[Couple’s sexual life is not harmonious]_Sex life_Improve_Improve_Method

[Couple’s sexual life is not harmonious]_Sex life_Improve_Improve_Method

In the life of couples, there are many common problems, but the most important effect on the couple’s relationship is that the sex life of the couple is not harmonious. After this problem appears, it must be improved in a timely manner, otherwise the impact on the couple is very serious, and if it is serious,There are also some reasons for the type of divorce and type problems. Therefore, when improving, you must also consider your own specific conditions. What are the specific improvement methods?

What to do if the couple’s sexual life is not harmonious: 1. Hug and hug is a universal way to give comfort. Hugs give each other a sense of unity and can strengthen the relationship and restore confidence.

Therefore, when you notice that your partner is feeling down or having a heavy heart, give him or her a hug that is smooth.

2. Kissing Kissing, whether it is a light kiss or a suffocating long kiss, can make people bloody.

There is nothing more intimate than kissing, not even sex.

Remember to give your partner a kiss every day when you go out, before you fall asleep, or whenever you think of it.

3. Holding hands holding hands is a less laborious way to show unity and harmony. It is an announcement to the outside that you belong to each other.

Holding hands with your spouse may bring you back to the date of your first date. It was when the hands were crossed that sparked the spark of love.

4, holding hands traditionally and fascinating, can show interdependence between partners.

When walking together, holding his arms, you can instantly feel the feeling of being together.

If a couple doesn’t like holding hands, holding hands is the best alternative.

After knowing how to deal with the disharmony of husband and wife’s sexual life, when improving such problems, they can all be carried out in accordance with the above methods, but the use of these methods must also be continued, so that the sexual life of husband and wife can be adjustedIt is very helpful, especially for families with severe sexual dissonance.