Queen of Beautiful Hands Say goodbye to chicken hands

Queen of Beautiful Hands Say goodbye to “chicken hands”

I often hear people say that the hand is the second face of a woman, and many women may feel disapproved of this concept.
We have long been accustomed to spending all our time and energy on face care, but for the hands we just passed away with a hand cream that we bought at will.
In fact, a pair of hands that look obvious and rough and have loose skin will make your age whiter.
To be a Queen of Beauty, has your triple jump course started?
  Elementary Lesson Say goodbye to the “chicken paw hands”!
  Moisturizing is the number one goal of winter hand care.
For white-collar workers who have been working in an air-conditioned environment for a long time or have been in contact with a computer, a “moisturizing” hand cream enriched with herbs or algae extracts can keep your hands safe through the winter.
For housewives who often do housework, hand cream containing squalane and hyaluronic acid can provide deep moisturization for hands that often get dry and rough when they are exposed to cold water.
  Intermediate Lesson Slim hand back If the goal of hand protection is only to moisturize and moisturize, it means that you are still a long way from the goal of “beauty queen”.
Many hand creams now have moisturizing effects as well as repair and anti-aging effects.
It contains vitamin E or coenzyme Q10 hand cream, which can effectively fight free radical attack.
If you are a little older, it is best to choose a hand cream containing retinoids, which will increase the activity of making collagen in hand cells, and try to delay the formation of hand wrinkles.
  Advanced Course Easily raise “Lady’s Hands” As long as you take care of your hands like your face, it is not as difficult as you think to develop “Lady’s Hands” like tender green onions.
In addition to choosing a daily hand care product that suits your hands and exfoliating your hands regularly, it is best to do deep hand care 2 to 3 times a month.
If you are too busy at work, you can also choose a hand protection suit or a hand mask to do SPA for your hands at home.
Another thing to remind is that if you need to do the housework by yourself, don’t forget to wear rubber gloves.