[Some women are most likely to give men happiness]_Men

[Some women are most likely to give men happiness]_Men

“Good daughter-in-law” and “good woman” are actually very vague terms. How to define this “good” in each man does have its own standards and controversy. I am afraid that only the general public agrees:”The one that fits is the best.”

First, I remember that I really didn’t know why I wanted to marry a daughter-in-law.

For a long time, I thought I was not a fool, but I couldn’t figure out why I would marry a wife.

Frankly, I really liked many girls when I was in love. The so-called love and being loved seemed to work as hard as everyone else, excited, depressed, and crying.

It is a pity that it seems destined to have no perfect ending with first love.

Obviously, the difference between marriage and love is “conditional relationship”?

Maybe it doesn’t matter at all.

Anyway, the person who gets married is not necessarily the one he loves; the acacia cannot live together for a long time.

As a result, many people marry their daughter-in-law in confusion during the N-course process, but do they marry in secret?

Is it for the parents?

Or follow the wave and “blindly follow the crowd”?