Different needs of women of different ages

Different needs of women of different ages

The famous psychologist Floyd once said: I have studied female psychology for 30 years, and I still do n’t know what women want most.

  This Freud sentence reveals the psychological characteristics of women. On the surface, they may need so much that they cannot extricate themselves from the loach that surrounds desire.

Some women may not even know what they really want, and they do n’t understand until they lose it one day.

In fact, women of different ages have different needs. Only by sorting out their emotions and recognizing their true needs, can they get out of their misunderstanding.

  The needs of 25-year-old women: innocent love girls, especially those who are in love for the first time, have pure and beautiful expectations for love.

They yearn for supreme love, everyone wants to meet the ideal “Prince of the White Horse” in their hearts, and everyone wants to meet the unconditional attention and admiration of each other.

There is nothing wrong with this.

Isn’t this all the classic masterpieces, poetry and beauty all the time?

The pursuit of innocent love is the real need of young girls, but in this need, some girls have added too much connotation to it, putting control of desire, comparison of hearts, gains and losses, and the result can only cause their ownHuge interference inside.

  The typical mental state of young women during the love period is: always want to show their pride, reorganize and get the attention and love of the opposite sex; replace the “Prince of White Horse” who hopes to be versatile, multi-gold and multi-powered, standing in front of outsiders, and proudFor the time being, I hope that he will not be so “personal” to himself, but be gentle and considerate.

When this mentality is combined with a strong personality in a girl, it is easy to create excessive tension in love and lose love.

  The needs of 35-year-old women in the workplace: Not willing to lose the traditional image in pursuit of career success, not a man’s patent, it is a real need for all middle-aged women. At the same time, every middle-aged woman also wants to inherit gentleness and goodwill, and husbands.Godmother’s traditional female image.

These two need to be contradictory on the surface, at least women need to pay more heat to change roles.

  What these women need to do is to seek the understanding and support of their husbands at home, and then the understanding and support of their parents-in-law and children. At the unit, they must be good at seeking the help and support of leaders and colleagues, while letting subordinates share the work pressure.

By doing so, the people around you will be respected by your strong woman, and will help you share your concerns.

In addition, this type of female friend can also learn a little decompression tips: 1. distinguish between work and family, not let emotions contagious each other; leave work in the work space within 8 hours, and leave the remaining time to her husband,Children and themselves, changing roles on the way to and from work.

  2. Find someone who can talk to you, or express your emotions quickly (scold or cry).

  The needs of 45-year-old middle-aged women: sense of security, equality, and warmth. Women around 45 are often nicknamed the “three no” people-no youth, no freedom, no capital.

These people’s careers are going downhill, or maintaining the status quo.

The family’s sense of responsibility determines that they must shoulder the burden of childcare, and the heavy housework makes them unbelievable.

They live in a small kitchen world. They are busy all day long with Chaimi oil and salt sauce vinegar. They have few people to interact with. They have a narrow vision and tend to become worried, distressed, withdrawn social functions, and afraid to deal with people.

Because they have no career support, they are inferior and insecure.

In fact, what these women really need is a sense of family security, warmth, and equality in marriage.

But they seem to get the opposite result.

Their problem is their lack of independence.

So how do they decompress themselves?

  1. Re-learn, increase self-confidence, and get back to yourself.

Tell yourself: “You are a useful person and an irreplaceable member of the family.

“At the same time, strengthen learning, regain control of your own life, and find a sense of independence.

  2. Carefully observe and integrate into the family.

To actively improve the relationship within the family, we must attach importance to the emotional exchange between husband and wife, and educate children in a democratic way.

  3. Get out of the kitchen.

By participating in community activities, traveling, etc. Fang Li, broadening her horizons and trying to change the rhythm and habits of life, this is a good opportunity to cultivate a new mood.

  Women’s experiences in more than 3 age groups show troubles and conflicts with most inner needs.

As long as you recognize your core needs, then reduce the surface needs, and pay attention to skills, you can quickly regain your happiness.

Recommended natural skin care products for anti-acne


Recommended natural skin care products for anti-acne

I have talked about a lot of acne treatment methods. Please note that when you are treating, you do not need to use skin care products. Skin care products still have to be used. Below I will introduce Avene products for acne-prone skin (or oily skin).

