadian rhythm is generally reset within 1 year of age.

However, many parents want to adjust their children’s sleep habits until they have to go to work and their babies are going to kindergarten.

Once the baby’s sleep habits are formed, it is a bit difficult to correct them.

Therefore, it is best to consciously cultivate his good sleep habits when he is four or five months old.

Late Autumn Cold-proof Recipes

Late Autumn Cold-proof Recipes

In late autumn, the weather is getting colder and more people are catching colds.

Jin Yu, a professor of nutrition at the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, recommends a delicious and simple onion soup with tofu, which can prevent colds and alleviate cold symptoms, especially against cold and cold.

  The tofu soup is very simple. It only needs 1 tofu, 2 green onions, and 20 grams of light tofu.

  The method is to cut the onion into white sections, wash the light bean curd, put an appropriate amount of cooking oil in the wok, heat over medium heat, fry the cut tofu until golden on both sides, and then add light bean curd, ginger slices andClear water.

After the high heat has boiled, turn to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes, then add the scallion and salt, and cook for a short time.

  The light tempeh has the effect of sweating and relieving the skin, and with the light white and tofu, it has the effect of clearing heat and anti-inflammatory.

Most suitable for exogenous wind, cold, congestion, runny nose, sore throat, cough and other symptoms.

Consumption on weekdays can improve the health of the respiratory tract and regulate the secretion of sweat glands.

  Tofu soup with shallots should be served hot, and you should avoid wind after sweating.

Watching videos with IPAD hurts your eyes ten times more than watching TV

Watching videos with IPAD hurts your eyes ten times more than watching TV

Watching videos with IPAD is ten times more hurtful than watching TV. Recently, there are rumors on the Internet that “tablets and touch-screen mobile phones should not be used as early education aids. If you use them, do not use them for more than 15 minutes at a time.
“The Optometrist at the Ophthalmology Center pointed out that tablets and large-screen smart touch-screen phones cannot be used for early education.
Cutting fruit with a touch-screen mobile phone will cause 16 times the stimulation of the ciliary muscles of the eye, while watching video with IPAD, will cause 10 times the stimulation of the ciliary muscles when watching video.
“Seeing the phone for 20 minutes straight down vision,” this post makes sense.
In fact, we get more data than what is stated in the post.
“Experts say that the biggest problem with portable electronics is the close-up, high-definition, and high-tension eyes.
People look far and near, which has a lot to do with the ability to regulate the ciliary muscle of the eye.
Generally, the smaller the screen, the closer the eye is to the screen in order to see clearly, and the distance between the object and the sight is reduced by half, which will double the stimulation of the ciliary muscle adjustment ability.
When watching TV from a distance of 3 meters, the stimulation to the ciliary muscle is about 0.
3 units; adults using desktop computers, the average eye distance sight mark is 1 meter, the stimulus is 1 unit; when using IPAD, the average eye distance sight mark is 0.
3 meters, the stimulus is 3 units; the average distance when using a touch screen mobile phone is 0.
2 meters, the stimulus is 5 units, which is almost 16 times that of watching TV.
The second major hazard of using portable electronics for long periods of time is that people often forget to blink because they focus on the screen.
Experts say that with every blink, tears form a very thin tear film on the surface of the cornea, which can wet the eyes.
If you do not blink for a long time, the tear film rupture time becomes shorter, and the water on the corneal surface evaporates quickly. People will feel dry and tired. Over time, this temporary dry eye symptom is likely to become dry eye disease.
According to statistics from the Optometry Center of the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, the age of children’s opticians due to myopia has continued to move forward in the past three decades.
The post-80s generation mostly got optician due to myopia after graduating from primary school, and the peak of post-90s optician appeared at the time of primary school enrollment.
Experts who have been conducting myopia prevention and control education in primary and secondary schools in Guangzhou all year round said that it is not an exaggeration to say that after 00 or even after 10 in the kindergarten while attending kindergarten.
Nowadays, quite a few children have watched early education cartoons and played intellectual games through tablet or smartphone from the age of one or two.
When children, especially young children, use portable electronic products, their eyes are closer to the screen because their hands are shorter than adults.
Children’s self-control is poor. After being attracted by the tablet and wonderful pictures, it is more difficult to maintain reading distance and cause greater damage to their eyesight.
Recently, a primary school in Wuhan installed iron railings on school desks to prevent myopia by increasing the distance between students and textbooks.
In this regard, experts believe that this move has positive significance, but it is difficult to completely block the occurrence of myopia.
In the past, the main causes of myopia for primary school students were reading while lying down and writing on their stomachs, but now they have turned into brushing their phones and using tablets.
It is not enough to prevent myopia in the classroom.
It should also be noted that some early education machines and learning machines under the banner of “eye-protection” are also very effective in hurting the eyes.
The characteristics of this type of machine are that the screen size is not large, even smaller than IPAD, the resolution is not high, the screen is dark, and the image is not clear enough.
Experts say that from the perspective of myopia prevention and control, the smaller the visual standard and the lower the resolution, the greater the stimulation of vision, and the greater the contrast between the screen and the background, the greater the risk of myopia.
Expert support recruits educational television better than early childhood education. As a father of a five-year-old child, experts suggest based on their own experience, parents should pay attention to the following principles when using electronic products to assist early childhood education: 1.
Do not let children use electronics alone, and urge them to keep a distance of 30 cm from the screen.
Minimize your child’s use of electronics, not more than 15 minutes at a time.
According to the screen size, the visual stimulation of common electronic products from low to high is: TV (strictly maintain a distance of 3 meters)

