Five nutrients for mental health

Five nutrients for mental health

The body’s growth and development require adequate nutrition. In fact, psychological nutrition is also very important. If it is severely lacking, it will affect mental health.

  First and foremost, the most important neurotrophic factor is love.

Love can last a person’s life.

Childhood is mainly parental love. If there is no redundant and correct parental love at this stage, it will affect the mental health development of his life.

The love of partners and teachers was increased in adolescence, especially the love of couples and couples in youth.

The love of middle-aged colleagues, relatives, and children is very important. Some of them add confidence and motivation to the business family and make life full of joy and warmth.

The happiness of the elderly in the later years is the key.

  The second important psychic nutrient is catharsis and channeling.

If the psychological burden cannot be announced or vented for a long time, it will aggravate the psychological contradiction and the robe will become a psychological obstacle.

Proper venting and channeling can dissipate unhealthy cloudiness hovering in the heart.

  Third, goodwill and strategic criticism.

If a person does not get the right criticism for a long time, it will inevitably breed pride and complacency, but too harsh criticism and accusations of hurting self-esteem will cause people to have rebellious psychology.

When faced with this kind of psychological virus, we should raise our vigilance and strengthen our psychological immunity.

  Fourth, strong beliefs and ideals are also important.

Beliefs and ideals are like psychological balancers. It can help people maintain a stable mentality, survive ups and downs, prevent changes in life trajectories, and enter psychological dark areas.

Ideals and beliefs enable people to maintain a positive and healthy attitude when facing difficulties and setbacks.

  Fifth, tolerance is an immeasurable nutrient for mental health.

Tolerance is a realm of life.

Life is alive.

Tolerance is not punishing yourself for the mistakes of others.

In the face of unpleasant people and things, tolerance is a magic weapon to separate all kinds of annoyances and relieve psychological pressure.