There are four main products of Avene for acne, namely: Avene Refreshing Cleansing Gel (162RMB / 200ml) Avene Detoxifying Toner (152RMB / 200ml) Avene Oil Removal Moisturizing Serum (RMB216 / 50ml)Acne milk (158 yuan / 30ml) I will take these four products one by one with you: Avene refreshing cleansing gel The main ingredients of this cleansing gel, in addition to 56% of spring water from AVENE, are targeted at acne.Pumpkin seed oil with natural ingredients is mainly used to inhibit the effect of tyrosinone on the secretion of sebaceous glands. At the same time, zinc gluconate can inhibit the synthesis of free fatty acids. Avene spring water can help soothe, calm, anti-irritate, and relieve acnefatal.

The overall cleansing power of this product is very good. The main thing is that it can regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands and make the sebum secrete balanced.

Among them, 4% glycerol is also added, and at the same time, the oil is cleaned and controlled, and a certain amount of moisture is guaranteed.

  The difference between this product and other cleansing products is that it can regulate sebaceous glands, inhibit the synthesis of free fatty acids, reduce the natural sebum secretion of the skin, and achieve long-term oil control.

  All in all, this product can be used for oily skin and acne-prone skin, which can achieve good oil control and cleansing effects.

  Avene Fat Removal Toner This toner contains 75% of Avene spring water, and contains powdered liposuction particles (kaolin and aluminum magnesium silicate), which can help absorb excess oil secreted by the skin, keep the skin fresh and smooth, and do not shine., Is an oil control powder type toner.

The moisturizing ingredient mainly uses dipropylene glycol, which is very refreshing. It is used with pumpkin seed oil and zinc gluconate to improve oil release. The effect should be supplemented with other powdered water.

This product also contains a small amount of salicylic acid to help exfoliate, and modified alcohol 39 to help pores, so it is more suitable for T-zone oily, moderate ulcer skin.

As a powder-type toner, it is better overall.

  However, everyone notices that toning is basically to provide immediate oil control effect, and the long-term improvement ability will not be strong.

So the back lotion still has to be used.

  In addition, I will teach you a tip for oil control. Usually, you use oil-absorbing paper to absorb oil, but it ‘s not good to use too much oil-absorbing paper. You ca n’t use more than three sheets a day.Then, bring some cotton pads. If there is oil, take a little toner on your face, the effect is better than using oil-absorbing paper, and it is safer for long-term use and more beneficial to the skin.

  This oil removal and moisturizing essence contains 68% of Avene spring water, which can adjust oil and effectively moisturize, make the skin fresh and balanced, while anti-irritating and soothing the skin.

It contains 0.

5% zinc gluconate, 0.

1% CTAB and 0.

2% salicylic acid, these three ingredients are used to regulate, control sebum and shrink pores.

Also added is 1% oil-controlling particles, free of alcohol, fragrances, pigments and oils.

In actual use, the moisture is really refreshing, and the moisturizing effect is also very good for oily skin, and there is no sticky feeling.

It is highly recommended for oily skin (prevents acne, acne) as a moisturizing serum.

For the price of 216 yuan and 50ML, I think it is still very valuable.

  Avene Acne Cleansing Milk This product uses 6% fruit acid with 0%.

1% Aald. These are the two most effective ingredients in this lotion. The concentration of live spring water is not high. It can be like an ointment for acne. This product fully reflects the advantages of cosmeceuticals.

The role of fruit acid here is mainly to help remove the dead skin cells and quickly metabolize acne.

Not to mention A aldehyde, because A acid cannot be used in skin care products, but A acid is the best medicine for acne.

A aldehyde is the type closest to A acid, and will be converted to A acid on the skin. Therefore, the effect of A aldehyde is more ideal, and it is not as strong as A acid.

However, the improvement effect takes 3-4 months to grind. It is best to prepare for use for 2-3 months, and the combination of fruit acid and A aldehyde can strengthen the effect of conditioning and exfoliating. Except for acne-prone skin, generalSkin should be used with caution.

  In general, the cosmetic emulsion alone can persistently comminute ulcers, and is also very suitable for treating severe acne or nodular abscess acne with drugs.

What should I do with home fitness equipment

What should I do with home fitness equipment

Nowadays, more and more people start to exercise at home. Fitness at home not only saves time, but also avoids bad weather. Using home fitness equipment at home can help us exercise better.

So what are the home fitness equipment?

The following will introduce common fitness equipment and the use of home fitness equipment. Friends who like fitness can learn more.

