It’s important to adjust your career positioning in a timely manner

It’s important to adjust your career positioning in a timely manner

A successful career requires constant adjustment of career positioning, and a reasonable career positioning is based on a clear understanding of yourself, accurate judgment and reasonable grasp.

Do you belong to someone

What kind of career is your personality and hobbies suitable for?

What makes you frustrated in the workplace?

What is causing your professional positioning to deviate?

Only by being realistic, assessing yourself reasonably and accurately, and continuously adjusting, can you reasonably position your career direction and work hard in this direction every day.

  Case: Jin, who graduated from the 2005 microelectronics major of a university and wanted to study abroad. He passed the study abroad because he failed the oral interview at the bottom.

So he started looking for a job, and he also posted several resumes on the Internet. Most of them applied for positions such as electronic technical engineers. However, due to lack of work experience, there were few opportunities for interviews.

A sales company gave him the opportunity to interview, but due to the lack of professionalism and no sales work experience, the result ended in failure.

Later, he joined a company run by a friend, mainly engaged in simple computer operations.

But after working for a few months, he felt that if he went on like this, it would be very detrimental to his career development, and what he learned in 4 years would be lost.

  Seeing that Kim was at a loss, his psychological instability and perplexity led him to lose his job search direction, so the employment guide instructed and dialed patiently.

After many career coaching, he successfully recommended him to an electronics company to participate in a career apprenticeship.

Through a one-month internship, he thoroughly understood the culture and background of the company, and learned knowledge and skills not found in books, and his mood was suddenly bright.

  From this case, it can be grinded, occupational orientation, and many things that are already in the workplace. The career orientation of college students is more important than the career orientation of those who are already in the workplace.

In the early stages of career development, you should work out a reasonable career plan and corresponding career positioning for yourself, and make constant adjustments.

  Someone lost his chance to study abroad and was frustrated, so he applied blindly.

Due to the lack of a reasonable positioning for their careers, the misunderstanding of blindly looking for a job is hidden. The more anxious to find a job, the more unable to find it.

When a friend gives him a job opportunity, he is like grabbing a straw for life. Regardless of whether it is suitable for him or not, he will get a job before talking about it.

But looking back, he lost his professional advantage.

When Quanmou calmed down and found that his personality did not match his career development, he could adjust his direction in a timely manner, found the meeting point of knowledge and skills qualifications and market needs, and could reduce the criteria for job selection.
I believe that with 4 years of professional knowledge, he will be able to combine theory and practice well, and continuously accumulate corresponding knowledge, skills, and work experience according to job requirements, improve the overall quality of the individual, and thus promote the personal professional gold content.

The process of increasing an individual’s professional gold content is a process in which an individual’s career is gradually becoming successful.

In this way, we can quickly get out of the shadow of unemployment and get on the right track of professional development, so as to prepare for the realization of the next goal.

  It can be seen that lowering expectations, rationalizing their careers, and constantly adjusting, working on plans that can also be achieved easily, in order to fully obtain benefits, and grow healthy in one step in the nourishment of these benefits.

A lower goal makes it easier to succeed.

With a sense of accomplishment, a person can cultivate self-confidence and have a good mood to deal with the problems before him.

  Temporarily lowering your immediate goals does not mean that you don’t need long-term goals.

The long-term goal is a main line, and to maintain its stability, on this main line, you need some realistic goals to strengthen yourself in the realization of realistic goals, because not far ahead is your future.