How to pay attention to diabetes

How to pay attention to diabetes

Diabetics should pay special attention to their eating habits, which has a great effect on the development of the disease. So, what is good for diabetic patients in the spring?

Let ‘s understand together.

  1. Lycium barbarum Lycium barbarum contains β-carotene, lutein, and lycium barbarum polysaccharides can lower blood lipids and plasma (diabetes patients are often accompanied by blood lipid metabolism disorders), as well as lower blood sugar.

In addition, the consumption of Chinese wolfberry can strengthen the solid foundation and the phobia, not only enhance the body’s function, promote health recovery, but also improve the body’s ability to resist disease and resist damage from disease.

Enhance the body’s ability to adapt to various harmful stimuli.

  2. The ancient medical book of carrot records: “Carrots have a sweet taste, are cold to the living, can clear heat and detoxify, and intestinal laxative; cooked foods are mild and mild, Jianweixiaoshi, diarrhea, nourishing the liver and eyesight.”

Carrots are rich in vitamins, sugars, amino acids and other ingredients, known as “little ginseng”.

According to modern medical research, lignin in carrots can improve the body’s ability to fight cancer and eliminate micron.

It is rich in fruit acid (10%), which is good for glucose and lipid metabolism. The substance extracted with petroleum ether has a significant effect on lowering blood sugar.

  3. Black sesame research shows that oral black sesame seed extract can reduce blood sugar and increase glycogen content in liver and muscle, but a large amount reduces glycogen content.

It can be seen that people with diabetes can eat black sesame seeds under the guidance of a doctor according to their condition.

In addition, the results of modern research prove that black sesame is rich in vitamin E and has the function of scavenging free radicals generated in the biofilm, thereby preventing the biofilm from being oxidized.

Giving a large dose of vitamin E orally can protect islet cells and improve the relief of neurological symptoms.

It is found in clinical research observation that black sesame has an effect on intestinal laxation and blood deficiency in constipation, which has a bowel and laxative effect, and is also effective in converting constipation caused by autonomic dysfunction of diabetes patients.

And linoleic acid contained in black sesame can reduce the cholesterol content in blood, which leads to arteriosclerosis.

  4. Eating a bowl of high-fiber cereal with high-fiber cereals can help prevent type 2 and other health problems.

  A new study shows that eating high-fiber oatmeal can reduce insulin production in the body with hyperinsulinemia, and can reduce it.

  Researchers believe that by reducing elevated insulin and elevated blood sugar (after eating a high-glycemic meal), the risk group for diabetes can avoid developing diseases and complications; other studies have shown that exercise and diabetes medications can alsoPrevent these people from being at risk for diabetes.

  The study reported that the researchers compared the results of eating high-fibre or low-fibre and ready-to-eat breakfast cereals to 77 men without diabetes.

It was found that 42% of men had elevated insulin.

  Hypercholesterolemic men are significantly heavier, with a thick waistline and low HDL cholesterol; being overweight is one of the greatest risk factors for diabetes, and HDL hypertension is often low in people at risk for diabetes.

Studies show that eating high-fiber cereals has significantly lower blood glucose than eating low-fiber cereals; gradually, men with hyperinsulinemia who eat high-fiber cereals have significantly reduced insulin production.