  What are the common home fitness equipment? Nowadays, there are many types of home fitness equipment at home and abroad. The transformation of economic and technological development has also promoted the development of fitness equipment, which has attracted people to transfer more energy to fitness.

In addition, they have also brought home fitness equipment to exercise at home.

Therefore, home fitness equipment has become a new hotspot for weight loss and fitness.

  Walking with a walking machine is the simplest, most economical, and easiest way to keep fit.

The exercise machine is a leg exerciser mainly designed to simulate the leg movements of climbing stairs and climbing.

Keep your legs fit.

  Treadmill running is a human instinct. Without professional technical requirements, most people will run well. Treadmill is a commonly used home fitness equipment.

At present, aerobic metabolism exercises that are popular in the world and highly praised by the medical and sports circles are mainly walking and running.

  At the same time, this type of exercise will intensify the process of human energy consumption, and the reliable weight loss effect is reduced to the lowest possible harm caused by the human body.

  When an exercise bike asks many people in their lives if they like to lose weight by riding a bicycle, their answer is basically the same: “Doesn’t I ride a bicycle every day equal to losing weight?

“In fact, this view only sees one side.

  There are many advantages of using exercise bikes for weight loss that can not be compared with cycling. For example, you can freely use your own cycling strength. You can observe the speed, riding time, and heart rate value of each moment through the electronic watch on the exercise bike.
  Rowing machines Many people have not used rowing machines. In fact, rowing machines are a very common fitness equipment in the gym.

“Boating” is an ancient and attractive sport.

The way of rowing is different from many ways to lose weight, because about 90% of the extensor muscles are involved in each rowing movement.

  In the ordinary daily life, the human extensor muscle hardly participates in any movement, at most it participates in maintaining the balance of the posture of the human body.

Therefore, this kind of exercise is very rare for the human extensor.

  The ladder climber can also be used for climbing stairs without using a ladder climber. A ladder climber is a very convenient piece of equipment.

The ladder exercise is easy to learn, the strength and number of groups can be different from person to person, and it is aerobic exercise. The physical energy consumption process of this exercise method has a good weight loss effect, especially where the abdomen is slightly easy to accumulate.

  ”Nanny” exercise bikes Every post-natal woman wants to recover her former body shape and strength as soon as possible.

Too many people worry that they can’t get out of exercise or find a feasible way.

Therefore, a sports equipment company in the United States has newly introduced a “nanny-style” exercise bike that allows mothers to exercise outdoors while taking care of their baby.

  How to use the home fitness equipment correctly can generally adjust the strength of the home fitness equipment, which is the basis for us to achieve the above goals.

  If you want to reduce your aunt, the key is light loads and large numbers.

When exercising, adjust the strength of the exercise machine to a smaller level. The standard is that it is easy to do and can be done many times. Generally, it is required to do at least 20 times.

Do three to five groups per exercise.

(Note: the strength should not be too small, if it can be done more than 50 times, it is too light and it will not achieve the effect.

) Strength training is just the opposite of weight loss. Male friends should pay attention. If you want to exercise your strength and make yourself stronger, you need to increase the strength of the exercise machine. The standard is that you exhaust your whole body strengthCan be completed 1-2 times.

Do two to three groups per exercise.

(Caution: To prevent injury, don’t force it too much.

) If your goal is to gain muscle, the key to training is the right amount of load and quantity.

The muscle strength adjustment is between the above two. The standard is that you can only do it 8-12 times, and then you can’t do it again. That’s right.

Do three to four groups per exercise.

  Time The best exercise time of the day is 3-5pm.

Of course, in addition to professional athletes, most people’s prime time during exercise is also the easiest time to work and live, it is unlikely to have time to do bodybuilding.Then you may choose to exercise around 8 pm, the effect is also good.

Friends who love to sleep, don’t work hard for bodybuilding!

  Frequency bodybuilding does not need to be done every day, and the effect is not good every day. The best effect is to do it three times a week, that is, the next day, and then take a day off on the weekend.

If you can’t, you can do it twice a week, but it can’t be less, otherwise it won’t work.

For those who want to lose weight, you can do it again.

  Breathing When doing bodybuilding, correct breathing is very important and can penetrate the effect of doing more with less.

Specifically: Inhale when exerting force, try to inhale as deep as possible; exhale when you relax, exhaust as completely as possible.

  Initially, as far as bodybuilding is concerned, it does not matter.

But since we are all amateur trainers, there is no special person to protect you, so the correct step-by-step is very important, it can protect you instead of accidental injury.

Specifically: first do lower limb exercises, then chest and back exercises, then upper limb exercises, and finally abdominal exercises.

It is called a group after doing the above preliminary.

  The functions of home fitness equipment are limited. There are several parts of the muscle that you can’t train, so you’d better buy some auxiliary equipment, the most commonly used is dumbbells.

If economic conditions permit, you can buy a set of dumbbells of different weights, and vice versa.

Don’t underestimate the small dumbbells, it can do quite a lot of exercise, it can exercise your biceps, triceps, wrist strength, chest muscles; put dumbbells under the neck to do sit-ups, the effect is quite good.

  The key to bodybuilding is persistence.

Persist in doing the above, and there will be obvious changes after three months. To a certain extent, you will be surprised by yourself.

In order to test the effect of bodybuilding, you can measure the size of each part of your body before you decide to do bodybuilding, record it (including waist circumference, bust, arm circumference, etc.), and then measure it after three months or six months, youIt will definitely increase confidence.

  Conclusion: The above introduces several common home fitness equipment that you can try. The effect is very good, and it is very simple to use, and does not require too many steps.

When using these equipment for fitness, you must know the correct use steps, choose the fitness method according to your fitness purpose, and hope that this knowledge can help everyone.

Five tips for sweet first aid for problem skin_1

Five tips for sweet first aid for problem skin

Are you going to have a sweet date with him this weekend, will there be some skin problems waste you?

Facial blemishes, acne on the face, dull skin, or hidden fine lines, today the editor will take everyone to quickly break through one by one.

  First, the acne plan must say that acne is definitely a difficult skin problem, and it is really difficult to get it back in a short time.

But today I will share with you a trick to quickly eliminate acne, that is, tea tree oil to remove acne.

I believe that many beautiful women have already tried it, and the effect is well known.

Use a cotton swab to dip in the appropriate amount of tea tree oil and apply pressure to the acne area.

(Try not to touch the skin around the acne in front, as this may cause skin peeling.

) Cuties who have acne marks on their boards don’t need to worry, you can replace lavender oil to improve the condition of acne marks.

If you want acne seal, you can use the cream to make a simple concealer first, and then replace the concealer to suit your skin.

  Second, the blemish defect of the clear spot meter usually causes the beauty of beauty to lose a little confidence. How can you easily clean the spots on your arms.

Of course, it is difficult to have an immediate effect, but we can make a blemish mask the night before Valentine’s Day.

15 ml of honey + egg white + 50 ml of skimmed milk + lemon juice.

Is this homemade mask very familiar?

I believe too many spots women have tried.

  Third, the moisturizing skin will make too many women envious, and it can also make men admired.

Moisturizing trilogy after cleansing at night must not miss any step, moisturizing water, moisturizing lotion and moisturizing cream.

Note that you must choose a light and non-greasy type for lotions and creams, otherwise it may cause your skin to dry out.

Facial skin is shiny, but the skin is actually weak and dehydrated.

Of course, there is another important moment, that is to wear a moisturizing spray to replenish at any time.

(Only for girls who are going to go naked with naked makeup.)


Races after cupping can reflect physical conditions

Races after cupping can reflect physical conditions

Cupping has effects such as passing through the vitality, promoting qi and blood circulation, reducing swelling and pain, and removing wind and cold.

Because Chinese medicine pays attention to the dialectical treatment of physique, and observes the color and smell of the skin after cupping, you can understand the state of the body and its own physique at that time.

  What does cupping do?

  Since ancient times, cupping has been a treatment method for the purpose of preventing and curing diseases and strengthening the body, and it is also an important therapy in acupuncture treatment.

Cupping therapy uses a can as a tool to generate negative pressure by means of fire and air extraction, so that it is adsorbed on a specific cupping site on the body surface, which stimulates meridian points to achieve health and health care.

Cupping is commonly used for the onset of colds, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, obesity, headache, heat stroke, acne, epigastric pain and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  Cupping therapy has the effects of sweating, relieving qi, promoting blood circulation, swelling and pain relief, warming and dispersing cold.

In addition to understanding summer heat, cupping in summer is also conducive to resolving the perforation of sweat holes caused by the air-conditioning environment, and the contents of summer heat cannot be diverged, which causes all kinds of summer cold and dampness.

The vacuum negative pressure generated by cupping on the meridian points can suck the pores and enter the skin to be congested, and draw the pathological form in the body out of the skin pores, so that the meridian qi and blood can be dredged, and the functions of the internal organs can be adjusted to eliminate dampness.The purpose of relieving heat, warding off colds and other complications.

  Skin color identification after cupping1, there are no traces after the cup is lifted, or the traces disappear but the skin recovers as usual, suggesting that the body is basically normal or the disease is mild.

  2. The can mark is purple and dark: it generally indicates that the blood supply is inadequate, and there is blood stasis due to poor passage.

  3, cans printed purple with plaque: generally indicates cold stasis.

  4, the can mark is scattered in purple dots, and the depth is only one, which means qi stagnation and blood stasis.

  5. The can mark is bright red and colorful: generally indicates yin deficiency, qi and blood deficiency, or yin deficiency and fire.

  6. The can mark is red and dark: it means that the blood lipid is high and there is hot evil.

  7, the cans are gray, and not warm to the touch, mostly for cold or dampness.

  8, the can mark is cyan, which indicates cold.

  9, a large area of dark purple spots appeared after walking, suggesting feeling cold.

  10, the surface of the can mark has skin texture or slight itching: it means wind evil or dampness.

  11. There is moisture in the inner wall of the tank: it means there is moisture in this part.

  12, blisters appear on the jar, indicating that the body is wet. If there is blood in the blisters, it is a hot and humid reaction. It should not be used in autumn. As the weather gradually cools down, it will cause lumbar muscle strain and spinous process ligament damage.The pain that was not obvious may be exposed at once.

Autumn is also prone to feeling cold, which causes many people with twisted joints, cervical spine, spine, and lumbar spine to suffer from backache and other symptoms. Therefore, many people prefer to use the cupping method to extract the cold from the body.

Experts remind that it is not advisable to cup more cups in autumn, especially those with relatively weak constitution and the elderly, otherwise the cold in the external environment can be easily treated into the body, and it will aggravate its symptoms.

  Experts point out that cupping can dredge the meridians, adjust qi and blood, and balance yin and yang, but it is not a cure for any disease; and no matter whether moisture invades the body or wind cold invades the meridians, cupping can only relieve symptoms and not relieve the root cause.

First of all, it is clear whether the internal humidity is internal or external. In the summer, long-term exposure to air-conditioning in the air-conditioning environment can easily cause external humidity. In this case, cupping has a certain effect; if you eat more raw cold fruits, it is easy to cause internal humidity.Wet, cupping has little effect at this time.

  The weather is cold in autumn and winter, and it is easy to catch cold when undressing when cupping. Keep warm.

Autumn is too dry, and cupping twice a week is enough. It is not advisable to take a bath within 3 hours after cupping.

Pregnant women, frail physiques, and patients with skin diseases are not suitable for cupping. In addition, people with low levels of tablets are prone to skin congestion when cupping, which is not suitable. Children can also cup, but the number and number are lower than adults.

Drinking tea in the spring is like refreshing and refreshing.

Drinking tea in the spring is like refreshing and refreshing.

Jasmine tea can be used as a top quality in spring herbal tea.

In addition to calming the mood and invigorating the spirit, drinking jasmine tea can also clear the heat, relieve spleen and calm the nerves, moisturize, replace stomach discomfort, menstrual pain and abdominal pain, and also have a health-care effect on women’s physiology and reproductive function, and can moisturize the skin.,Skincare.

Chrysanthemum tea has the effect of nourishing the liver and calming the liver, clearing the liver and clearing the eye, especially suitable for taking in the spring.

At the same time, it can detoxify fitness, exorcise evil and reduce fire, evacuate wind and clear heat, dilute and swollen, and resist the harmful chemical substances or interacting substances accumulated in the body. The elimination effect can inhibit the proliferation of various pathogens and enhance microvascular elasticity.Slow heart rate, lower blood pressure and high blood pressure, and help the blood, moisturize the skin, and maintain the beauty of the hair.

Honeysuckle tea has the characteristics of sweet and cold, has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, dissipating wind and heat, reducing swelling and relieving pain, and can prevent common upper respiratory tract infections, influenza, tonsillitis, periodontitis and other diseases in spring, and also has pains and enteritis.The role of remission, as well as cooling blood and diarrhea, diuretic and liver function.

Rose tea is lukewarm and rich in vitamins. It has the functions of promoting blood circulation, regulating liver and regulating qi, balancing endocrine, etc. It has a conditioning effect on liver and stomach, and can eliminate fatigue, improve physical fitness, and avoid spring.

In addition, there are high blood pressure diseases, beauty and beauty, improve skin dryness and eliminate skin dark spots.

The scented tea is cold, has the effect of clearing heat, cooling blood, clearing the liver and purging fire, and can reduce inflammation and analgesia, and can prevent stroke.

Because eucalyptus contains rutin and quercetin, it can soften blood vessels and has a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on atherosclerosis.

Pilates Easy Thin Waist Soft Body

Pilates Easy Thin Waist Soft Body

How to maintain body balance during movement?

  In all Pilates exercises, the Dublin Centre concept.

Whether right, sitting or lying, the center of your body is the key to your balance.

The central part of the body includes the waist, abdomen, waist, and chest.

Use your center properly and exercise its power during the exercise.

For example, in order to stabilize the upper body when doing “side-up kicking”, you can imagine putting a bowl of water on the statue and the pelvis. All you have to do is to ensure that the water does not spill.

  Soft waist exercise group one: Rotary waist sawing action points: Combined the “curved ridge forward” and waist twisting movements.

Action effect: Specially contract and soften oblique lumbar abdomen.

Stretches the muscles and ligaments of the back of the leg, removes turbid air from the body, enhances blood circulation, and softens and controls.

  Action 1: Sit straight on the mat at 90 degrees, keeping the upper body contracted and stable.

The waist is consciously tightened up.

Shoulders on both sides.

Double toe pointed ceiling.

  Action 2: Inhale, keep the upper body tilted upwards, and at the same time begin to twist sideways from the waist (be careful not to twist from the arms, hips, and collisions), and keep it firmly on the mat below the waist.

Action 3: Exhale, slender arms on the toes from the top of the legs.

Pay attention to lifting and contracting the ribs and abdomen.

Keep the rear radial arms extended.

Winter horseshoes release heat and antibacterial blood pressure

Winter horseshoes release heat and antibacterial blood pressure

Horseshoe, also known as cricket, is a kind of aquatic plant. It has the reputation of “underground Sydney”. Horseshoe not only has a crisp taste, is sweet and delicious, but also can be used for food therapy. It can be eaten when it is listed in winter.Can help some patients with hypertension control blood pressure, can be described as too much food!

Today, I will introduce a delicious horseshoe soup.

Ingredients for horseradish horseshoe carrot soup: 400g horseshoe, 20g white grass root, 5 jujubes, appropriate amount of ginger, 1 carrot, 500g of pork tendon meat, salt, water, cooking wine.Knife block, horseshoe peeled, ginger sliced, grass root washed and cut into small pieces; 2. Bone the meat in a cold water pot, add ginger slices and cooking wine, boil the water for 1 minute and simmer to remove the blood and remove the tendon meatAdd the casserole after foaming; 3, add carrots, horseshoe and grass root into the casserole at the same time, add candied dates and ginger slices; 4. add enough water to the casserole to boil, turn to a low heat pot 2 at a time.

For 5 hours, you can add salt to taste according to personal taste.

It is best to use casserole, cold water for boiling soup, add enough water at one time, avoid adding water halfway, because the heated meat shrinks when it is cold, and the protein is not easy to dissolve, the soup loses the rich fresh flavor and affects the taste of the soup;Avoid adding too many seasonings such as spring onion, ginger, cooking wine, so as not to affect the original flavor of the soup itself, and also avoid salt prematurely, because early protein salt can solidify the protein in the meat and make the soup dark.The concentration is not enough.

First, the horseshoe can fight the flu and assist in lowering blood pressure. Also known as horseshoe, zucchini, water chestnut, water chestnut, water chestnut, taro, pupa, ground pear, etc., the skin color is purple and black, the meat is white and sweet.Juice, crisp and delicious, has the reputation of “underground Sydney”. The northerners call it “Jiangnan ginseng”. It can be used as raw fruit or vegetable, and it is a popular seasonal product.

Cold cold, with the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and regenerating, diuretic and laxative, dampening expectorants, digestion and swelling, can be used to treat diseases such as jaundice, ulcers, polio, constipation, etc., especially suitable for eating after meals.

Nutrition research found that in the United Kingdom ‘s research on crickets, a kind of “crickets” was found. This substance has a certain inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Aerobacter and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and it also has a certain effect on reducing blood pressure.

This substance also has an implant effect on cancer.

Fructus Tendrazine can treat fever and thirst, and has a certain adjuvant treatment effect on people with diabetes and urine.

It is easy for people to get angry in winter. At the same time, winter is also a season of high incidence of influenza. Eating properly can not only prevent colds, but also lower blood pressure.

Second, raw horseshoes are washed and then peeled. Horseshoes just bought usually have a thick layer of mud, which is difficult to wash.

When cleaning, you can first soak the horseshoe into warm water, soak for about 10-20 minutes, then change the water, and knead vigorously, so that the sediment can be washed after repeated washing for several times.

But because the hoof is an aquatic plant, there are still some bacteria hidden in the head of the hoof. Too many people like to use their mouth to peel their skin after washing the hoof. This is very dangerous. It is best to peel with a knife and then it is safer to eat.

Improve parental credibility in children

Improve parental credibility in children

Many parents told Hao Yuyuan in distress that the child was not obedient and asked him or her to do something. The child was partial and sometimes even talked back.

A parent friend cried and said that the child was very good when he was young. When he was five years old, he gradually became disobedient, even beating his parents, grandparents, and sometimes impatiently said, “You giveI’ll get off. ”

When I heard this, my heart broke.

What is prestige?

To put it simply, prestige is majesty and credibility. Strict and trustworthy, supplemented by strictness. Some parents think that prestige is dignity, so they often lose their temper.

Although the use of violence by parents is not widespread, it is common to scold children.

Some parents think that prestige and prestige can only be trusted with prestige. In fact, the opposite is true. To have prestige, you must first have credit.

One thing that parents and friends need to pay attention to is that the source of prestige is not derived from high pressure and deterrence, but in daily life, every move, every word and deed, and even trivial matters.

First of all, parents must be upright, behave physically, and teach by example. They must not be on the surface, but on the back, look like one outside, and look like another at home.

Parents require their children to do it themselves.

Confucius once said: “If he is right, he will not do what he does, but if he is wrong, he will not do it.

“Parents’ behavior is a silent command, a real authority.

In fact, parents should be consistent in words and deeds, and believe in them.

At present, there are records of Zengzi killing pigs and gaining trust from children. There are also stories of Mencius mothers buying meat in order to do it without deceiving their sons. These stories not only explain the words, but also the qualities that parents must have.At the same time, it shows that honesty, keeping promises, and “being faithful and being fruitful” are important conditions for parents to have prestige.

Third, parents should be good at controlling and regulating their emotions.

Be happy and moderate, be angry, do n’t affect your normal facial expressions and tone of speech because of your mood; do n’t be moody, laugh at your child for a while, and scold your child for a while. Such parents do n’t get the attention and love of their children.Yes, so it can’t establish prestige.

Fourth, the parents are consistent, red or black.

In education, the caliber should be the same, think about strategies in advance, the father can not educate the child, the mother suffers from the child crying screaming, “You kill me first”, or grandpa and elders come forward to maintain.

Also, don’t let the children grind your patience after punishment, don’t go to comfort immediately, let alone tears and self-punishment in front of the child.

Punishment must make the child feel a certain degree of depression, frustration and frustration, and let the child leave an experience that he is very reluctant to repeat and try to avoid. Only in this way will the child learn from it.

Fifth, corporal punishment is “nuclear weapons.”

The constant use of force has caused the “poor soldiers to use force,” and they have lost their deterrent power.

Sixth, strictness and love.

Although this is easy to say, it is difficult to do.

Normally, our child discipline is relatively strict. Once we find any small mistakes, we will positively criticize and guide.

But after criticizing, he will be told that his fault is criticized, not him, and he is still the favorite baby of parents.

In practice, we must explain to our children how to establish prestige. Parents and friends must pay attention to avoiding in daily life: 1. High-pressure policy.

Maybe, the child can succumb to your obscenity, because of the pain of the skin and body, and dare not have an objection, but fundamentally there is no solution to the nature of the matter. The child is even sturdy, sincere and fearful, and often in a state of fear and unhappinessThink about it and dare not resist; or become a person with dual personalities, face to face and a set behind it.

2. Take Wiley home.

Confucius said that villains and women are difficult to raise. If they are too close, they are not too big or too young, and they are too alienated.

Some parents feel that they can’t drink their children to “hahaha” together. They must maintain their dignity, never approach the children, and always try to stay away from their children.

They rarely exchange feelings with their children. Children do not understand their parents’ thoughts, hobbies, interests, etc. Parents do not know their children’s needs and preferences. There is a clear gap between parents and children.

3. Pamper or even spoil.

Indulge in children, devote themselves to temperament and perverse temperance.

Do not give him the direction of the effort, nor make any requirements, but to respond to all requests, all satisfied, resulting in the child’s willful behavior, forming an arrogant and persistent character.

4, “Seduced” teaching, reward without punishment.

One country pays attention to clear rewards and punishments. Some parents even give rewards without punishment. They use caressing rewards as a means of education for their children. As everyone knows, once a child cannot be caressed or cannot meet his needs, he will have dissatisfaction, anger and resistance to his parents.Make your child willful, arrogant and unreasonable.

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How to treat Love Silence?

How to treat “Love Silence”?

Young men and women in love always have endless words of love, and there are always endless complaints.
Although modern lovers have become less diligent in writing love letters than before, the time and money spent on “cooking phone porridge” is very considerable.
The words used to describe love, both ancient and modern, at home and abroad, are always very appropriate for every young man and woman in love.
And after marriage, the couple seems to have finished their love words when they are in love, and the words in daily life become very simple, such as “Hey, is the meal ready?
“Hurry up and buy a pack of salt!
“Why are you so annoying?”
Studies have found that many people think that once they become husband and wife, they are all their own family. He loves me, I love her, and is righteous. Why not bother to say it?
As a husband and wife, he should do his job and earn money to support his family. She should also do her part, husband and son, there is no need for the two to pretend to be anything . This is the current attitude of some husbands and wife towards emotional exchanges.
Dominated by this concept, married Chinese men and women are indifferent to the intimacy and enthusiasm of their passionate love, and the expression of their married couples’ emotions tends to be stingy, even to the point of being speechless.
Such couples are actually suffering from “silent love”.
  The main manifestations of “silent love” are: rarely say something very sweet to a lover; never admit mistakes to a lover; the two never discuss sexual life issues together; rarely think about what the lover needs; often feels like sharing with the loverChatting is a waste of time; likes to do things by oneself, and is unwilling to discuss with the spouse; thinks it is vulgar to deliberately please the other party; can’t figure out how the lover’s feelings towards himself; the lover has done something to be proud of, but you don’t take it for granted.Nothing is great, it ‘s not worth celebrating; When encountering contradictions or problems, the couple is often sulking; thinks that “it is embarrassing to admit a mistake in front of a lover”; Some things are very dissatisfied, but they are afraid to say that it hurts the relationship between the couple; I do n’t knowWhat is your lover dissatisfied with? After marriage, you rarely sit down and exchange feelings; When your lover is angry, they often ignore it; There are many things that you do not want to say to your lover; When you talk about ideas in front of your lover, the other person often seems absent-minded;起时,常觉得无聊;  很少去探究爱人为什么总是情绪不好。  There are many reasons for “silent love”.
Of course, if the husband and wife no longer love each other, or if one party has an affair, the “silent love disorder” is only an “accompanying symptom”.
So, how is “silent love” treated?
  1. Break the misconception.
After marriage, life does become a lot more realistic, but only by continuing to develop a relationship similar to that before marriage, ordinary life can have fun, and you can appreciate the happiness from the complexity of life.
Otherwise, immersing yourself in daily life chores will gradually make people feel bored, so that “marriage is the grave of love” has been confirmed.
  2. Learn to create a new life together.
Arrange more entertainment projects and opportunities to exchange feelings in family life, because this is not only the need to consolidate and develop the relationship between husband and wife, but also the adjustment of busy and stressful work, so that people can be relieved from the stressful work toStrong energy and abundant physical strength, continue to work and study.
  3. Don’t always think about your dignity.
Husbands and wives should not make jokes about who has taken the initiative, who has lost face, and so on.
Because initiative and enthusiasm are a kind of respect and dependence on your lover, if the other party makes fun of it, wouldn’t it be unpopular?
  4. Increase the harmony of sex life.
Harmonious sex life is a bond that strengthens the relationship between husband and wife.
If there are obstacles in the sexual life between husband and wife, we must seek specialized scientific guidance.
Otherwise, decades of life will be spent in pain.
  5. Correctly recognize “man”.
A real man should be able to understand both righteousness and meticulousness; he has both emotions and desires, and he can express them appropriately.
The kind of cold-hearted and cold-hearted man is actually a mentally unhealthy man.